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Debadutta Panda

Verified Expert  in Engineering

AEM Developer

Toronto, ON, Canada
Toptal Member Since
June 20, 2023

Debadutta is a seasoned professional with 17 years of expertise in Adobe Experience Manager and application development. With Agile certification and vast experience in banking and financial services, he excels in crafting robust architectures, leveraging Java, and optimizing core frameworks. Combining diligence and adaptability, Debadutta consistently drives towards organizational goals.


Canada Life
Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Java, Jakarta EE, HTML5, CSS, Linux...
Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Java, Jakarta EE, Java Servlets, SCSS...
Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), HTML5, Apache, Apache Maven, Full-stack, Java...




Preferred Environment

Windows, MacOS, Linux, Java, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Full-stack

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on was developing, designing, building, and supporting AEM 6 websites.

Work Experience

Senior AEM Developer | Lead

2022 - PRESENT
Canada Life
  • Developed and integrated Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) authentication logic for the Salesforce site to access Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) content. Migrated AEM 6.4 to AEM 6.5 and documented the process.
  • Implemented and developed AEM impersonation utility and services for advisors to view site features.
  • Developed new workflows with steps for the site. Resolved the creation and maintenance of users and groups via servlets and scripts. Integrated Smartling and Straker configurations as a new translator and validated MSM logic.
  • Integrated inkRewriter logic to simplify Experience Fragments while creating language copies. Fixed tugboat issues. Set up new dispatchers and added the Apache Hypertext Transfer Protocol daemon (HTTPd) logic and codes as per requirements.
  • Developed and supported new metadata schemas. Wrote new services to make Content Fragment endpoints live and usable, used Solr, and developed new components and templates under the Vue front end.
Technologies: Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Java, Jakarta EE, HTML5, CSS, Linux, Java Servlets, Apache Maven, Apache Solr

Senior AEM Consultant

2020 - 2022
  • Introduced Content Fragment and Experience Fragment concepts to projects and worked on designing them to be used in various components. Educated the team on their usability, which became a huge success in terms of content reusability.
  • Developed new components and designed content structure compatible with MSM.
  • Wrote migration scripts to migrate content from the legacy to AEM.
  • Developed accessible AEM components and web applications using HTL, HTML, React, TypeScript, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, Sass with SCSS, and Java Servlets.
Technologies: Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Java, Jakarta EE, Java Servlets, SCSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Apache Solr, HTTPD, Apache, Linux

Senior AEM Developer | Lead

2019 - 2020
  • Collaborated with stakeholders to build templates, ensuring they met the stakeholders' requirements and compliance with accessibility and development standards. Harnessed graphic design, UI, and UX skills.
  • Built accessible AEM components and web applications using HTL, HTML, React, TypeScript, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, Sass with SCSS, and Java Servlets.
  • Introduced Content Fragment and Experience Fragment concepts and trained the team to use them.
  • Developed Rendition script for various components with images.
  • Created new components such as a stock ticker, product card, navigation and notification bars, and inline video.
  • Introduced the use of AEM Servlets in components and created a new system user. Made changes in the POM.XML file and included the core jar inside the install folder. Provided mappings from service name to user in Configuration Manager.
  • Resolved production issues of the dispatcher and Akamai. Designed a global locator, developed a concept, and coded the Servlet and front-end part.
Technologies: Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), HTML5, Apache, Apache Maven, Full-stack, Java, Java Servlets, JavaScript, jQuery, Adobe Launch, Adobe Target, Adobe Audience Manager

Senior AEM Consultant

2018 - 2019
  • Built AEM 6.4 archetype project and helped the team plan migration from legacy CMS to AEM. Introduced the concept of Google AMP in AEM, improving usability and convincing visitors to stay longer and web pages load faster.
  • Integrated Bootstrap with grid for layout container. Created the required design templates, page templates, and related components.
  • Architected and created a social sharing tool allowing the company to share articles on AEM live site via Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. It reduced costs as the business did not have to pay for the 3rd party.
  • Prepared several technical sessions for the whole team and a hands-on document because the team struggled with understanding the inheritance logic in AEM and how the base template page worked.
  • Created the secondary image component—carousel with description—and a hero banner component.
  • Provided a solution and architecture for a new header component, as the previous one was a significant bottleneck. It allowed the company to use the same header component for different locales and supported their analytics.
  • Created and architected the CP24 site by optimally using the components and considering the best performance.
  • Trained the whole team on out-of-the-box Tag Manager, Content Fragment, and how they work in the real world. Held a training session for the DevOps team on the user admin model.
  • Configured Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) via AEM for the client to enhance the user directory.
Technologies: Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Full-stack, Apache, Adobe Launch, Adobe Target, Java, Jakarta EE, JavaScript, SCSS, Linux, SQL, Java Servlets, HTML5

