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Gergely Oroszi

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Full-stack Developer

Szeged, Hungary
Toptal Member Since
May 24, 2022

Gergely is a full-stack developer with good architectural thinking with over a decade of experience. He believes in well-designed, sustainable, and easy-to-understand solutions. As a leader, Gergely focuses on lowering the sensitivity to changes and minimizing the overhead of any development. He has seven years of team lead experience and specializes in cross-platform application development for mobile and desktop with .NET, Xamarin, and Flutter.


.NET, C#, ASP.NET Core, REST, Git, Azure DevOps, Azure, Angular, Wix Installer...
University of Szeged
Flutter, ASP.NET Core, REST, Release Management, Android, iOS, Full-stack...
Griffsoft Zrt.
.NET, C#, Xamarin.Forms, ASP.NET Core, REST, Android, iOS, Visual Studio SDK...




Preferred Environment

MacOS, Windows 11, Linux, JetBrains Rider, Visual Studio, Git, Visual Studio Code (VS Code)

The most amazing...

...thing in my career is setting up a team. Started from the job interviews to being self-organized and achieving frequent release periods of 2-3 weeks.

Work Experience

Solutions Architect

2018 - PRESENT
  • Introduced MongoDB, ensured completely offline functioning, and enhanced the installer.
  • Reworked the message-based communication between the components to be direct and predictable.
  • Designed and partly implemented the conversion to be cross-platform and introduced MacOS support.
  • Participated in the interview of two junior developers and became their mentor on the project.
  • Troubleshot with customers when they faced technical problems.
  • Introduced Git workflow and implemented a CI/CD pipeline.
Technologies: .NET, C#, ASP.NET Core, REST, Git, Azure DevOps, Azure, Angular, Wix Installer, OfficeJS, MongoDB, DevOps, Full-stack, Remote Team Leadership, Mentorship, Office 365, Office Add-ins, C#.NET, .NET Core, Architecture, Software Architecture, Windows PowerShell, Installation, Microsoft Excel, APIs, HTML, JavaScript, CI/CD Pipelines

Lead Software Engineer

2021 - 2022
University of Szeged
  • Designed and developed a booklet application written with Flutter.
  • Implemented a simple back end with ASP.NET core and used JSON schema for a cross-platform model generation for C# and Dart.
  • Managed the release processes for Android and iOS and the ASP.NET core back end deployment.
Technologies: Flutter, ASP.NET Core, REST, Release Management, Android, iOS, Full-stack, Remote Team Leadership, .NET, C#.NET, .NET Core, APIs

Lead Software Engineer

2019 - 2022
Griffsoft Zrt.
  • Had short-term consulting for an ongoing mobile application and its back-end.
  • Designed the architecture and implemented multiple mobile applications.
  • Organized the work and converted customer needs to actual implementations.
  • Managed the release processes for both Android and iOS.
  • Made a 10-year-old VisualStudio add-in compatible with the latest Visual Studio.
Technologies: .NET, C#, Xamarin.Forms, ASP.NET Core, REST, Android, iOS, Visual Studio SDK, Release Management, Full-stack, Remote Team Leadership, C#.NET, .NET Core, APIs

CI/CD Consultant

2020 - 2021
iCode Kft.
  • Created a plan on how the release process could be automatized on the project with over 10 front ends, back ends, and services. Almost all of them have a separate Git repository.
  • Designed a CI/CD process that automatically creates Docker images for each component, publishing those to a private Docker repository while a Kubernetes service checks that repository for available updates.
  • Participated in the implementation phase of the CI/CD processes and did the fine-tuning on the fly.
Technologies: GitLab CI/CD, Docker Compose, Kubernetes, Apache Maven, PHP, DevOps, CI/CD Pipelines

Scripting With a Custom Domain Specific Language (DSL)

2019 - 2020
Black Sheep Technologies Kft.
  • Used the client's custom DSL to implement customers' needs.
  • Automated document generation with Google Docs, both API and scripts, through the DSL.
  • Implemented scheduled email sending with CRON, with attachments generated in Google Docs.
Technologies: Domain-specific Languages (DSLs), Scripting, Google Docs, Full-stack, APIs, MySQL

Solutions Architect

2018 - 2020
Answare Kft
  • Designed and implemented a wiki-style knowledge base. The entire infrastructure consists of a wiki, NoSQL and SQL databases, a PHP back end, Nginx, and a Redmine plug-in.
  • Oversaw the planning part of a team from another company, which developed a separate module.
  • Helped the customer with suggestions to formulate their requirements and assisted the PM with prioritizing the product backlog by providing the technical aspects.
Technologies: XWiki, Docker, Solr, Redmine, Apache Velocity, PHP, Docker Compose, Team Leadership, Full-stack, Architecture, Software Architecture, APIs, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL

Lead Software Engineer

2017 - 2020
University of Szeged
  • Designed and developed multiple but smaller mobile applications written in C# with Xamarin.Forms and one with Flutter.
  • Implemented simple back ends using REST with ASP.NET Core web API.
  • Managed the development work of a remote team and participated in backlog management.
  • Headed the release processes for Android and iOS and deployment of the ASP.NET Core back ends.
Technologies: .NET, C#, Xamarin.Forms, Android, iOS, ASP.NET Core, REST, Flutter, Release Management, Angular, Full-stack, Remote Team Leadership, C#.NET, APIs

