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Andrew Giangrant

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APIs Developer

Los Angeles, CA, United States
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July 10, 2018

Andrew is a senior engineer and architect with proven expertise across the full stack. He is always ready to devise an optimal solution for a specific set of problems. He enjoys designing and planning ahead of a project and the implementation that follows, ensuring project requirements are met. Andrew is passionate about constructive feedback and ideas where appropriate. He adjusts well to a variety of programming languages and technologies to provide ideal, long-term platform solutions.


JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, React, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)...
Anthem - Digital
Redis, TypeScript, Docker, Apache Kafka, Node.js
Impressure/Aramis Interactive
MongoDB, Redshift, React, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Ruby, Node.js




Preferred Environment

Git, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Linux Mint, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Agile

The most amazing...

...system that I've solely built is an object detection system that detects different forms of documents and rejects images that are not acceptable for processing.

Work Experience

Senior Engineer Team Lead

2021 - 2023
  • Built a fully integrated image classification system requiring high confidence factors, complete with debug tooling for development.
  • Improved developer experience, converting large portions of the platform incrementally to TypeScript.
  • Migrated userbase to Auth0 and then to Okta at the client's request, implementing SSO to and from Okta.
  • Implemented a compliant, extensible event system used for auditing and generating tasks and notifications for application users.
  • Provided direction and plan for platform integrations.
  • Integrated GitHub workflow used to test lint and run unit and integration tests on each pull request.
Technologies: JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, React, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), PostgreSQL, Python 3, Amazon SageMaker, Terraform

Senior Engineer Lead

2020 - 2021
Anthem - Digital
  • Provided chat history functionality for live agent and chatbot conversations, integrated with customer support application.
  • Integrated an SMS chat functionality that hooks into the existing chat system.
  • Overhauled existing services to support new and future features.
  • Worked directly with several teams to coordinate efforts and meet tight deadlines for high-end clients.
  • Advocated ways to stabilize existing services, such as increased unit testing and the use of dynamic API services.
  • Designed APIs to meet the needs of current goals and direction for the future.
Technologies: Redis, TypeScript, Docker, Apache Kafka, Node.js

Senior Full-stack Engineer

2019 - 2020
Impressure/Aramis Interactive
  • Provided and managed infrastructure for real-time data aggregation from third-party API sources.
  • Created centralized user profiling with MongoDB and Serverless Framework.
  • Integrated analytics into advanced Looker dashboards, replacing hundreds of complex spreadsheets.
  • Used Serverless Framework to establish a fully functional local development environment and ensure accurate incoming data.
Technologies: MongoDB, Redshift, React, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Ruby, Node.js

Senior Product Developer

2018 - 2019
Dealer Inspire (
  • Implemented custom components in React, such as photo carousels. Ensured components were performant and intuitive.
  • Architected a centralized audit system in serverless AWS using AWS Lambda and DynamoDB.
  • Generated customized CSVs to export data from MongoDB.
  • Wrote tests for both Node.js using Mocha and for React using Jest.
  • Mentored new developers to enable them to hit the ground running.
  • Implemented streaming for media within a GraphQL implementation of a Node.js server.
  • Involved heavily with architectural decisions in both front and back end with Node.js and React.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), GraphQL, Jest, React, Mocha, MongoDB, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, JavaScript, Node.js

Full-stack Software Developer

2017 - 2018
Tenex Developers
  • Built solid, scalable software that met the future demands of clients.
  • Used best practices and developer tools for rapid, efficient development, such as writing very DRY code, using debuggers, and separation of concerns.
  • Learned the ins and outs of test-driven development and how it will save development time in the future.
  • Adapted quickly by working on multiple frameworks simultaneously (Phoenix, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript).
  • Used new technology (Elixir and Phoenix Framework) that was learned quickly because it was a better fit for the task.
  • Implemented new features for clients like drive and walk scores for a real estate app in native Android and native iOS apps.
Technologies: JavaScript, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Ruby, Phoenix, Elixir

Software Engineer

2016 - 2017
Devilbiss Healthcare, LLC
  • Maintained and built on existing software products and took on new projects.
  • Added Node.js application to connect with mobile apps and sync data.
  • Deployed development and production applications on IIS.
  • Built a data API with authentication with ASP.NET Core, complete with documentation and tests.
  • Developed using ASP.NET and .NET frameworks to add new features, like assigning user groups to medical faculty.
  • Updated ASP.NET boilerplate version to build new permission-based features.
Technologies: IIS, Visual Studio, JavaScript, C#

