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Hans Luther

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Data Architect Developer

Las Vegas, NV, United States
Toptal Member Since
December 8, 2020

Hans is a senior full-stack developer with a master's degree in computer information systems and over 15 years of experience delivering software solutions. He is proficient in various stacks, languages, and databases, focusing on full-stack development using the JavaScript stack (React/Node.js), TypeScript, Python, and the Google Cloud Platform, including Firebase. Hans was a technical lead at startups and Fortune 500 companies like Deutsche Bank and is a resourceful contributor to any team.


Anchor AI
CSS, HTML, JavaScript, TypeScript, Kubernetes, Firebase, Cloud Firestore...
Fountain Life
Google Cloud Platform (GCP), React, TypeScript, Algolia, Python, Go, Rust...
Google APIs, Cloud Architecture, Database Design, User Interface (UI)...




Preferred Environment

Node.js, Firebase, Linux, Git, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), MacOS, React, TypeScript, Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

The most amazing...

...system I've developed is a healthcare OS with a composable microservice architecture built around a big data lake for a startup backed by Tony Robbins.

Work Experience

Lead Full-stack Engineer

2022 - PRESENT
Anchor AI
  • Assumed responsibility for developing the React MVP with the Firebase back end; improved performance, fixed bugs, and added features to get it to a public beta launch within just a few weeks.
  • Improved stability of Anchor AI's Zoom bot to record live meetings.
  • Created a design system with all basic and advanced components created from scratch using HTML and CSS without using UI frameworks such as Material UI.
  • Configured, maintained, and optimized Kubernetes infrastructure on AWS.
  • Converted the front and back-end JavaScript codebase to TypeScript.
Technologies: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, TypeScript, Kubernetes, Firebase, Cloud Firestore, Pub/Sub, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Node.js, Express.js, React, NoSQL, REST APIs, User Interface (UI), RxJS, Full-stack, Web Development, DevOps, Technical Leadership, Software Architecture, Architecture

Chief Software Development Engineer

2021 - 2022
Fountain Life
  • Architected and developed a large distributed message queue with a data lake and over 120 microservices.
  • Led a global development team with over 12 developers spread across multiple time zones, including UI/UX developers, front-end, back-end, full-stack engineers, QA automation, and data engineers.
  • Developed React front-end applications and managed and containerized back-end applications in Python, Go, JavaScript/TypeScript, and Rust.
  • Coordinated testing and release cycles, reviewed code through merge/pull requests, and mentored team members.
  • Worked with Google and third-party cloud consultants to scale, improve and harden the company's cloud infrastructure.
Technologies: Google Cloud Platform (GCP), React, TypeScript, Algolia, Python, Go, Rust, Terraform, GitLab CI/CD, Pub/Sub, Data Lakes, Cloud Firestore, Firebase, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Git, JavaScript, Google Cloud Functions, Data Lake Design, Technical Leadership, Software Architecture, GraphQL, Architecture

CTO | Full-stack Developer

2020 - 2022
  • Designed the application architecture and data structure for a cloud-based business planning application from scratch to launch with over 50 users on two continents in under 75 days.
  • Developed the business logic, back end, and database functionality with TypeScript for cloud functions and Python.
  • Managed a multinational team of two to three front-end developers and provided ongoing user support while developing new features for the application.
Technologies: Google APIs, Cloud Architecture, Database Design, User Interface (UI), ECMAScript (ES6), JSON, Front-end, Web Development, Back-end, Serverless, Microservices, APIs, Solution Architecture, Cloud, Full-stack, ETL Development, Google Cloud Storage, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Google Cloud, Financial Reporting, Financial Data, REST APIs, NoSQL, Angular, TypeScript, Firebase Cloud Functions, Cloud Firestore, Firebase, Technical Leadership, Software Architecture, Architecture

