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Giacomo Sorbi

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

London, United Kingdom
Toptal Member Since
May 1, 2020

Giacomo is an engineer with a background in management and finance. His expertise includes software architecture; software, web, and app development; data structures; and algorithms. His other specialties are team leadership, planning, training, and coaching. A puzzle-solver and teacher at heart, Giacomo enjoys sharing his knowledge through professional and volunteer activities.


SafeSign Technologies
React, Python, Chatbots, AI Chatbots, OpenAI, Light LLMs, Open-source LLMs...
React, TypeScript, 3D, Augmented Reality (AR), Three.js, Babylon.js...
React, Jest, Cypress, Solidity, Ethereum, Smart Contracts, API Integration...




Preferred Environment

Git, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, React

The most amazing...

...React-based business analytics tool I've architected, developed, and optimized displays highly customizable graphics and charts for very large datasets.

Work Experience

[React + Python] Full-Stack Developer for a Legal Tech Company

2024 - 2024
SafeSign Technologies
  • I was able to deliver on time the UI/UX for a complex system offering legal advisory powered by generative AI and LLMs.
  • The design I was offered was little more than a wireframe, so I had to successfully interface with a number of stakeholders, including people with advanced domain knowledge, in order to speed up the feedback loop and maximise our impact.
  • Our model was showing how an uploaded document could be the base for generative-AI powered legal advice, compared to what was offered by querying other reputed LLM competitors like OpenAI.
Technologies: React, Python, Chatbots, AI Chatbots, OpenAI, Light LLMs, Open-source LLMs, Large Language Models (LLMs), Legal, Legal Technology (Legaltech), Legal Counsel, Legal Research, Corporate Legal, Legal Documentation, Legal Contract Drafting, Legal Structuring, Web UX

Senior React Front-end Graphics Engineer

2021 - 2023
  • Worked on the whole lifecycle of the internal AR/VR platform up to the sunset phase, made critical updates, and supported transitioning clients.
  • Applied a number of security updates and fixes to make our platform even more resilient to malicious attacks.
  • Expanded the functionalities offered on Yahoo! Finance with multiple new features, including new types of graphs and advanced data visualization tools for finance. Used a React TypeScript stack.
Technologies: React, TypeScript, 3D, Augmented Reality (AR), Three.js, Babylon.js, GL Transmission Format (glTF), 3D Graphics, OpenAI, Web Development, GraphQL, Virtual Reality (VR), API Integration

Tech Lead

2021 - 2022
  • Helped develop a joint venture between BP and Sumitomo Corporation to facilitate the procurement of large-scale equipment, initially on a blockchain basis, then on an architecture based on more conventional database storage.
  • Organized the work based on requirements collected from different stakeholders and agreed on a joint roadmap for the development of the products.
  • Managed and supported a fast feedback loop iteration of different features and UI/UX components.
  • Created and maintained a large testing suite to ensure proper testing coverage across our applications.
  • Helped BP recruit and hire hundreds of engineers, collaborating with a very fast-paced hiring pipeline and setting up almost all of the coding challenges administered to our candidates.
Technologies: React, Jest, Cypress, Solidity, Ethereum, Smart Contracts, API Integration, APIs, REST APIs, Leadership, Blockchain, Interviewing, Azure

Software Engineer

2020 - 2021
  • Developed OpenStage (, the one-stop-shop to book exceptional talent for virtual events, using mainly React and Node.js in TypeScript.
  • Implemented efficient and reusable API hooks and utils using React Query.
  • Migrated a large web application from CRA to Next.js to improve performance and quality for SSG and SSR.
  • Contributed to module development for collecting customer data using Segment.
  • Implemented the payments gateway with integration with two major payment providers (PayPal and Stripe).
Technologies: React, JavaScript, TypeScript, Payment Gateways, PayPal API, Stripe, Tailwind CSS, REST APIs, Next.js, Web Development, Material UI, Jest, Test-driven Development (TDD), Full-stack, Full-stack Development, API Integration, Retool, Node.js

Senior Software Engineer

2020 - 2021
  • Worked in the efficiency team, focusing on a tool to monitor and analyze regressions of the codebase performance—a business-critical need for all products in the Facebook family.
  • Built a modular interface using the Facebook library of core components for advanced data visualizations about mission-critical data.
  • Improved performance monitoring across the company with new reporting tools.
Technologies: React, GraphQL, Mercurial, JavaScript, Redux, React Native, Hack, Data Visualization, Flow, TypeScript, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, Web Development, Hack Language, Business Intelligence (BI), PHP, API Integration

