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Danilo Domingues

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Unity Developer

Tokyo, Japan
Toptal Member Since
November 17, 2023

Dan is a Unity developer with over six years of experience in most platforms, having deployed games and apps for PC, console, mobile, AR headsets, and custom platforms. As a Unity Certified Expert, Dan always looks forward to new, exciting projects that will challenge or enhance industry standards and stand the test of time.


Unity, C#, Agile, JSON, Dependency Injection, Unit Testing, Editor Tools...
Hydra Games
C#, Unity, Agile, Design Patterns, Game Development, Mobile Game Development...
C#, Unity, Agile, Design Patterns, ShaderLab, JSON, Editor Tools, PlayFab...




Preferred Environment

Windows, Slack, Git, Unity, C#, Jira, SourceTree, Scrum

The most amazing...

...feature I've developed is the combat handler for my authorial game, mixing tactics gameplay with action-induced quick-flowing execution.

Work Experience

Senior Unity Developer

2021 - 2023
  • Built 3D UI integrations for Spectar's app, targeting head-mounted AR devices that transform a building's blueprint data into spatially anchored 3D models.
  • Optimized previous versions of connecting UI panels, reducing draw calls from 50% to 80% and creating leeway for new UI to be built and displayed on the application.
  • Developed back- and front-end features, ensuring the data was unit tested and the UI efficiently reacted to any changes, providing clean coding and a responsive user experience.
Technologies: Unity, C#, Agile, JSON, Dependency Injection, Unit Testing, Editor Tools, MVC Design, Augmented Reality (AR), Mobile Game Development, Git, GitLab, SourceTree, Jira, Scrum, Excel 365, API Integration, User Interface (UI), Plugins, Technical Design, Unity3D, CI/CD Pipelines, 3D, APIs, Unity Editor Scripting, Unity SDK, UI Toolkits

Unity Developer

2020 - 2021
Hydra Games
  • Built a porting structure and guidelines for receiving 70+ AS3 games into a Unity-built multigame hub.
  • Created the foundation for Unity-built 4K games targeting cabinets featuring 36- to 42-inch screens.
  • Developed automation systems to add virtual funds, play games on repeat, collect data, and assemble into a JSON-formatted report to ensure fidelity between projected profit margins and the game's cost-reward ratio.
Technologies: C#, Unity, Agile, Design Patterns, Game Development, Mobile Game Development, Git, GitLab, SourceTree, Jira, Scrum, Excel 365, User Interface (UI), Android, Plugins, Unity2D, Unity3D, Mobile Apps, Games, 3D, APIs, Gaming, Unity Editor Scripting, UI Toolkits

Lead Developer

2019 - 2020
  • Acted as founding developer at Evertried—my first commercial project. This was a side project that became a main occupation in 2019 – 2020.
  • Entered a co-development agreement with Lunic Games, which provided visual assets. From there on, I acted as lead developer, instructing visual effects and animation asset production and integration.
  • Supported and saw through to the project's release day. After being 375% funded on Kickstarter, it was released to Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.
Technologies: C#, Unity, Agile, Design Patterns, ShaderLab, JSON, Editor Tools, PlayFab, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Game Development, Git, Procedural Programming, Procedural Generation, GitLab, SourceTree, Scrum, Content Creation, Excel 365, API Integration, User Interface (UI), Plugins, Unity2D, Games, APIs, Gaming, Unity Editor Scripting, Shaders, UI Toolkits

Unity Developer

2017 - 2019
Main Leaf
  • Integrated as a member of several teams, building games for various platforms alongside several team sizes and management styles.
  • Assembled client-requested prototypes regarding future features while being time-conscious about the projects' hourly budget.
  • Acted as a last line of support with clients in case of a communication issue. My English fluency displayed a high impact, being part of a Brazil-based outsourcing agency.
Technologies: Unity, C#, Agile, PlayFab, Facebook API, JSON, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Game Development, Mobile Game Development, iOS, Git, Multiplayer, SourceTree, Jira, API Integration, User Interface (UI), Android, Plugins, Technical Design, Unity2D, Unity3D, Unity Game Assets, Mobile Apps, Games, 3D, APIs, Gaming, Shaders, Unity 5, Virtual Reality (VR)

