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Gonzalo Nardini

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Toptal Member Since
March 2, 2017

Gonzalo is a passionate developer, driven by his desire to use his problem solving and technical skills to solve challenging problems in a wide array of fields. His flexibility is one of his strongest qualities; he can pick up technologies on the fly according to the needs of the moment, all while maintaining a high quality bar.


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Node.js, Android, React, React Native...
React, Java
Go, Python, C++, Android, Java




Preferred Environment

Git, Android Studio, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), MacOS

The most amazing...

...project I've built is Fidus, a loyalty program for small and medium sized businesses that quickly grew to 200+ thousand users.

Work Experience

Lead Engineer

2017 - PRESENT
  • Built a prototype to get the first customers. The prototype kept working with nearly no maintenance for over a year.
  • Created both the back end—developed on Ruby on Rails and deployed in AWS—and an Android app that runs on tablets using Java.
  • Led a five-engineers' development team and helped build a React Native app and a web page using React.
  • Took product ownership and helped get the project back into a growth state after a brief stagnation.
  • Provided mentorship to other developers, helping them grow and improving on their skills.
  • Worked closely with the marketing department and the CEO to gather requirements and provide insights into all sorts of business metrics.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Node.js, Android, React, React Native, Ruby on Rails (RoR)

Software Engineer

2018 - 2019
  • Worked remotely with an international team, to which I contributed significantly.
  • Developed RESTful APIs to expose many entities using Swagger and internal tools.
  • Wrote unit and integration tests to increase the code coverage and quality of the codebase.
  • Mentored a fellow developer and helped him improve on his technical skills.
  • Helped out the front-end team by building and maintaining features using React when the team's front-end load was bigger than the team's capacity.
Technologies: React, Java

Software Engineer Intern

2016 - 2017
  • Helped develop an immersive YouTube virtual reality app that can be used on the Daydream viewers.
  • Ramped up quickly and made big contributions using Google's internal tools.
  • Added new features to YouTube's back end using Python to support the app.
  • Learned an internal framework on C++ and made meaningful contributions to it, helping other members of the team get up to speed on it.
  • Developed a tool in Go that automates a process that was previously being done by hand.
  • Used Bigtable as a database after giving myself a crash course in its use.
Technologies: Go, Python, C++, Android, Java

Technical Leader

2016 - 2016
Bouncy Hippo
  • Developed the proof of concept and first prototype of Brawl Club, a real-time mobile multiplayer game.
  • Designed the structure of the Firebase database.
  • Led the engineering effort throughout the development of the app.
  • Performed user tests to identify places for improvement and made modifications based on that feedback.
  • Helped develop an AI that plays the game for practice using decision trees.
Technologies: Firebase, Java, Android

Software Engineer

2014 - 2016
  • Developed an Android app that helps people stop smoking by connecting with an IoT lighter via Bluetooth Low Energy.
  • Developed an Android app that matches people with interest in the same sports so that they can meet and play together.
  • Developed an Android app that allows sharing and selling photographs.
  • Developed an internal library that helps make applications testable by using the model view presenter design pattern and dependency injection, increasing code quality on all projects.
  • Took ownership over one of the microservices of a big fintech project.
Technologies: Ruby on Rails (RoR), Ruby, Android


Fidus is a loyalty program and discounts app that helps businesses attract new customers and have them keep coming.

Brawl Club

Brawl Club is a mobile multiplayer game with fast-paced tactical battles.

Get Out!

Get Out is a VR app developed using Unity that emulates an escape room. One has to find the key to escape by finding and following clues. It requires a Cardboard headset and is also available for desktop.


Quitbit is the first smart lighter and app to help you track, reduce and quit smoking. The lighter and app connect via Bluetooth to provide feedback and help you make healthier decisions.

Redux for Android

This project is a proof of concept of using a unidirectional data flow design pattern inspired by Redux and Elm to develop Android apps. It was developed using Kotlin.

Loans & Debts Tracker

Loans & Debts Tracker is an Android app which helps by organizing and reminding the user of any loans and debts made with friends.

Unstuck Me

Unstuck Me is an Android app developed on a hackathon in 48 hours that got second place.

It helps make decisions by allowing users to upload up to four different images and let people vote on the one they prefer.

LoL Voice

LoL Voice is an app for League of Legends that uses the Riot Games API to let players keep track of enemies' cooldowns via voice recognition. One can say out loud the spells the enemy used and the app will keep track of it and notify with an audio notification when it's available again.

Global Programming Competition (IEEExtreme)

Ranked fifteenth out of 1923 teams in 2015.
2012 - 2017

Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering

Instituto Tecnologico de Buenos Aires - Argentina


7.00x: Introduction to Biology Competency Exam



React, Node.js, RxJava, Fresco, Picasso, Butterknife, Retrofit, React Router, React Navigation


Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS), Amazon QuickSight, Kibana, Redux Thunk, Git, Android Studio


Ruby on Rails (RoR), Dagger 2, Redux, Hibernate, Spring MVC, React Native, Selenium


SQL, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, TypeScript, Kotlin, Python, Swift, CSS, Elm, C++, Go


Agile Software Development, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Scrum, Functional Reactive Programming, Kanban


Android, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Firebase, Amazon EC2, Bluetooth LE, Heroku, MacOS, Visual Studio Code (VS Code)


PostgreSQL, JSON, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Realm, NoSQL, MongoDB

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