Software Engineer

2019 - 2020
  • Focused on key components that needed to scale for some of our largest clients, which optimized the front-end performance and UX, even on edge cases.
  • Refactored several legacy UI components and created new ones, adding new features to the projects we were working on.
  • Supported the interviewing team by sharing expert insights garnered from my past experiences.
  • Added new features in terms of data visualization and support for larger datasets.
Technologies: SCSS, Less, Ant Design, Jest, TypeScript, JavaScript, Testing, Node.js, React, Data Visualization, Highcharts, Three.js, Charting, D3.js, GraphQL, Web Development, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, MongoDB, 3D, Babylon.js, Tailwind CSS, Automation, Cypress, Next.js, Retool

University Lecturer

2018 - 2020
  • Taught students about modern web development by drafting an up-to-date program for them to follow.
  • Enabled students with little or no previous experience to develop and deliver a relatively complex website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React.
  • Created customized teaching materials and support while maintaining a consistent base of core competencies plus achievements to be delivered. Students had very different backgrounds, skills, and goals.
  • Selected each member of each cohort, taught and mentored students, and graded each submission of the final assignments.
  • Served as the head lecturer and managed two other lecturers who also assisted me in administering the program.
Technologies: React, JavaScript, CSS, HTML

Senior Software Engineer

2019 - 2019
  • Delivered quality solutions to BJSS clients by collaborating in a multifunctional team to build resource management tools with complex data visualization and manipulation. The team was led by another external consultancy.
  • Contributed to refactoring the code to accommodate more complex and scalable data flows to meet rapidly changing specifications.
  • Acted as a bridge between the front-end team and the external designers, vetting and negotiating what was achievable given the current constraints and resources.
  • Assisted with interviewing and selecting candidates to join our team.
Technologies: GraphQL, TypeScript, Material UI, CSS, HTML, Test-driven Development (TDD), Enzyme, Jest, Node.js, React, JavaScript, Django, Python, Web Development, React Native, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, MongoDB, Amazon Web Services (AWS), React Native for Web, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Proof of Concept (POC)

Senior Software Engineer

2019 - 2019
  • Provided data visualization and informative tools to the enterprise engineer branch to manage Facebook's data network structure.
  • Expanded on the existing codebase, focusing on complex graphs and charts for internal use. I developed them with a full-stack approach, from the queries to the visualization itself, using the latest version of the internal tech stack.
  • Contributed to improving and fixing core UI elements of the internal and external codebase.
Technologies: Mercurial, HHVM, Hack, Enzyme, GraphQL, MySQL, FlowType.JS, Flow, Jest, React, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, React Native, TypeScript, Web Development, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, Hack Language, Test-driven Development (TDD), PHP, 3D, API Integration

Senior React Developer

2018 - 2019
Acuris Global
  • Completed the 1st phase of updating and fixing components, including styled components, shared across several products Acuris offers as Node.js packages.
  • Developed the CMS and final user-facing interfaces for a new editorial project using only Redux to manage all the user information and TypeScript to enforce type safety.
  • Championed and helped enforce a modern, thorough test-driven development (TDD) approach using Jest, Enzyme, and the React Testing Library across all the teams.
Technologies: TypeScript, Test-driven Development (TDD), Testing, Enzyme, Jest, React, JavaScript, Data Visualization, Highcharts, Redux, Node.js, Django, Python, MongoDB, React Native, GraphQL, Business Intelligence (BI), Web Development, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, React Native for Web, Model View Presenter (MVP), Proof of Concept (POC)


2018 - 2019
Flatiron School
  • Taught and mentored students to be comfortable with the intricacies of web development, starting from basic HTML and CSS and going all the way up to more advanced topics like deployment and versioning.
  • Used Flatiron teaching material to support students through in-person teaching and development and remote mentoring.
  • Mentored and coached students to develop soft skills such as networking, constant learning, and interviewing.
Technologies: Git, React, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Node.js, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Django, Python

Team Lead

2018 - 2018
Fintech Company
  • Built an app to manage hundreds of thousands of resources, using an SSR structure with a Node.js and React/Redux-Saga interface and a functional approach with Ramda.
  • Architected the front end and created most UI components according to the design and specifications.
  • Developed UI features, such as sophisticated data visualization widgets with D3.js and custom code. Most of the tests used Enzyme and Jest. Type safety was implemented using Flow and FlowType.JS.
  • Led teams in two countries, selecting several of our near-shored and off-shored coworkers through an articulated selection and interview process.
  • Acted as a bridge between technology and business people by managing expectations, budgeting for the development process, and solving conflicts as they appeared in our workflow.
Technologies: Ramda, D3.js, Redux-Saga, FlowType.JS, Redux, CSS, HTML, Enzyme, Jest, Node.js, React, JavaScript, Data Visualization, Figma, Highcharts, Chart.js, Amazon Web Services (AWS), React Native, React Native for Web, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Proof of Concept (POC)

