Claudio Carlenzoli, Liferay Developer in Brescia, Province of Brescia, Italy
Claudio Carlenzoli

Liferay Developer in Brescia, Province of Brescia, Italy

Member since February 23, 2015
Claudio has many years of experience working as an IT director and programmer. In that time, he has learned a variety of programming languages and has used this knowledge to develop several mobile and web applications for his customers. Claudio hopes to build upon his skillset by expanding his customer base and diversifying his work.
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  • Java 20 years
  • Liferay 10 years
  • Spring Boot 6 years
  • CTO 4 years
  • OpenShift 4 years
  • AWS 3 years
  • Camel 2 years
  • Quarkus 1 year


Brescia, Province of Brescia, Italy



Preferred Environment

Red Hat OpenShift, Java, Eclipse, Linux

The most amazing...

...thing I've developed is an expert system for extracting semantic information from natural language in context (can work even in a 2D context).


  • IT Architect via IBM

    2020 - PRESENT
    • Developed services for payment management using Red Hat Fuse on Apache Camel as a workflow engine. Also, managed Swift and XML formats.
    • Worked on an agile project, managed with Jira and Bitbucket source control. Used Jenkins as the DevOps support.
    • Increased the effectiveness of 30 developers team creating the first level IT lead.
    Technologies: Java 8, Java, Quarkus, Red Hat OpenShift, IBM WebSphere
  • Senior Architect Consultant

    2016 - PRESENT
    • Installed and integrated IBM Bluemix into the tech infrastructure of a big insurance company.
    • Designed an expert system for the client's unique use case.
  • IT Director

    2010 - PRESENT
    PSF Interactive
    • Designed and built several mobile applications using a multi-channel platform for advertising issues.
    • Developed an iPad application (using PhoneGap) for sales representatives of a Pharmaceutical company (Thea).
    • Created a multi-tenant portal using CMS Liferay and an iPad Application (using PhoneGap) for sales representatives of a company operating in the field of optics (
    • Developed a video on demand(VOD) platform using CMS Liferay and Wowza Media Server (
    • Stood up a multi country web site using CMS Liferay. (
    Technologies: PhoneGap, MySQL, Java
  • IT Architect and Web Developer

    2009 - PRESENT
    Business Integration Partners
    • Developed a platform for showing all information regarding the energy marketplace for H3G Group. The platform was implemented using a web crawler that read the public and private pages containing the necessary data overnight and displayed them in an integrated environment.
    • Developed several tools managing all retail invoices in order to recalculate all discount rates (H3G Group).
    • Designed and implemented the front-end for several websites(Tic Tac and Kinder) using CMS Liferay and Outsourcer.
    Technologies: GWT, Java
  • Senior Consultant and IT Architect

    2005 - PRESENT
    • Gained experience working as an IT Architect.
    • Gained experience working as a Functional Analyst.
    Technologies: Oracle, JBoss, JSF, Java
  • Senior Accounting Consultant

    1997 - PRESENT
    Banca Farmafactoring
    • Created an application for the Treasury Department that can read bank payment information and match with registered invoices.
    • Created the company web site using CMS Liferay and a marketing portal web site using CMS Wordpress containing information about debtors.
    • Created a Java application distributed via Java Applet in order to manage all credit information and plan all agent activities.
    Technologies: Oracle, Liferay, Java
  • CEO, IT Strategist and Director

    1997 - PRESENT
    MC3 Informatica
    • Gained experience working as an IT Director and Developer.
    • Developed a multimedia platform used as an integration component between CMS and mobile solutions.
    • Developed frameworks on top of open source solutions such as GWT and Hibernate for various layers.
    Technologies: Smalltalk, SQL, Java
  • Java Developer

    2016 - 2016
    knowledge Inc (via Toptal)
    • Created structures in order to manage conference sessions info (abstract, date, speaker,etc.).
    • Created a Liferay WCD template in order to show data defined in structures.
    • Created a Liferay application template in order to have a default view of data belonging to specific structures.
    • Modified CSS and JavaScript themes to fit the desired layout.
    • Created several new pages with incorporated data in order to provide a demo.
    Technologies: Liferay, Java
  • Senior Consultant and IT Architect

    1999 - 2008
    BNP Paripas
    • Maintained and evolved all software used by the call center Telebanca. The original software contained only screen scraping procedures as an interface for host terminals and I extended it by introducing a SOAP layer.
    Technologies: Smalltalk


  • Expert System for Financial Companies

    Expert system for matching accounting information. This software can read natural language and perform a "semantic" match between user input and information that already exists in the database.

  • Team Leader Dev Spring Microservices on IBM Bluemix Cloud

    I was involved in the development of an application for managing all data provided by IoT devices in the insurance area. I designed and developed the infrastructure solution using Spring MVC and Spring Data tools in the IBM Bluemix cloud environment.

    I created the SAML integration with multiple IDPs depending on the landing URL. I managed a team of 5-8 developers in order to create the whole solution.

    The application contains Kafka integration as well for managing all device events (Alarms, Anomalies, Events)

  • Editorial Platform in Liferay

    This site allows users to read entire articles organized in Path through associative rules. The site is currently under construction.

  • Bank Credit Management

    This software, written in AngularJS and Java (Spring framework), allows a call center user to manage all credit issues.

  • Portal for Manufacturer Company (Liferay 6.1)

    Ivar's Portal solution provides a complete platform for any company with a multi-country presence. The software manages content in a variety of languages. Portal embeds another solution called DMS needed to manage the product catalog and other features.

  • Bank Portal Sites (Liferay 6.2)

    This portal contains several solutions developed inside Liferay (as a new custom blog system).

  • Bank Product Site (Liferay 6.2)

    This site contains institutional contents and a blog section as well.

    The blog section uses my enhancements in order to have anonymous discussions, SEO keywords, and friendly URLs.

  • DMS and Behevo (Fidelity)

    This is a full-stack platform that manages products, advertising campaigns, and many other mobile application features including fidelity issues.

  • IoT Automotive

    I'm working as a consultant for a big automotive insurance company in order to manage data from an on-board device. I analyze the data through IBM Watson's Bluemix environment.


  • Languages

    CSS3, CSS, Java, Stored Procedure, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, Smalltalk, XML, SAML, Java 8
  • Frameworks

    Angular, Hibernate, Spring Boot, Spring Web Flow, Spring, Camel, AngularJS, JNI, GWT, Android SDK, JSF, PhoneGap
  • Platforms

    Red Hat OpenShift, OpenShift, Linux, Oracle, Java ME, JBoss, Eclipse, Android, IBM WebSphere
  • Other

    CTO, Liferay, SOAP, Cloud, AWS, SAML-auth, Quarkus
  • Tools

    Toad, Eclipse IDE, IBM Watson, Wowza
  • Paradigms

    Agile, Concurrent Programming, REST
  • Storage

    Spring Data, MySQL, PL/SQL Developer, PostgreSQL
  • Libraries/APIs



  • Master's Degree in Mathematics
    1985 - 1990
    Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Milan, Italy


  • Red Hat Certified Specialist in Openshift Application Development
    JULY 2019 - JULY 2022
    Red Hat

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