Francisco Reynolds, iOS Developer in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Francisco Reynolds

iOS Developer in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Member since May 21, 2016
Francisco is a hands-on technical lead with extensive experience in iOS, Node.js, and web project development. He's a committed, responsible, and hard-working developer who looks forward to tackling new challenges in programming and leadership alike.
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Buenos Aires, Argentina



Preferred Environment

Chrome, Visual Studio, Xcode, Mac OS

The most amazing...

...thing I've created is an inheritance-based workflow, turning a mayhem of UI into a small, scalable, class-oriented design.


  • CTO

    2016 - PRESENT
    • Built and managed a team of 10+ developers.
    • Led the development of an iOS app in Swift.
    • Oversaw the creation of a React website for subscribers, using GraphQA, Apollo, Redux, Axios. Deployed on S3 using CD, running cached through CloudFront.
    • Supervised the development of a React website for a la carte users, using GraphQA, Apollo, Redux, Axios. Deployed on S3 using CD, running cached through CloudFront.
    • Led the creation of a React admin for customer service using GraphQA, Apoll, and Axios.
    • Oversaw the development of a Node.js server for subscribers using Express, GraphQL, Sequelize, AWS, Aurora MySQL, and Redis.
    • Supervised the creation of a React Native app for logistics and packaging, able to develop fast and cost efficient processes.
    Technologies: MySQL, Swift, React, Node.js, JavaScript, Fastlane, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS, AWS Route 53, iOS, DevOps, Back-end
  • Web Developer

    2017 - 2018
    Arta Shipment (via Toptal)
    • Built a website in React using Redux, Fetch, and a custom framework.
    Technologies: Redux, React, JavaScript, DevOps
  • Web + Native Developer

    2017 - 2018
    SciMar One (via Toptal)
    • Created a web-based admin in React, using Redux as a data store.
    • Created an iOS React Native app reusing the code that was used to connect the admin with the API. This offline-first app cached the data in case of no signal available. The app was capable of taking pictures, saving them, and publishing them once the connection was restored.
    Technologies: Redux, React Native, React, JavaScript, Fastlane, iOS, DevOps
  • iOS and Web Technical Lead

    2012 - 2017
    I Am At
    • Created a Node.js back end capable of supporting real-time connections to over 100,000 concurrent users. Express, MongoDB, and Redis.
    • Created the iOS app and frameworks that currently are the base of 20+ other apps for TV and radio channels.
    • Managed a four-person iOS development team.
    • Handled day-to-day decisions on feature implementation or solutions for technical bugs in the platform.
    • Led technical communications with the client, attending meetings and designing plans for how to advance with certain requirements.
    • Managed a eight-person web development team.
    Technologies: Node.js, React, UIKit, Swift, JavaScript, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS, AWS Route 53, iOS, DevOps, Back-end, MongoDB


  • CookUnity

    CookUnity is a chef-driven online marketplace.

    I worked as a contractor for CookUnity for 3 years followed for two years as the CTO.

    In my time there, I went from coding an iOS app to hiring 15+ Devs, QA, etc. with whom we built most the application from scratch, based in Node.js, GraphQL, and React.

  • MiTelefe

    MiTelefe is the mobile application of the network channel Telefe (Viacom) in Argentina.

    My role consisted of the following:

    I had to take action and decide how a new feature/requirement would be laid out so that we could use existing architecture at a maximum and re-utilize our existing codebase to sprint as fast and solid as possible

    I designed and coded the architecture for how was the app going to be laid out, giving different tasks to each of the devs and helping where needed.

    The app was written in Swift 2.2, already migrated to Swift 3.0. Used Cocoapods and a series of in-house frameworks used for live interactive content and connection to our back end. Livestreaming is provided by Akamai with auth tokens, video pre-roll using Google's IMA, and AdMob ads between content. VOD streaming in HLS.

  • Messi Official App

    Technical lead and main React Developer on the new website of Lionel Messi.

  • El Trece

    A current long-term project of mine. I'm the main iOS Developer, writing the app in Swift 1.0. I led most of the technical tasks for the app while the CTO handles the back end. Over the course of the past two years, I've analyzed new requirements and features, made time estimations, and coded the new features as well as managing someone from my team to fix bugs and help develop new features.

  • TVN – Televisión Nacional de Chile

    An app for channel TVN in Chile. My job consisted of analyzing requirements, making time estimates for the client, coordinating with the design team, and syncing up with the back-end team afterwards. The app was written in Swift 2.2 and features livestreaming, video on demand, video pre-roll, and AdMob ads as well as live interactive content.

  • Fastlane: iOS Automation on Cruise Control (Publication)
    Working on an iOS application can be tedious, especially when you are wasting countless hours doing the most boring tasks: taking screenshots, signing code, and jumping through similar hoops to get your app to the users’ devices. In this article, Toptal Freelance iOS Developer Francisco Reynolds walks you through the ultimate release automation tool for your iOS app and shows how it can save you from all of the tedious tasks.


  • Languages

    Swift, JavaScript, GraphQL, CSS, HTML, Bash
  • Libraries/APIs

    React, iOS API, jQuery, Node.js, Socket.IO, CocoaPods
  • Tools

    Sublime Text 3, Fastlane, React Apollo, Xcode, Visual Studio
  • Platforms

    Visual Studio Code, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Apple TV, MacOS, iOS, Firebase, Mac OS, AWS EC2, AWS Lambda
  • Other

    Back-end, Apollo, AWS, AWS Route 53, WebSockets
  • Frameworks

    Express.js, React Native, Redux, UIKit, Next.js, Chrome
  • Paradigms

    DevOps, Agile Software Development, Test-driven Development (TDD)
  • Storage

    MySQL, MongoDB, AWS S3

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