Bryce Kirk, Software Developer in Calgary, AB, Canada
Bryce Kirk

Software Developer in Calgary, AB, Canada

Member since April 25, 2017
Bryce is a website developer with a strong background in design based out of Calgary, Canada. He's spent the last six years working in this industry—learning everything he can about the way the web is designed and developed. The internet changes significantly and often. The only way to compete in this industry is to change with it, and Bryce's dedicated himself to that goal.
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Calgary, AB, Canada



Preferred Environment

Git, NPM, Sublime Text, MacOS

The most amazing... I've built was for Syncrude—requiring the whole site to be rotated and the content to be counter-rotated. Check it out in my portfolio.


  • Owner | Designer | Web Developer

    2016 - PRESENT
    • Built and maintained relationships with clients and agencies.
    • Crafted logo, website, and UI designs.
    • Developed and designed websites from the ground up.
    • Worked with a variety of CMSs including Craft CMS, WordPress, Zendesk, Wix, Shopify, SquareSpace and more.
    • Worked with a variety of clients including Syncrude, University of British Columbia, McDonald's, Subway, ARC Resources, Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority, Alberta Federation of Labour, Alberta Investment Management Corporation, Blondie Boutique, Flaman Fitness, Broda Construction Group, and more.
    • Used various command-line tools including Node.js, Webpack, and Gulp.
    Technologies: Front-end, Adobe Suite
  • Senior Web Developer

    2012 - 2016
    Vendasta Technologies, Inc.
    • Handled and was responsible for all the internal and external assets.
    • Created a new corporate website and marketing materials.
    • Increased recruitment and saw the company double in size in less than a year.
    • Contributed to strategies and was involved with marketing to major clients such as Hearst, Dow Jones, and McLatchy.
    • Trained and oversaw an additional designer/developer.
    Technologies: Adobe Suite, Front-end, Python
  • Lead Designer

    2014 - 2015
    Parity Publishing, Inc.
    • Worked with tight deadlines (a weekly magazine).
    • Managed the lay out of spreads, including image placement and typography.
    • Communicated with clients to create advertisements—balancing their requests with good design sense.
    • Designed, developed, and maintained a responsive WordPress website.
    Technologies: WordPress, PHP, Adobe Suite


  • McKeil Marine Internal Web App

    I was hired by McKeil Marine to design and develop an internal web application to record and track their shipping fleet.
    The UI was designed in Figma using Google's Material library. The frontend of the app itself was created with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. Additional developers were used to set up the Microsoft SQL databases and write stored procedures.
    McKeil's app was heavily reliant on these stored procedures. One of the most common processes was for a user to make a dropdown selection or button press. This data would be gathered in Javascript and sent to a PHP file that called the appropriate SQL stored procedure. When received, the PHP file would then send its response back to the frontend via JSON, which would then be parsed and displayed in the UI.
    Overall, the application required extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and a moderate level of PHP experience. Asynchronous calls were very important, including JS ES6 promises.
    The project repository was maintained with Git, packages managed with Node.js, and project files compiled with Webpack.

  • ARC Resources

    I was hired by Karo Group to create ARC Resource's new website. My roles included art director, designer, and developer.

    The site structure and layout was based on extensive customer research, including interviews with shareholders, employees and community members. The final product is managed by the ARC team through a customized CMS content builder, allowing them to create beautiful, complex pages internally.

  • Syncrude Sustainability Report

    I was hired by Karo Group to develop Syncrude's Sustainability Report. I also designed all the icons on the site and most internal pages.

    Key Requirements:
    Provide an overview of Syncrude’s performance in the areas of finance and economic contribution, stakeholder and employee engagement, community investment, health and safety, and environmental stewardship.

  • Blondie Boutique

    I designed and developed an online store that elevates the Blondie Boutique brand to the level of its toughest competitors and integrates seamlessly with the pre-existing payment system. I was responsible for the art direction, design, development, and integration between the inventory system, the website, and payment processing. It was built in Shopify using the Theme Kit.

    The store has been a huge success with almost $500,000 in sales in less than two years.

  • Crowsnest Pass

    I was hired by National PR to rebuild the Crowsnest Pass tourism website in alignment with its new content strategy. The project required custom Google Maps API development, integration with Mailchimp and Instagram and support for adding customizable blog layouts and events. It was built with Craft CMS.

    The website won a Marcom award in the digital media category.

  • Anstice Communications Portfolio Website

    I was hired by Anstice Communications to develop its new portfolio website.

    The site includes a modular case study builder, allowing anyone from their team to create beautiful, unique case studies quickly and easily.

  • AIMCo Annual Report 2016

    I was hired by Karo Group to develop AIMCo’s 2016 annual report. The goals were to inform AIMCo’s clients and beneficiaries of their investments over the past year and reinforce the company’s focus on the future of all Albertans. The art direction and web design were done by Adam Warner; the web development was done by me.

  • AIMCo Annual Report 2015

    I was hired by Karo Group to conceptualize and deliver AIMCo’s 2015 annual report. The goals were to inform AIMCo’s clients and beneficiaries of their investments over the past year and to reinforce the company’s focus on the future of all Albertans. Adam Warner handled the art direction and the web design and development by me.

  • Fitness Solutions

    I was hired by Flaman Fitness to design and develop two subsidiary online stores, Fitness Solutions and Fitness Warehouse. It was built with Shopify.

  • Love Your Job

    I was hired by Branch B to develop a website for a local union's Love Your Job Campaign. It was developed with Craft CMS.

  • Sanderson Ridge

    I was hired by Anstice Communications to develop a website for Sanderson Ridge. It was built with Craft CMS.

  • My Portfolio

    I designed and developed my portfolio website. It was built with Foundation 6 and ZURB's site generator.

  • Music 4 Life

    I designed and developed a website for Music 4 Life, a local concert series that raises awareness and educates and inspires the community to have conversations about mental health. The art direction was led by Adam Warner.

  • Vendasta Support Portal

    I was tasked with designing and customizing Vendasta's support site using Zendesk's limited editing capabilities.


  • Languages

    SCSS, CSS3, CSS, HTML5, HTML, ECMAScript (ES6), JavaScript 5, JavaScript 6, Liquid Template, JavaScript, Sass, Python, PHP
  • Frameworks

    Foundation CSS, ZURB Foundation, Bootstrap
  • Libraries/APIs

    jQuery, Node.js, Google Maps API, Google Closure
  • Tools

    Adobe Illustrator, Illustrator CC, Photoshop CC, After Effects CC, InDesign CC, Gulp.js, Webpack, Sublime Text, NPM, Bower, Bitbucket, Closure Compiler, Git
  • Platforms

    Craft CMS, MacOS, Adobe Suite, Shopify, WordPress, Zendesk
  • Industry Expertise

    Web Design
  • Other

    Pixel Perfect, Web UI, Front-end, Content Management Systems (CMS), Squarespace, HTML Email, Email Templates, Foundation Emails, PSD Slicing
  • Paradigms

    Web UI Design, Web App Design, Agile Software Development
  • Storage



  • Diploma in New Media Production and Design
    2010 - 2012
    Southern Alberta Institute of Technology - Calgary, Canada

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