Digital Technical Lead

2017 - 2018
Canadian Tire Corporation
  • Built AEM and Adobe Communique 5 (Adobe CQ5) components using front-end web best practices to ensure their reusability and scalability across Digital Asset Management (DAM), E-tire, Triangle, and KIOSK projects.
  • Supported the development of wireframes for highly personalized and customized client experiences for key client groups.
  • Collaborated closely with business analysts to outline and review business requirements documents and ensure they accurately reflected the desired client experience within budget and timeline requirements.
  • Participated in design review sessions, application development, and maintenance of existing systems. Led offshore and onshore teams to develop applications.
  • Evaluated, designed, documented, and established new technical protocols for digital initiatives. Integrated solutions and recommended innovative technologies that enhanced systems.
  • Collaborated with architects and analysts in maintaining roadmaps that connected business strategies to capabilities and provided a milestone view in an agile environment.
  • Used extensively Dynamic Tag Management (DTM), Adobe Audience Manager (AAM), Adobe Target, and AEM.
Technologies: Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), CSS, Adobe Launch, Adobe Target, Adobe Audience Manager, Apache Maven, Apache Solr, Full-stack, HTML5, HTTPD, Java, Jakarta EE, JavaScript, jQuery, Java Servlets

Lead Consultant

2017 - 2017
  • Developed AEM 6.2 and 6.3 components and content structure compatible with MSM and SiteCatalyst. Supported the operations team to configure and deploy Akamai content delivery networks (CDNs).
  • Designed and implemented architectural approaches, business reviews, and documentation systems.
  • Integrated AEM cloud services with phone and chat support systems. Planned and migrated them from CQ 5 to AEM 6.
  • Contributed to multiple projects by planning, estimating, and developing proof of concepts (POCs) for AEM migration for clients based in Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto.
Technologies: Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), CSS, Adobe Launch, Adobe Target, Adobe Audience Manager, Apache Maven, Apache Solr, Apache, HTML5, HTTPD, Java, Jakarta EE, Full-stack, jQuery, Linux

Principal Architect

2016 - 2017
  • Involved in migration planning and deployment phases from CQ 5.5 to AEM 6.1. Made components compatible with AEM 6 and modified dialogues to behave correctly on touch UI. Configured scheduler and workflow launcher for various automated processes.
  • Migrated showroom rendering mechanism to AEM Dispatcher. Identified components that needed to be migrated to SimpleStack's dispatcher rendering mechanism and enhanced them accordingly.
  • Set up Akamai redirect rules and collaborated with operations to create hostnames, Akamai Cloudlet policy, and HTTP. Configured the dispatcher as an origin in Akamai Production.
  • Coordinated with a product owner, site authors, and stakeholders to understand new requirements and existing issues on live sites.
  • Designed and developed architectural approaches and solutions, conducted business reviews, documented current systems, and developed recommendations on how to proceed with the applications.
  • Used AEM cloud services and developed page inheritance for InIn Chat and sticky-support components to help users communicate with business agents directly via phone or chat.
  • Provided business values to end customers by collaborating with different stakeholders, proliferating work, and tracking the current CMS market and emerging areas.
  • Designed and developed MSM structure for all the properties. Used sightly and bins for developing components and followed other AEM best practices to improve the site's performance.
  • Developed new components, designed content structure compatible with MSM, and integrated Adobe marketing cloud with SiteCatalyst as part of CMS 2.0 new project. The aim was to provide a platform for different BUs with simplified authoring.
  • Designed and developed responsive sites— and—using Twitter Bootstrap. Migrated Intuit SBG Care legacy CMS site to AEM 6.2, created Content Fragments, and implemented tagging taxonomy.
Technologies: Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Full-stack, Adobe Target, Adobe Launch, Adobe Audience Manager, Apache Maven, Apache, HTML5, CSS, HTTPD, Jakarta EE, Java, JavaScript, Java Servlets, Linux

