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Ethan Jud

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

San Francisco, CA, United States
Toptal Member Since
May 16, 2017

Ethan is a senior-level software engineer with a strong background in iOS development. He takes a quality-focused approach to engineering, and prefers to avoid taking shortcuts that compromise maintainability or user experience, but is always aware of business needs. He values open, constructive communication and teamwork, working well with product and design teams as appropriate to make the product the best it can be.


Good Eggs
Node.js, TypeScript, JavaScript, Swift, iOS
Ruby on Rails (RoR), Swift, iOS
Objective-C, Swift, iOS




Preferred Environment

Git, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Xcode, MacOS

The most amazing... I've built was a full working prototype for a new to-do-list application—both the iOS app and back-end—and designed its MVP offline-first syncing protocol.

Work Experience

Software Engineer

2018 - 2019
Good Eggs
  • Worked on full-stack development with Node.js and React (using JavaScript and TypeScript).
  • Acted as the primary owner and maintainer of the Good Eggs iOS app (written in Swift).
  • Led the technical aspect of a project involving surface farm variability for produce, defining the full-stack technical changes and working cross-team to build consensus on internal APIs.
  • Mentored and onboarded newer junior engineers on the team.
Technologies: Node.js, TypeScript, JavaScript, Swift, iOS

Principal iOS Engineer

2017 - 2018
  • Designed and built the NextUp iOS task management app, including a modular sync engine.
  • Co-developed a robust offline-first, multi-client syncing protocol to support task management.
  • Built initial proof-of-concept for both iOS app and Rails backend.
Technologies: Ruby on Rails (RoR), Swift, iOS

Contractor, iOS Engineering

2017 - 2018
  • Provided ongoing maintenance and feature work on a distributed team for the Couchsurfing iOS app.
  • Interviewed remote iOS candidates to help build out an overseas engineering team.
  • Onboarded iOS engineer, documenting our process and code style guidelines.
Technologies: Objective-C, Swift, iOS

Lead iOS Developer

2014 - 2016
  • Created the 8tracks iOS app architecture, worked on feature development, and implemented bug-fixes for 1.2 million monthly active users.
  • Co-designed and iterated upon major features with the UX and design teams.
  • Maintained by myself the API support for mobile features.
  • Collaborated with the ads team in integrating and testing SDKs for third-party networks.
  • Launched a full redesign of the application in 2014; loved by the community and tech press.
  • Built the 8tracks app for the first-generation Apple Watch framework.
  • Interviewed prospective engineers for the iOS team and other roles.
Technologies: iOS, Objective-C

iOS Software Engineer

2013 - 2013
  • Built a new feature for airfare price alerts; including handling push notifications and working with the back-end team for API endpoints.
  • Completed the UI updates in preparation for the launch of the iOS 7 update.
  • Solved the performance problems for older devices.
Technologies: Objective-C, iOS

Software Engineer

2010 - 2013
DeLorme (now owned by Garmin)
  • Built features for the Earthmate iOS application; including the entire map download flow.
  • Developed an API for mobile applications to access downloadable maps.
  • Integrated the iOS application with a web-based system for selecting map regions.
  • Selected for a high impact team to recover a delayed subcontractor project—playing a critical role in ensuring that emergency S.O.S. messages are routed correctly.
  • Added encryption features to the iOS application and built a corresponding web application as a sample back-office endpoint for customers.
  • Built features for desktop GIS software, including updating the code architecture.
  • Collaborated on a topology system for editing geometry relationships on many GIS layers.
  • Developed an improved undo/redo system to accommodate new features.
  • Integrated the desktop application with HTML-based applets for rapid feature deployment; enhancing the application API as necessary.
Technologies: SQL, C#, JavaScript, Win32, C++, Objective-C, iOS
For the Good Eggs website, I built ad-hoc features and improvements. Notably, I implemented a significant portion of a new referrals program, wherein users gift money to new customers and then receive a kickback upon placing their order. While I was new to Node.js and JavaScript in a production setting, I was able to learn and start contributing very quickly.

While acting as the tech lead, on this project of providing surface producer variability to customers, I researched deeply into the monolithic web app codebase and defined detailed changes for application logic, background billing jobs, and background caching of available products.

Good Eggs iOS App
As the primary owner and point of contact for the Good Eggs iOS application, I helped move the codebase toward a new architecture using ReSwift and VIPER, in order to more rapidly iterate on features. One notable feature I built was the ability to preorder for various holidays and events for which the company sets up special preorder availability.

A part of maintaining and iterating on the app was also iterating on the backend API that coalesces requests from the iOS app and proxies them to the main application server. For full-stack features, I worked on all three codebases.

8tracks iOS App

As the lead iOS engineer on the project—and the only engineer for a bulk of the time—I had complete ownership over the code base after inheriting it from the previous engineer.

My first task was to finish a major overhaul of the design— which launched about three months after I joined the team—and received much praise and high ratings from the users.

I developed features pragmatically, but with a vision for how to improve the architecture, and over time made the application more stable for its 1.2 million monthly active users.

When building support for the video ads, my role also included frequent communication with the product team, ad sales team, and third-party ad networks—in order to increase revenue with minimal impact to the app's usability and stability.

Hipmunk iOS App

During my short time at Hipmunk, I built features for fare alerts via push notifications, worked with the design and product teams to add new ad-hoc features to the app, participated in a design overhaul for the release of iOS 7, and solved performance problems for older devices.

Earthmate iOS App

As my first iOS app project, I worked on the encryption features and the map download flow for Earthmate, the iOS app that pairs with the inReach satellite communication device for texting when off the grid.

The map download flow included an API spec and development work on a C#/SQL back-end. On iOS, I integrated an HTML/JavaScript map framework for choosing a map region and built both the networking logic and UI to manage map downloads and storage.
2004 - 2008

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Mathematics

Clarkson University - Potsdam, NY, USA


CocoaPods, Ruby on Rails API, Facebook iOS SDK, Node.js, ReSwift


Xcode, Auto Layout, Git


Cocoa Touch, Ruby on Rails (RoR), AFNetworking


iOS, MacOS, Win32, Visual Studio Code (VS Code)


Objective-C, Swift, C++, C, C#, HTML, SQL, JavaScript, Ruby, TypeScript


Agile Software Development, REST, Unit Testing



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