Antanas Majus, Software Developer in Vilnius, Lithuania
Antanas Majus

Software Developer in Vilnius, Lithuania

Member since July 3, 2018
As an iOS developer, Antanas understands the importance of code quality and clean design. He’s passionate about taking on new challenges and has been able to demonstrate his passion through the successful completion and launch of a variety of projects. He takes the responsibility of project success seriously and focuses on continuous improvement.
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Vilnius, Lithuania



Preferred Environment

Postman, SourceTree, Git, RubyMine, Xcode

The most amazing...

...thing I've coded is a wave count tracking app for surfers. I integrated a small neural network on the Watch OS app which determines when a surfer caught a wave.


  • Software Developer

    2016 - 2018
    Velocity - Meaning from Motion
    • Contributed to an app for collecting user motion data.
    • Created an algorithm which decides whether the user is traveling or staying in the same location based on GPS data and taking into account GPS data drifts.
    • Worked on the back-end side to inspect uploaded data and feed it to machine learning to generate motions.
    • Designed a web dashboard with multiple graphs and routes where users were traveling.
    • Collected user motion, uploaded it, and parsed user motions from the response with iOS SDK.
    Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS, Elastic, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Ruby on Rails (RoR), REST, Swift, Objective-C, Cocoa, iOS
  • Software Developer

    2015 - 2018
    Concrete Interactive
    • Worked in a consultancy company with various projects.
    • Created an iOS app "Illuminati Meter" which controls hardware device through Bluetooth.
    • Created iOS and Android apps for a VPN called IDVector.
    • Worked on a virtual reality Android app EmergentVR.
    • Created an iOS and WatchOS app called SurfTrackr for counting waves for surfers using the machine learning model.
    • Worked on a project called Livespark and supported controller code in C++. It sends commands to hardware units which are firing flames according to those commands.
    • Worked on an iOS app and a back-end for controlling a smart baby basinet called Snoo.
    Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), MQTT, AWS, Elastic, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, C++, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Android, REST, Swift, Objective-C, Cocoa, iOS
  • iOS developer

    2014 - 2015
    • Contributed to a second hand clothes market app.
    • Worked with video recording and editing.
    • Improved scroll performance for complex lists.
    • Created a complex flexible flow for contacting support.
    • Developed custom transition animations.
    • Implemented complex UI by design.
    Technologies: REST, Swift, Objective-C, Cocoa, iOS
  • Senior iOS Developer

    2012 - 2014
    Barclays Bank
    • Worked on a mobile payments app called Pingit.
    • Led a team of four developers in Lithuania.
    • Maintained and supported a secure network communications library.
    • Implemented UI by design.
    • Improved code after penetration testing.
    Technologies: C, iOS
  • iOS developer

    2011 - 2012
    • Created an iPad version of the financial app called Money.
    • Contributed to a framework with heavy business logic.
    • Worked with CoreData in a multithreaded environment.
    • Supported multiple currencies.
    • Supported iCloud sync for CoreData.
    Technologies: Objective-C, Cocoa, iOS


  • Vinted

    Second-hand clothes market app which lets users sell their pre-owned clothes or buy them from others.

  • Pingit

    Barclays bank's mobile payment app which lets users send payments easily knowing just receiver's mobile phone number.

  • SurfTrackr

    Apple watch app for surfers which can count waves that user caught during their surfing session. It feeds motion data to machine learning model on the watch to detect whether the user caught a wave or was just moving fast. After the session ends - the watch uploads its info to the phone.

  • IDVector

    iOS VPN app that lets you create your own VPN route or use predefined ones.

  • IDVector

    Android VPN app that lets you create your own VPN route or use predefined ones.

  • Illuminati Meter

    An app that lets you control an Illuminati meter through Bluetooth. The app gets readings from the meter and displays the correct exposure, color temperature, and other light-related data on your smartphone. Use the readings from the app to enter exposure and white balance information into your mirrorless, DSLR, or digital cinema camera. The app also reports illuminance (in lux) and CIE XY chromaticity data.

  • EmergentVr

    An app that makes it easy for everyone to share their lives and explore the world using virtual reality. It enables Android and Samsung GearVR users to share and discover 3D photos, panoramas, and 360 photos. Explore a new place on the other side of the world without leaving your home or relive a memory from your past like you are actually there.

  • Livespark

    It's a system containing a controller, FirePixels (a small propane-powered flamethrower), and AfterBurners (booster for a FirePixel) to create an unforgettable fire show.

  • Money - Budget & Finance

    Finance tracking app for personal or small business use which supports multiple account types, multiple currencies, budget planning, rich reports, and many other features

  • Snoo

    The app lets you control your Happiest Baby SNOO Smart Sleeper which is the safest and most effective baby bed ever made.


  • Languages

    Objective-C, Swift, C, C++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Java
  • Frameworks

    UIKit, Core Bluetooth, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Core Data, Core Location, AFNetworking, Cocoa, Network Extension, Core Foundation
  • Tools

    Xcode, Git, SourceTree, Elastic, MQTT, Sketch, Postman, CircleCI, Fastlane, RubyMine
  • Platforms

    iOS, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Android, MacOS, HockeyApp
  • Other

    Freelance, AWS, Protocol Buffers
  • Libraries/APIs

    Alamofire, HealthKit, CocoaPods, Core Animation, iOS Charts
  • Paradigms

    Object-oriented Programming (OOP), REST, Agile, Unit Testing
  • Storage

    MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, AWS S3


  • Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering
    2008 - 2012
    Vilnius University - Vilnius, Lithuania


  • AWS Solution Architect Associate
    JUNE 2018 - JUNE 2020

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