Chief GCP Engineer

2021 - 2021
Fountain Life LLC
  • Designed and implemented Fountain Life's Google Cloud Platform Infrastructure, including Security/IAM, Cloud Endpoints with ESPv2, Google Pub/Sub, Compute Engine, and more.
  • Developed a healthcare journey finite state machine, a containerized service at the core of the operating system, and multiple React web applications.
  • Built Gitlab CI/CD pipelines for cloud run, app engine, and cloud functions.
  • Coordinated testing and release cycles, reviewed code through merge/pull requests, and mentored team members. Created, assigned, and managed engineering tasks based on user stories.
  • Hosted daily scrum-style team stand-ups, tech-stack reviews, and sharing of principles and best-practices.
Technologies: Python, ETL, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Docker, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Firebase, DevOps, GitLab CI/CD, Cloud Firestore, Pub/Sub, Go, Technical Leadership, Software Architecture, GraphQL, Architecture

General Manager

2017 - 2019
Dream Hotel Group, LLC
  • Developed and led a team of over 75 staff in all daily functions after stabilizing operations at the flagship property, including the hotel and multiple food and beverage venues.
  • Evaluated performance, motivated staff, resolved operational issues, and defined financial objectives. Fostered close relationships and collaboration with corporate management and hotel ownership.
  • Improved average guest service scores from 3.4 to 4.4 while increasing the STR RevPAR index from the low 70s to over 100.
Technologies: Hotels & Lodging, Management


2016 - 2017
  • Created a Tableau-based business intelligence and reporting platform to provide analysis and recommendations for the general manager and executive committee.
  • Oversaw the initial rollout of Oracle MICROS POS and electronic payment throughout the property and ensured a successful migration to EMV terminals, including planning, testing, deployment, and post-go-live support.
  • Managed the successful integration of the online and mobile ordering solution into the on-property POS system.
Technologies: Financial Data, Electronic Payments, Microsoft Excel, Budgeting, Financial Reporting

Senior IBM TM1 Consultant

2014 - 2015
Aviana Global Technologies, Inc.
  • Led projects and architected solutions for key hospitality clients and financial institutions.
  • Designed and implemented a daily operations report, budgeting, and forecasting solution for an American casino and entertainment properties' four Nevada casinos.
  • Developed and integrated revenue and profitability reporting solution for enhanced asset valuation at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.
  • Implemented allowance for loan and lease losses (ALLL) and branch scorecards at Central Pacific Bank in Hawaii.
Technologies: Financial Reporting, Financial Data, ETL, Databases, Scripting, IBM Cognos, TM1, Technical Leadership, Software Architecture, Architecture

Founder | Full-stack Developer

2012 - 2014
StrideFly Tracking Systems
  • Designed and developed a real-time tracking system for outdoor running events, consisting of a tracking server to perform geographic calculations and a web-based interface to display runners' movements with detailed statistics and projections.
  • Pivoted from an internet-based system to a self-contained solution utilizing a custom-built radiofrequency GPS tracker to solve cellular connectivity issues at remote event locations.
  • Oversaw the prototype launch at a 24-hour Ragnar Trail running event with hundreds of participants.
Technologies: Database Design, User Interface (UI), Front-end, Web Development, Back-end, Web API, REST APIs, RESTful Development, APIs, Troubleshooting, Solution Architecture, Full-stack, CSS, HTML, Embedded C, Microsoft SQL Server, .NET, C#, JavaScript, Software Architecture, Architecture

Technology and Management Roles

2004 - 2011
Deutsche Bank
  • Provided support for all equity derivatives risk and trading applications on Deutsche Bank's New York trading floor.
  • Created a weekend training program that focused on closing knowledge gaps and forming a team bond, allowing the team to excel in the high-pressure trading floor environment.
  • Led operational and business management activities for the North American equity derivatives trading desk and oversaw control and support groups for obtaining new business approvals to establish additional revenue streams.
Technologies: Fintech, Java, Options Trading, Trading Systems, Linux, Scripting, Terminal

React Application for Meeting Organization & Collaboration

React front-end powered by a GCP/Firebase back-end with a Node.js/Express.js API. The app empowers users to take control of their online meetings by providing transcription, organization, and collaboration features.

After transitioning the project, I quickly began addressing issues to get to a beta release in short order:

* Added key features, such as sharing meetings, automatic action items, and organizing meetings into folders.

* Fixed codebase in adherence to best coding principles, specifically DRY (do not repeat yourself) and ETC (easy to change).