Junior Unity Developer

2016 - 2017
Penguin Spot
  • Refactored legacy code, reducing line volume by 50% while improving efficiency and maintaining functionality.
  • Rebuilt level-loading systems to allow levels to be loaded from the server rather than being manually set up at every version.
  • Integrated social media, user retention, and monetization APIs, including Facebook, notifications, and rewarded ads. The game's app page is available via facebook.com/PenguinSpot/.
Technologies: Unity, C#, Game Development, Mobile Game Development, iOS, API Integration, Unity2D, Mobile Apps, Games, 3D, APIs, Gaming, Unity 5

Spectar App

A Unity-based AR project targeting head-mounted AR headsets to aid in civil engineering, thereby replacing building blueprints for spatially anchored 3D models. Because this project had no clear end date, development was deeply based on testability, scalability, and continuous integration.


A multiplatform indie game developed over two years. While the main draw of the project is efficiently mixing action and strategy—being of the rogue-like genre—AI, content creation tools, and procedural generation were also of the highest importance.

I acted as this game's founding developer. This ran as a side project, except from August 2019 to February 2020, during which it became a main occupation.

Mobile Gambling Games Hub

A games hub for selecting and starting gambling games from a commercial application device. After being launched, the app retrieves from the server which games are accessible from the device's store location and displays them in a lobby.

Much like the hub, each game obtains possible wagers from the server API, requests a play when interacted with, consumes player-input currency, requests play results, and performs graphic feedback displaying the amount won (if any) to the player in a variety of ways.

During my work at the producing company, I built and assisted the production of code in the range of 10 to 20 of these dozens of available games. While the specifics of which games were worked on are non-disclosable, the overall lobby of available games throughout all locations is available at the following link (NA restricted).

Online Strategy Game

A Civilization-inspired multiplayer strategy game. In this project, I integrated as part of a 7-developer team that was contracted to develop the multiplayer and navigation portions of the game experience, as well as handling an assortment of player skills represented by a deck and card mechanic, similar to TGCs present in modern gaming platforms. As the team was contracted by the main studio, the specifics of work done on this project are NDA-protected.

B2B Match-3 Style Game

Along with a team of five developers, I developed a match-3 style game following the client's request. The first 20 players to beat the 20th level would be granted access to discount coupons for products of partner stores and brands.

Along the scope of the 3-month development cycle, our team was responsible for developing and implementing UI, sound effects, and the match-3 game loop, mostly adapted from an existing purchased asset.

Finally, we were responsible for integrating with the server API that handled keeping track of participating players' scores, as well as consolidating each campaign's victors and emailing the earned discount codes. A different team dealt with the mentioned server API.

Banking App for Tablet Totems

An app that I built for a foreign bank along with a team of four developers. The banking app had several modes, which would be set depending on each totem's physical location in each bank office.

If on a queueing area, the app could be set to a gallery of mini-games, mainly targeted to entertain children of the parents who would be waiting in line to be attended to. Those games feature simple mechanics and a score system.

On the more practical side, there are other modes to display specific information, the most notable being the loan calculator. In it, a customer can input the motive of an intended loan, as well as the amount and the intended payment starting date duration. By doing so, the system displays the availability of said plan and calculates monthly fees. Once the user reaches a desired output, a ticket can be emitted with those for the bank staff, skipping the fine-tuning step of the loan approval completely.

This project was developed at PlayCanvas, a Unity alternative for WebGL.
2013 - 2018

Bachelor's Degree in Game Development

Universidade Anhembi Morumbi - São Paulo, Brazil


Unity Certified Expert Programmer

Unity Technologies


Facebook API


PlayFab, Git, SourceTree, Jira, Unity 5, Slack, GitLab, Unity SDK


Unity, Unity2D, Unity3D


C#, ShaderLab, JavaScript


Dependency Injection, Unit Testing, Design Patterns, Procedural Programming, Agile, MVC Design, Scrum


Windows, iOS, Android, PlayCanvas




Augmented Reality (AR), Game Development, Mobile Game Development, Games, Gaming, Editor Tools, Artificial Intelligence (AI), CSV, Procedural Generation, API Integration, User Interface (UI), Plugins, Mobile Apps, 3D, APIs, Unity Editor Scripting, UI Toolkits, Multiplayer, Content Creation, Excel 365, Technical Design, Unity Game Assets, CI/CD Pipelines, Shaders, Visual Effects (VFX), Virtual Reality (VR)

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