Fábio Lino Morato, Developer in Utrecht, Netherlands
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Fábio Lino Morato

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Full-stack Developer

Utrecht, Netherlands
Toptal Member Since
September 20, 2022

Fábio is a senior full-stack developer with over four years of industry experience, including for customers like Fiat and Marelli. He has used various front- and back-end tools but has primarily focused on Node.js, TypeScript, Express.js, and React over the last few years. Fábio is passionate about technology, music, education, and financial markets and is a quick learner who loves being challenged.


React, TypeScript, MySQL, AWS Lambda, Node.js, Angular...
Driven Education
Node.js, TypeScript, JavaScript, React, Context API, Express.js, Sequelize...
Grupo TCS
Electron, Vue 2, AngularJS, Node.js, Cucumber, Express.js, Socket.IO, Sequelize...




Preferred Environment

MacOS, Git, Docker, Docker Compose, Jest, Cypress, TypeScript, Prisma, React, Vue 2

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on is an automated evaluation edtech tool that reduced the evaluation time from five days to five minutes and significantly lowered costs.

Work Experience

Senior Full-stack Developer

2022 - 2023
  • Worked on several research and development projects involving augmented reality, wallet passes, blockchain, and stable diffusion.
  • Developed high-value customer features like landing page generation links to obtain wallet passes. This involved many security concerns as they use public APIs.
  • Refactored the entire pre-existing front end to make it developer-friendly and less prone to bugs.
Technologies: React, TypeScript, MySQL, AWS Lambda, Node.js, Angular, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Back-end, Front-end, Jest, Clean Architecture, Storybook, Tailwind CSS, Amazon CloudFront CDN, Next.js, GitHub, NoSQL, API Integration, DevOps

Senior Full-stack Developer

2020 - 2022
Driven Education
  • Developed a candidate-selection platform that has JavaScript lessons and challenges.
  • Built an automated student project evaluator that handles end-to-end testing of student code. Because the previous process was manual, the evaluator decreased costs and reduced the evaluation time from five days to ten minutes.
  • Led the development team for the automated student project evaluator. The team averaged three members, starting with one person and reaching a maximum of seven.
Technologies: Node.js, TypeScript, JavaScript, React, Context API, Express.js, Sequelize, TypeORM, Prisma, Docker, Docker Compose, JSON Web Tokens (JWT), PostgreSQL, Cypress, Mocha, Chai, Jest, Redis, CI/CD Pipelines, SQL, Full-stack, Front-end, Back-end, HTML, CSS, MongoDB, Git, Linux, Git Flow, Styled-components, REST, APIs, ES6 Promises, ECMAScript (ES6), GitHub, NoSQL, API Integration, DevOps

Full-stack Developer

2018 - 2020
Grupo TCS
  • Developed a system that controls production lines for Fiat and Marelli, increasing quality and helping to avoid recalls.
  • Created a system that monitors production lines for clients, helps prevent malfunctions, improves production planning, and tracks overall equipment effectiveness and how employees use the machine.
  • Built drivers with a common interface for different programmable logic controller models, allowing the system development to be hardware-agnostic.
  • Utilized Jira for task management, Git for versioning, and Git Flow for standardizing branch naming. The tasks were in the form of user stories written in Gherkin.
  • Implemented unit, integration, and end-to-end tests for systems using Jest, Cucumber, and WebDriverIO.
  • Divided an extensive monolith application into multiple services that use inter-process communication with a custom-made IPC router to make the system more resilient and fault-tolerant.
Technologies: Electron, Vue 2, AngularJS, Node.js, Cucumber, Express.js, Socket.IO, Sequelize, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Bootstrap, MongoDB, SQL, Git, Jira, Jest, Gherkin, WebdriverIO, Git Flow, Full-stack, Front-end, Back-end, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Docker, Docker Compose, Linux, REST, APIs, Redis, ES6 Promises, jQuery, Vuex, ECMAScript (ES6), GitHub, API Integration

JavaScript Learning and Practicing Platform

Used the PERN stack to create a website for candidates to sign up for a full-stack development course and learn JavaScript by taking free YouTube lessons produced by our members. They could practice through exercises and take a JavaScript challenge for a chance to pass to the next candidate selection phase.

The code submitted by candidates is tested on the server side to validate results and on the client side to reduce costs during code verification. For server-side testing, I used a sandbox environment that couldn't be accessed externally to avoid issues with malicious code. This tool is used in Brazil by tens of thousands of monthly users.

Consumer Retention System Through Virtual Scratch Cards

A PostgreSQL, Vue, Express, Node.js, and TypeScript-based system built for a Brazilian chain of gas stations with a goal of customer retention. Every purchase made at its stores was rewarded with a QR code that led the customer to a virtual scratch card page, in which the customer could virtually scratch the card with their fingers or mouse having a chance of winning a prize.

The system also gathered customer data to send messages (through SMS and WhatsApp) about deals. The system administrator could create types of prizes and control how many prizes could be given away daily.

Factory Production Line Tracing System

A JavaScript application built with the intent to control the manufacturing process of many different products initially created for Fiat and Marelli. In a production line, workers modify raw pieces to build a new product, using big machines to solder, bend, apply pressure, and many other operations.

This system monitors details of how a piece is being worked on and controls whether a piece can continue through the production line by analyzing how it was worked, preventing bad products from being sold, avoiding recalls, and generating a significant amount of data that can be used to optimize production.

This system is critical as a bug can stop the production line for a long time leading to significant financial losses. To avoid that, the system was implemented with test-driven development, and every single part of it was thoroughly tested with unit and end-to-end tests.


TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, ECMAScript (ES6), SCSS, SQL, Python 3, Gherkin


Express.js, Jest, Cypress, AngularJS, Bootstrap, JSON Web Tokens (JWT), Quasar, Electron, Selenium, Angular, Tailwind CSS, Next.js


React, Node.js, Vue 2, Context API, Chai, jQuery, Vuex, Socket.IO


GitHub, Git, Docker Compose, Prisma, Sequelize, Mocha, Jira, Cucumber, WebdriverIO, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Amazon CloudFront CDN


REST, Testing, Clean Architecture, DevOps


Full-stack, Front-end, Back-end, APIs, ES6 Promises, API Integration, TypeORM, CI/CD Pipelines, Styled-components, Git Flow, UI Testing, IPC, Storybook


MacOS, Docker, Linux, AWS Lambda


PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, SQLite, NoSQL, Redis, MySQL

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