Software Engineer

2016 - 2018
Deutsche Bank
  • Participated in building the new robo-advisor app that made Deutsche Bank fully compliant with the MiFID II standards. The team of 50+ members included around 25 front-end developers.
  • Used the React/Redux and Node.js stack and implemented many support libraries such as Lodash, Moment.js, Enzyme, Sinon, and Mocha.
  • Built and fixed screens and components of the app following an agile approach to ever-evolving specs and requirements.
  • Took ownership of the pre-existing components, updating them to the latest specs and creating a proper test suite for their safe deployment and maintenance.
  • Contributed to the team's growth by leading several interviews and selections of candidates.
Technologies: Moment.js, Lodash, Redux Thunk, Redux, SCSS, HTML, Test-driven Development (TDD), Enzyme, Jest, Node.js, React, JavaScript, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), React Native

Software Developer

2016 - 2016
  • Led a team that refactored the user profile and funnel pages for the web app of the top fashion e-retailer in Germany while implementing analytics tools.
  • Took the converted legacy code into a Bootstrap and Angular-based app. The responsive layout supported multiple languages with very different structures and content.
  • Contributed to creating the layout to support a translation service with different languages, including German, with its very long words.
Technologies: Google Analytics, Bootstrap, Angular, JavaScript, CSS, HTML

Web Developer

2013 - 2015
Vertical Jelly
  • Developed a UI for embedded music-streaming devices for TVs, including one with an Angular stack.
  • Created the user testing suite using Mocha, which was used to conduct most of the testing.
  • Built a new interface to support biometric tracking tools to provide the back end with high-quality and high-precision data about user behavior and identities. I used mainly an HTML and JavaScript stack to create the interface.
Technologies: Chai, Mocha, Grunt, Gulp, jQuery, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Data Visualization

Developer and Consultant

2012 - 2015
  • Assisted companies in the Milan area with web development. I also trained and mentored professionals both on-site and through seminars.
  • Advised clients on business and technical issues including SEO and UI/UX design.
  • Completed numerous consulting engagements when chosen by numerous clients who had participated in seminars I conducted through a leading training organization in Northern Italy.
  • Developed and adjusted budgets for clients' web-based projects.
Technologies: JavaScript, CSS, HTML

Strategy Consultant and Web Developer

2012 - 2013
  • Led SEO and content marketing initiatives, managed multiple websites, and developed and maintained the legacy stack. was a leading low-cost dental care network.
  • Created content, including keyword-rich articles about products offered by the company.
  • Revamped the company's main website which was created in WordPress; also updated the layout and structure to create a better overall UX.
Technologies: PHP, WordPress, JavaScript, CSS, HTML

Web Marketing Specialist

2010 - 2013
Vola SpA
  • Improved Vola's online presence, assisted with launching a new product line, and contributed to expanding the company's target market to include private and professional users with a new, dedicated website that I helped design and develop.
  • Focused on SEO, copywriting, HTML and CSS editing, press releases, and fine-tuning the web interface in a joint effort with the development team.
  • Developed training material and guides for installing approximately 20 of the most popular CMSs on our system.
  • Created and edited Vola's newsletter, ensuring it was effective and compatible with most email clients.
Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML

SEO and Web Developer

2011 - 2012
  • Led SEO initiatives and served as a project manager for this leading SEO agency focused on the hotel booking industry.
  • Facilitated effective domain and content management and web development by acting as a bridge between the web development team, the managerial staff, and the customers.
  • Contributed to creating the first version of the corporate website, providing content to attract relevant traffic.
  • Ran business simulations using Python scripts in collaboration with colleagues from the revenue management team.
Technologies: Python, Content Management Systems (CMS), PHP, WordPress, JavaScript, CSS, HTML

Marketing and Web Consultant

2009 - 2010
  • Assisted ReligionsFree-Bancale ONLUS, a startup nonprofit, to develop its website and the upcoming launch of a new cultural and ethical magazine.
  • Identified and recruited promising feature writers who were interested in and motivated by the subject matter.
  • Coordinated the development of a subscriber campaign with webmasters, a data miner, product testers, and editors.
Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML


2008 - 2010
  • Partnered with the founder and owner to launch a series of events aimed at creating sponsorship opportunities. Pubblicity was a traditional advertising company specializing in billboards.
  • Designed and managed the company's online presence and traditional events in key territories.
  • Created Python scripts to manage the userbase and calculate estimates and budgets for the events.
Technologies: PHP, Python, JavaScript, CSS, HTML

Business Analytics Tool
I built a React-based business analytics tool to display highly customizable graphics and charts for huge datasets. The visualization options included tabular data, tree structures, histograms, and other formats of data rendering—all within a fully drag-and-drop context.

