Artem Khamidullin, System Design Developer in Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia
Artem Khamidullin

System Design Developer in Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia

Member since August 4, 2017
Artem has over ten years of experience in web development and architecture for a variety of complex requirements - including requirements that are not well-defined. He perfectly solves not only assigned tasks but also helps better solve the business problem of the client. Artem is co-founder and CTO of FunFromMe startup.
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Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia



Preferred Environment

Slack, Jira, Git, IDEA IDE, Ubuntu, Windows

The most amazing...

...project I’ve developed is an online graphics editor for planning restaraunt rooms


  • CTO | Product Manager

    2018 - 2020
    • Developed reliable and performant web application architecture.
    • Implemented core components for back office and front office parts.
    • Installed CI/CD processes with open-source solutions.
    • Defined scope of tasks according to user requests.
    Technologies: Software Architecture, CTO, React, System Design, PostgreSQL, ECMAScript (ES6), Spring, Java, Architecture, Management, Leadership, Web Development, Full-stack
  • Head of Development

    2016 - 2018
    Integrated Information Solutions, LLC
    • Created an architecture of main system modules for custom projects.
    • Trained and motivated the developer and analyst team.
    • Estimated costs for large government software projects.
    Technologies: Software Architecture, System Design, JavaScript, Java, Architecture, Leadership, Management, APIs, Web Development
  • Senior Java Developer

    2013 - 2016
    Integrated Information Solutions, LLC
    • Developed a system for a monitoring of finance situation of government departments.
    • Created a system for a providing live people queue.
    • Built a system for monitoring heat providers.
    Technologies: Software Architecture, JavaScript, Java, APIs, Web Development, Full-stack
  • CTO

    2012 - 2016
    • Created a system for online reservations at restaurants.
    Technologies: Software Architecture, System Design, jQuery, Ember.js, JavaScript, Solr, PostgreSQL, Hibernate, Spring, Java, Architecture, Web Development
  • Java Developer/Senior Java Developer

    2008 - 2013
    • Developed a news portal.
    • Created a system for control task for police department.
    • Built a framework for quick development of business applications.
    Technologies: JavaScript, Java, Web Development, Full-stack
  • Web Developer

    2006 - 2008
    Center, LLC
    • Created a portal which provides an access to the digital encrypted content.
    • Supported system for workflow of an oil company.
    Technologies: Java, Yii, Sphinx Search Engine, MySQL, PHP, Web Development, Full-stack


  • React Native Developer for a Nutrition Project (via Toptal)

    A cross-platform mobile application for tracking macros helping users eat what they like and look how they want. I created the mobile application from scratch and took all-important technical decisions about mobile architecture.

  • React Native Architect/Consultant for Big African Retail Company (via Toptal)

    The client manage the royalty card of a big retail company in Africa. The app was built with React Native. It has many different integration with third-party services that combined into one dataset to display on mobile devices

  • EAPC (via TopTal)

    Billing system for private air passenger transport
    - Developed the architecture of a client-side web application
    - Developed system of High Order Components for rapid development
    - Implemented bill preview component
    - Developed JSON API for a client-side application
    - Developed UX/UI
    - Test coverage
    Technologies: ES6, React, Redux, MaterialUI, Webpack, Jest, Sinon, Enzyme, Groovy, Grails

  • FunFromMe

    eCommerce service for finding gifts with a paid products placement
    - Developed an architecture of the web application
    - Developed a domain data model with business analysis
    - Developed UI/UX
    - Developed and optimized SQL queries
    - Developed a billing component
    - Developed an AB-testing framework
    - Developed a listing algorithm based on product's CTR
    - Developed in-house CMS
    Technologies: ES6, Webpack, React, Redux, JQuery, Spring Boot, WebFlux, JDBC, PostgreSQL, Thymleaf, Docker

  • RGS

    Analytical system for government roads traffic
    - Developed the architecture of the decentralized web application with guaranteed delivery of a data packet from dedicated nodes with a poor internet connection
    - Implemented routes of a data flow
    - Implemented UI components
    - Organized stress tests
    Technologies: Apache Camel, ActiveMQ, Docker, Spring, Hibernate, Vaadin

  • Online Queue for Government Organizations

    Online Queue is a system that helps organize the queue of people in government organizations. I used JavaScript to display the queue state and playback synthetic speech. On the back end, I used Java.

  • Highway State Monitoring

    Highway state monitoring system helps get operating information about incidents that happen on roads. The system consists of several amounts of subsystems that communicate with each other by enterprise bus with a SOAP interface. I developed one subsystem for the administration of the system. Front end created with Vaadin.

  • System for Control and Execution of Assignments

    The application is similar to Jira or Redmine with adoptions for the business needs of a police department.

  • Workflow System for an Oil Company

    The system provides workflow with document digital signature. This application helps reduce the costs of making decisions in the company.

  • Uni-media

    Uni-media is a portal with legal digital content with DRM protection. The front end was created using HTML and JavaScript (jQuery). The back end is powered by PHP and the core features (DRM) are implemented with C++ modules.


  • Languages

    ECMAScript (ES6), JavaScript, Java, XML, Java 8, CSS3, XSD, Java 9, Java 10, Java 11, PHP, JavaScript 6, Groovy, Dart
  • Frameworks

    Spring, React Native, Grails, Redux, Thymeleaf, Spring 5, Spring Boot, JPA, Spring Security, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Yii, Jest, Material-UI, Apache Camel, Bootstrap, JUnit, Vaadin, AngularJS, AWS HA, Mockito, Ember.js, Camel, Flutter
  • Libraries/APIs

    React, Vue.js, jQuery, Node.js, Sinon.JS, Spring LDAP
  • Other

    Leadership, Architecture, APIs, Web Development, Full-stack, System Design, CTO, Software Architecture, Spring Web Services, React-Reanimated, Mechanical Engineering, AWS, Consulting, System Architecture, Consultation, SOA Architecture, Logback, SOAP, SAML-auth, AWS Route 53, Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP), Cloud
  • Tools

    Webpack, Gradle, Maven, IDEA IDE, Git, Jira, Slack, Solr, ActiveMQ, Apache Solr, SoapUI, AWS CloudFormation
  • Paradigms

    Management, Agile Software Development
  • Platforms

    Docker, Java EE, Linux, Windows, Ubuntu, iOS, Android, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Storage

    PostgreSQL, JSON, Spring Data, Sphinx Search Engine, MongoDB, MySQL, AWS S3


  • Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering
    2001 - 2006
    Kazan National Research Technological University - Kazan, Russia


  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate
    NOVEMBER 2019 - NOVEMBER 2022

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