Principal AEM Consultant

2014 - 2016
Dell EMC XtremIO
  • Played a key role in turning around the underperforming project titled EMC Folio as a profitable venture for the marketing team.
  • Implemented, integrated, and tested modifications for the AEM folio project while working for EMC2 that improved application performance during the product ordering phase.
  • Upgraded AEM, migrated between environments, and maintained environment, including optimizing TAR files, indexing, and setting up replication agents.
  • Configured a dispatcher for author and publishing servers and developed and administrated site on AEM 6.1.
  • Guided, trained, and mentored junior developers and non-Jakarta EE team members.
Technologies: Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), FatWire, Apache, Apache Maven, Java, Java Servlets, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Adobe Target, Full-stack, HTML5, Architecture

Senior Associate

2013 - 2014
  • Oversaw end-to-end activities such as development, testing, and production management and followed up on new projects and POCs.
  • Added value to the project by providing infrastructure support for vendor product—NORKOM.
  • Migrated POC FatWire to Adobe CQ 6.1, developing the required AEM scripts and components, which was highly appreciated by the marketing team.
  • Played a key role in saving AUD 150,000 for Bankwest through innovative approaches for improving the performance of public websites and resolving publishing issues.
Technologies: FatWire, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Java, JavaScript, jQuery, SCSS, HTML5, SQL, Java Servlets, Anti-money Laundering (AML)

Technical Analyst

2012 - 2013
  • Handled all the project releases, including Day CQ application deployment and infrastructure changes.
  • Improved application efficiency by debugging and revamping Java and Jakarta EE code and program in Struts framework for Westpac client.
  • Attended the bridge call and identified solutions for production issues related to Day CQ sites—replication, dispatcher, and clientlibs—within the stipulated time.
  • Handled the resolution of issues in the form of tickets through Remedy within the stipulated service-level agreements (SLAs).
  • Ran multiple projects and successfully guided the team for which I received the award for the best employee of the year in 2012.
Technologies: Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Unix Shell Scripting, Unix, Java, Jakarta EE, Full-stack, Anti-money Laundering (AML), Servlet, Day CQ

Senior Software Engineer

2009 - 2011
American Express
  • Developed a code for a front-end application to support new functionality using Java, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and Java Server Pages (JSP).
  • Assisted the team lead in preparing project effort estimates, including resource requirements, high-level analysis, and impact on other activities.
  • Resolved tickets through Remedy within the specified SLAs.
Technologies: Java, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5

Software Engineer

2006 - 2008
  • Developed a Java and Jakarta EE code to support a new application functionality.
  • Furnished post-implementation support and solved service requests raised by end users. Created various technical documents for applications and updated monthly and weekly status reports.
  • Conducted activities such as analysis, detailed design, coding, testing, quality assurance support, and on-site communication.
Technologies: Java, Jakarta EE, CSS, JavaScript, Java Servlets, FatWire, SQL

SAML Integration and AEM Migration

The project aimed to develop and integrate SAML authentication logic for Salesforce to access AEM content. I played a key role by developing the logic, migrating AEM 6.4 to AEM 6.5, and documenting the process. I also built and implemented AEM impersonation utility and services to enable advisors to view site features.

Integration of Smartling and Straker Configurations

The project involved integrating Smartling and Straker configurations as the new translator and validating MSM logic. I contributed to this project by resolving issues with creating users and groups and maintaining them via servlets and scripts. I also integrated inkRewriter logic to simplify Experience Fragments while creating language copies.
2002 - 2006

Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering

Institute of Technical Education and Research (ITER Bhubaneswar) - Bhubaneswar, India


Java Servlets, jQuery


Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Forms 6, Apache Maven, Adobe Target, Apache Solr, Apache, Servlet


SCSS, CSS, HTML5, Java, JavaScript, SQL


MacOS, Linux, Unix, Windows, Jakarta EE, Adobe Audience Manager, Day CQ


Full-stack, HTTPD, Adobe Launch, FatWire, Architecture, Anti-money Laundering (AML), Unix Shell Scripting

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