.NET Software Engineer

2018 - 2019
IVE IT Team Kft.
  • Managed an ongoing project, a service-style .NET application.
  • Performed in-person troubleshooting at the customer multiple times.
  • Found memory leaks and optimized them for long-running scenarios of around a week.
Technologies: .NET, C#, Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO), OpenXML, Microsoft SQL Server, C#.NET, .NET Core

Scrum Master

2015 - 2018
CAS Software Kft
  • Set up new and optimized existing workflows and processes, balancing between a developer's perfectionism and the customers' need.
  • Facilitated being self-organized and moving to agile thinking of the team, focusing on increasing the shippable and reducing the waste.
  • Achieved, as a team, a two weeks release period with three teams with over 20 team members for both Android and iOS.
Technologies: Agile, Scrum, Scrum Master, Jira, Confluence

Lead Software Engineer

2014 - 2017
CAS Software Kft
  • Managed the development tasks of an Office add-in for Word and Outlook written with VSTO, including the installer.
  • Designed and implemented a refactoring to make the add-in modular so the same codebase can work with different custom solutions.
  • Fixed support tickets and occasionally communicated with the clients in that regard.
  • Participated in several job interviews to set up a new team and trained and mentored all the new team members.
  • Designed the architecture and oversaw the development of multiple Windows 8 and UWP applications.
  • Participated in the planning and refinement, converting customer needs into technical tasks.
  • Set up the version control system, Git and Gerrit, and CI with Jenkins.
  • Performed as a lead developer of a big Xamarin project with over 20 team members.
  • Acted as an external instructor for multiple semesters at the University of Szeged. Managed cross-platform application development with Xamarin content.
  • Manged the iOS release process and development and CI environments.
Technologies: .NET, C#, Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO), DevOps, Mentorship, Android, iOS, Xamarin, Release Management, Team Leadership, Remote Team Leadership, Office Add-ins, C#.NET, Installation, Microsoft Excel, APIs, CI/CD Pipelines


2011 - 2014
CAS Software Kft
  • Worked on UI-only tasks with XAML-based technologies like Silverlight and WPF. During these years, I learned how to implement a good UI/UX design and stay maintainable.
  • Participated as a developer in smaller, short-term .NET projects.
  • Designed an email signature recognizer and was the person responsible for the implementation.
Technologies: .NET, C#, XAML, Microsoft Silverlight, Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO), Git, Microsoft SQL Server, Full-stack, C#.NET, APIs

Interactive Charts in Office
This project aims to provide interactive charts in Excel and PowerPoint to enable what-if calculations in real time. Multiple Office JavaScript with Angular add-ins and an ASP.NET Web API server were responsible for delivering this experience.

After a thorough code review, my tasks were major refactors and modifications, including introducing NoSQL DB, ensuring completely offline functioning, and enhancing the installer. I reworked the communication between the components to be direct and predictable.

To introduce MacOS support, I designed and partly implemented the conversion to be cross-platform.

I got some ad hoc tasks, like introducing Git workflow and implementing a CI/CD pipeline. In 2019, I participated in the interview of two junior developers. After they applied, I became their mentor on the project.

Currently, my tasks are optimizing communication between the components and modifying the installation process to minimize the need for elevated privileges. Nowadays, I also troubleshoot with customers when they face technical problems on their side.

Mobile Applications for Sustainable Mobility

First, I did short-term consulting for an ongoing mobile application and its back end. The main focus was on code-sharing and maintainability.

After that, I switched to full-stack development with ASP.NET Core and Xamarin.Forms. My most relevant contributions were organizing the work, converting customer needs to actual implementations, and managing the release processes for both Android and iOS. The size of the team on this project varied between two and four. In total, I oversaw four separate applications, and three of their back ends.

Mental Hygiene App for University Students

The SZTE Menta is a Xamarin.Forms app that supports academic success and well-being. My role on the project was general leadership of the developer team of three members. I also implemented the API, business logic, and parts of the custom UI. Releasing the apps for both Android and iOS was among my responsibilities, too.

2009 - 2014

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

University of Szeged - Szeged, Hungary


MS | Programming in C#



MCPS | Microsoft Certified Professional



Visual Studio SDK, SignalR


Git, Jira, Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO), Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Silverlight, Solr, Redmine, Google Docs, GitLab CI/CD, Docker Compose, Apache Maven, Wix Installer, Confluence, JetBrains Rider, Visual Studio, Wix


.NET, .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework Core, Windows PowerShell, Apache Velocity, Flutter, Angular


Xamarin, Android, iOS, Docker, Kubernetes, Azure, MacOS, Linux, Visual Studio Code (VS Code)


C#, XAML, C#.NET, PHP, Domain-specific Languages (DSLs), HTML, JavaScript


OpenXML, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Databases, MySQL


DevOps, Agile, Scrum, REST, Azure DevOps


Xamarin.Forms, Full-stack, APIs, Mentorship, Release Management, Scrum Master, Team Leadership, Remote Team Leadership, Office 365, Office Add-ins, Architecture, Software Architecture, Installation, CI/CD Pipelines, XWiki, Scripting, OfficeJS, Software Development, Algorithms, Windows 11

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