The technologies used included React, Node.js, Highchart.js, TypeScript, Jest, Enzyme, React Testing Library, React DnD, Ant Design, Lodash, and several other libraries and tools.

HR Data Visualization Tool
I architected the front end part of a complex UI overhaul of an existing HR management tool that was particularly geared toward absence, leave management, and related business analytics.

In the initial phase, I created most of the core components alone. As the project progressed, I coordinated the delivery process through three teams based in Portugal, Bulgaria, and Ukraine. Portugal was later replaced by a London-based team. I also interacted with all the stakeholders involved.

The technologies we used included React, Node.js, Redux, Redux-saga, Jest, Enzyme, FlowType, Ramda, Yarn, and several other support libraries.

Speakers Booking Platform

I developed OpenStage, a platform for booking virtual event talent using React and Node.js in TypeScript. I also implemented efficient and reusable API hooks and utils with React Query, migrated a large web app from CRA to Next.js for better SSG and SSR performance, and contributed to the development of modules that collect customer data through Segment. These achievements showcase my expertise in a range of programming languages and tools and my dedication to producing high-quality work.
I built a modular and reusable UI/UX under a tight deadline to allow the trading of multiple currencies in a single operation, following a constant feedback loop with the design team. I also integrated the API with the parent company (WinterMute), using Metamask and Web3.js.

Other technologies used were React, TypeScript, and React Testing Library.
I improved the UI/UX of a data visualization tool akin to TradingView. My areas of focus were performance for multiple data streams (particularly on mobile devices), enabling the creation of an onboarding flow, and creating a sophisticated search engine with ML functionalities.

Other technologies included React, TDD, React Testing Library, Node.js, ChartIQ, TailWind CSS, and HTML.
I contributed to the core development of the platform, enabling companies, nonprofits, and individuals to create 100% online meetings and events resembling as much as possible the kind of interaction you would obtain in an in-person event.

Technologies included React, Node.js, TypeScript, Neo4J, MongoDB, Jest, and more.
2008 - 2009

MBA in Innovation Management and Service Engineering

Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies - Pisa, Italy

2005 - 2008

Master's Degree in Marketing and Finance

University of Florence - Florence, Italy

2001 - 2004

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration

University of Florence - Florence, Italy


React, jQuery, Node.js, FlowType.JS, Redux-Saga, D3.js, Ramda, Lodash, Moment.js, Chai, Three.js, Babylon.js, React Query, PayPal API, Stripe, REST APIs, Highcharts, Chart.js, CanvasJS, Web3.js, React Native for Web


Jira, Git, Flow, Redux Thunk, Google Analytics, Gulp, Grunt, Mocha, Mercurial, Figma, Canvas, Canvas 2D, MetaMask, Webpack, Retool


JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, TypeScript, Less, SCSS, GraphQL, Hack, C++, Hack Language, Solidity, JavaScript 6, JavaScript 5, CSS4, CSS3


Amazon Web Services (AWS), WordPress, Ethereum, Blockchain, Azure, AWS IoT


Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Testing, Functional Programming, Test-driven Development (TDD), Business Intelligence (BI), Automation, Model View Presenter (MVP)

Industry Expertise



Django, Express.js, Flask, Jest, Ant Design, Material UI, Redux, Angular, Bootstrap, Next.js, Tailwind CSS, React Native, Cypress


MySQL, MongoDB, Neo4j, Graph Databases


Team Mentoring, Mentorship & Coaching, Interviewing, Algorithms, Data Structures, Competitive Programming, Public Speaking, Leadership, Web UX, Enzyme, HHVM, Content Management Systems (CMS), Innovation Management, Business Administration, Finance, 3D, Augmented Reality (AR), GL Transmission Format (glTF), 3D Graphics, Pixel Perfect, Payment Gateways, Data Visualization, Charting, OpenAI, Web Development, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, Virtual Reality (VR), API Integration, Smart Contracts, APIs, Canvas 3D, Optimization, Trading, Web3, ChartIQ, CSS5, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Proof of Concept (POC), Chatbots, AI Chatbots, Light LLMs, Open-source LLMs, Large Language Models (LLMs), Legal, Legal Technology (Legaltech), Legal Counsel, Legal Research, Corporate Legal, Legal Documentation, Legal Contract Drafting, Legal Structuring

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