Software Engineer in Test

2014 - 2016
Interactive Intelligence, Inc
  • Started as an intern and became full-time in 2015.
  • Learned Node.js in a testing environment, where the test environment was connected to a live development server.
  • Implemented a secure TLS connection between the development server and the test environment.
  • Learned an extensive amount of JavaScript and techniques for more performant and reusable code by building out modular libraries.
  • Built a mock fax server that was used to simulate a real fax machine to test faxes.
  • Implemented a pairing test, which paired the test environment to the development server based on a schedule.
Technologies: JavaScript, Node.js

Interactive Audio and Video Streaming App Rewrite

A replacement audio video streaming application to improve performance and dramatically cut operational costs. This work involved research in making smart, long-lasting decisions on core functionality and features on the roadmap. The entire streaming engine was replaced, and features were added, such as referrable participants where actions are accredited to referrers, presenter mode where participants can join with audio and video, waiting room functionality capable of holding thousands of participants until the session starts, and a brand new user interface and experience.
I was the top contributor to this project and a heavy influencer across the platform.

SMS Chatbot Integration

An SMS application was built for one of the largest health insurance companies. The SMS application authenticated customers and fully integrated with existing chat systems. Features included voice XML files that recited a message on call, many hooks into APIs to relay messages to data analytics, customer service storage, and other important divisions. Built entirely with maintenance and scalability in mind.

NodeJS Fax Server

A mock fax server that uses Linux, Hylafax, Asterisk, IAXModem, and Node.js to send and receive faxes within a network. Everything was written behind a VPN for testing purposes. It was used in an automation workflow to detect suspicious faxes and the application's overall functionality of a virtual faxing module.

Travel Application

An application that organizes travel plans into a React user interface. The back end was written in Node.js with Babel. Docker was used to isolate the development environment, and unit tests were written for front-end components and back-end functionality. Users can register and log into the application, where trips can be created, deleted, or modified with destination details, comments, and other information.

Elixir Angular Medical Application

I built an Angular application to calculate observed vs. expected stay ratios; made with Angular and Elixir with the Phoenix Framework. The most difficult challenge with this project was the lack of knowledge of Elixir before working through the tasks. The front-end application featured charts and data displays (tabular and detailed summary paragraphs) about the current month's stay ratios. The API featured a caching layer for non-PHI lookups and PDF generation for reports. Data processing and the application as a whole were implemented on an existing EMR database offset. The project was deployed to AWS on an EC2 instance.

Energy Front-end

A dashboard built in Angular to show energy consumption data from users with services with energy providers. The Angular front-end used observables via RxJS to fetch and cache data from an API. The dashboard was used to display the differences between reusable energy consumption and non-renewable energy consumption. This involved charts and graphs which sampled large amounts of data from the API at different zoom levels.


CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, TypeScript 3, CSS, HTML, GraphQL, TypeScript, Java, C#, Bash, Ruby, Elixir, Python 3, Python, C++, SQL, Go, C#.NET


Redux, Express.js, React Native, Angular, Serverless Framework, Cypress, Angular Material, NestJS, Jest, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Phoenix, Windows PowerShell, Electron, Tailwind CSS, Next.js, .NET, .NET Core


React, Node.js, React Router, REST APIs, jQuery, React Redux


Babel, Git, JSX, Slack, Jira, Docker Compose, Webpack, Visual Studio, Mocha, Android Studio, GitHub, Bitbucket, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Amazon SageMaker, Terraform, Asterisk


REST, Microservices, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Web Architecture, Agile, Unit Testing, Testing, Lambda Architecture


Docker, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Windows, MacOS, Twilio, AWS Lambda, Apache Kafka, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Linux, Android, Linux Mint, Windows Server


APIs, Software Development, Deno, React Hooks, Front-end, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, API Integration, Back-end Development, Data Structures, TypeScript 4, Technical Architecture, Version Control, Architecture, eCommerce, Okta, CI/CD Pipelines, Web MVC, Solution Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, IIS, CTO, Back-office System Development, Storybook, Single Sign-on (SSO)


Databases, API Databases, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redshift, Amazon DynamoDB, Redis, MySQL, Google Cloud

2013 - 2015

Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer and Information Science

SUNY Polytechnic Institute - Utica, New York, USA