* Converted JavaScript codebase (front- and back-end) to Typescript, introducing type safety and reducing runtime errors.

* Implemented a Design System with all basic and advanced UI elements that are clean, functional, and intuitive. I created components from scratch using HTML and CSS without using UI frameworks such as Material UI.

We launched Anchor AI to a closed beta within a few weeks, followed by a public release shortly after. The app is stable, and Anchor AI has experienced significant user growth. The code base is easy to maintain and allows for quick iteration of features.

Financial Planning System

A highly-performant SaaS application for business financial planning and reporting. I wrote the statement of work (SOW), designed the business logic, created the initial front-end framework, and developed all back-end functionalities. The system uses a Cloud Firestore NoSQL database and exposes Cloud Functions microservices that perform all calculations and consolidations. The front end is built with Angular, Akita state management, and Angular Material and heavily uses RxJS to take advantage of the real-time features of Cloud Firestore. I also developed Python scripts for ETL and back-end processes.

Bank Regulatory Reports

An application that consolidates data from regulatory reports such as FFIEC and NCUA from all banks nationwide for commercial real estate entities to identify lenders with potential sale assets.

I developed this app using Python to ETL the data into a Cloud Firestore database. A React front end accesses the data through a REST API exposed by Cloud Functions for Firebase.

Casino Revenue Reporting

An analytics app for Las Vegas Strip casinos' gaming revenue based on the data published by the Nevada gaming regulator. I designed and implemented the entire application, beginning with ETL of the source data into a SQL database (SQLite), selecting, aggregating, and filtering the data with SQLAlchemy, creating the API endpoints with Flask, and displaying the analytics in the Angular front end.

Real-time Tracking System

I designed and developed a live tracking system for outdoor running events utilizing 3G GPS trackers.

A tracking server implemented as a Windows service receives GPS positions from individual trackers, performs necessary geographic calculations, and saves the positions to the database. The web application displays runners on a map and calculates statistics. The back end is built using C# .NET Web API, accessing the SQL server database using Entity framework. The front end is entirely HTML and JavaScript-based and implemented using the Kendo UI framework around Bootstrap and flat UI design.

Radio Frequency GPS Tracking System

I created this system as an alternative to the tracking architecture that required cellular service for deployment in remote event locations. I designed, assembled, and coded an ARM-based tracking device featuring a 900 MHz XBee radio and SiRF IV GPS receiver. The prototype was built with Tiva C LaunchPad.

The WPF client connects to the receiving XBee radio via a serial connection and plots GPS positions on a map enhanced with a predefined GPX course map.
1997 - 2003

Master's Degree in Computer Information Systems

Friedrich–Alexander University Erlangen–Nürnberg - Nuremberg, Germany


React, Node.js, REST APIs, Google APIs, RxJS, Entity Framework, Web API, SQLAlchemy


Git, Terminal, Microsoft Excel, GitLab CI/CD, TM1, IBM Cognos, Google Sheets, Terraform


Angular, .NET, Redux, Flask, Express.js, ASP.NET


TypeScript, JavaScript, SQL, Python, HTML, CSS, HTML5, ECMAScript (ES6), C, Java, C#, Go, GraphQL, Embedded C, Rust


ETL, Management, Microservices, Database Design, RESTful Development, DevOps


MacOS, Windows, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Firebase, Linux, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Docker, Algolia, Kubernetes


Databases, Cloud Firestore, NoSQL, SQLite, Google Cloud, Google Cloud Storage, JSON, Data Lakes, Microsoft SQL Server, Data Pipelines, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Data Lake Design

Industry Expertise

Trading Systems


Business Logic, IT Projects, Google Cloud Functions, Firebase Cloud Functions, Scripting, Financial Data, Financial Reporting, Budgeting, Cloud Storage, Full-stack, Cloud, Solution Architecture, APIs, Serverless, Back-end, Web Development, Front-end, Troubleshooting, Fintech, Dashboards, Hotels & Lodging, Casinos & Gaming, User Interface (UI), Cloud Architecture, Pub/Sub, Technical Leadership, Software Architecture, Architecture, Networking, Options Trading, ETL Development, Electronic Payments, Hardware Troubleshooting

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