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Dmitry Zherebko

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Full-stack Developer

Kiev, Ukraine
Toptal Member Since
March 5, 2021

Dmitry is a senior full-stack developer with several years of experience developing MPVs for early-stage startups. He's worked in various industries, including cybersecurity, automotive, site builders, document management, and small business and has led moderately-sized teams (5-10 people). Dmitry excels at team management, implementing development workflows, building projects from scratch, and establishing security practices.


Gama Healthcare (via Toptal Projects)
Agile, Azure, Technical Hiring, Code Architecture, GraphQL, Next.js, Terraform...
React, TypeScript, Node.js, Jest, Data Visualization, GitHub, NestJS, Figma...
React, Go, Node.js, Firebase, Google Cloud, Docker, Apache Kafka, C#...




Preferred Environment

Linux, GitHub, MacOS, Visual Studio Code (VS Code)

The most amazing...

...thing I've developed is a project for a security startup which started as an MVP that I maintained up to production and series B.

Work Experience

Tech Lead

2021 - 2021
Gama Healthcare (via Toptal Projects)
  • Helped the client to specify technical requirements and product decisions during the planning period.
  • Implemented delivery roadmap for six months and built the project architecture for several microservices and code guidelines.
  • Developed feature branches with a completely separated production-ready environment (HTTPS, load balancing, CND) using the infrastructure-as-code process (with the specific tools of Terraform, Azure, Azure Container Instances, and Caddy Server).
  • Worked closely with the scrum master, designer, and product owner to update the roadmap and deliver milestones on time; also created all the technical documentation.
  • Built microservices architecture with several GraphQL services, a GraphQL gateway, an authentication service, a file service, a content management system, a dashboard application, and external integrations.
  • Implemented a design system for the front end which helped to deliver consistent designs faster.
  • Managed to set up a full featured CI with unit testing, lining, a container build, integration testing using Cypress, an infrastructure-as-code setup, and automated releases.
Technologies: Agile, Azure, Technical Hiring, Code Architecture, GraphQL, Next.js, Terraform, Hasura, PostgreSQL, DevOps, React, Microservices, Monorepos, Docker, Architecture, SQL, APIs

Front-end Mentor | Developer Advocate

2020 - 2021
  • Organized and led the project migration from JavaScript to TypeScript.
  • Implemented migration specifications which included updating old approaches to new front-end standards using a micro front end, React queries, code splitting, and Cypress testing.
  • Improved the project initial load from ten seconds to two seconds in a week by using industry-standard approaches like delayed script loading, Brotli, an optimized rendering path, code splitting, and several other tricks.
Technologies: React, TypeScript, Node.js, Jest, Data Visualization, GitHub, NestJS, Figma, Git, Elasticsearch, Full-stack, Team Leadership, HTML, D3.js, Next.js, CSS, Front-end, Architecture, SQL, APIs

Team Lead | Tech Lead

2018 - 2021
  • Organized several tech talks about front-end/back-end development within the team and wrote several guides about code structure, code quality, testing, and front-end architecture.
  • Successfully migrated a huge front-end app from JavaScript to TypeScript within a very limited timeline.
  • Set up an E2E testing infrastructure for our project and guided the QA team on how to write and organize tests.
  • Implemented an auto-deploy feature per branch for all microservices using native which resulted in a near-zero cost price. This allowed the QA team to test code faster because they don't have to wait for the deployment of feature branches.
  • Organized the development workflow for communication of the front-end designers and front-end and back-end teams and wrote guidelines that allowed us to develop fast, reliable code from the beginning.
  • Developed several complex algorithms for graph layouts, custom charts, various visualizations using D3.js, React, and WebAssembly. Contributed some of them to open-source (; see Zherebko alg).
  • Built with a colleague an API framework for front-end and back-end communication using Go ( which allowed the front-end team to focus on the business logic and defining the schema instead of writing boilerplate code.
  • Fully implemented the authentication service for the project and passed the security audit. Also, worked in the cybersecurity field.
  • Managed a team of six developers, maintained the team culture, reviewed code, interviewed around 50 developers, and specified requirements.
Technologies: React, Go, Node.js, Firebase, Google Cloud, Docker, Apache Kafka, C#, WebAssembly, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Data Visualization, Kubernetes, GitHub, Puppeteer, Cypress, NestJS, Figma, Git, Express.js, Elasticsearch, Full-stack, PostgreSQL, Team Leadership, HTML, D3.js, Next.js, CSS, Front-end, GraphQL, Technical Leadership, Code Architecture, Architecture, SQL, APIs

Team Lead

2018 - 2018
PDFfiller Marketing
  • Led a team of three JavaScript developers and implemented Agile within the team. This included code reviews, deciding upon library changes, and creating a technical roadmap.
  • Refactored more than 50 repositories to a monorepo project with automated releases.
  • Improved the deployment infrastructure with blue-green deployments and per branch deployments for testing.
Technologies: React, Node.js, Agile, Monorepos, Lerna, Yarn Workspaces, Bash, WebSockets, GitHub, Git, Express.js, Full-stack, PostgreSQL, Team Leadership, HTML, CSS, Front-end, Architecture, Mapbox

Senior Front-end Developer

2017 - 2018
  • Improved the code quality and implemented many of the core features like resizing and drag-n-drop features.
  • Implemented the core of the resizing and placement algorithms for the site builder.
  • Held tech talks about React and new trending technologies within the team.
Technologies: JavaScript, React, GitHub, Git, Express.js, HTML, CSS, Front-end, Mapbox

Full-stack Developer

2015 - 2017
  • Developed several business-automation projects from scratch.
  • Built my own CMS to create websites with fast landing pages, e.g.,
  • Developed a mobile app with offline support for which included communicating with the client and gathering the requirements.
Technologies: JavaScript, React Native, C#, .NET Core, Angular, React, React Redux, Git, Express.js, Full-stack, HTML, CSS, Front-end

State Management Library
I developed this open-source library to simplify state management in Redux apps. It was adopted by several enterprise apps like,, and some other projects. The main target for the library is to reduce boilerplate code and provide a more type-safe API.

Electron Test Runner
Electron Test Runner is a library for Jest which allows you to run your tests inside Electron as a seamless replacement for a native runner in a Node.js environment. It allows the user to visualize their UI tests while still having all the advantages of a Node.js environment.

Go Web Framework
I built a Go-based framework that allows a user to build apps rapidly with strong contracts and easily write integration tests. It was inspired by a clean architecture book. This framework allows users to easily migrate from monolithic systems to microservices and back with almost zero changes.
2013 - 2019

Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree in Computer Science

Kyiv MohaNational University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy" - Kiev, Ukraine


React, React Redux, Node.js, Puppeteer, D3.js


Figma, Lerna, Yarn Workspaces, Git, GitHub, Terraform


Cypress, React Native, Express.js, Next.js, NestJS, .NET Core, Angular, Jest, Electron


JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, Go, CSS, GraphQL, SQL, C#, Java, Bash


Docker, Mapbox, Firebase, Apache Kafka, Linux, MacOS, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Kubernetes, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure


Google Cloud, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Hasura


Agile, Functional Programming, Clean Architecture, DevOps, Microservices


Monorepos, Web App Development, Full-stack, Data Visualization, Front-end, Architecture, Directed Acrylic Graphs (DAG), WebAssembly, Team Leadership, Lambda Functions, Technical Leadership, Code Architecture, Technical Hiring, APIs, Product Management, WebSockets

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