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Igor Santos

Igor Santos

Rio de Janeiro - State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Member since October 20, 2013
Igor is a web developer focused on modern PHP and JS, always striving for new technologies. When he wears his back-end hat, he's focused on performant and DRY code, working on API servers or consumers. When he gets his front-end hat on, he works heavily on maintaining the best UX he can make for his users.
Igor is now available for hire
  • PHP, 10 years
  • Database Design, 9 years
  • JavaScript, 5 years
  • RESTful APIs, 3 years
  • Bootstrap 3, 2 years
  • React.js, 1 year
  • Laravel 5, 1 year
Rio de Janeiro - State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Preferred Environment
Linux, Git (preferably), CLI, JetBrains IDE
The most amazing...
...project I've built is an event/congress directory, created to help students and professionals alike improve their skills and curriculum.
  • Ruby (Padrino) Developer
    Sameach Vedações
    2017 - 2017
    • Redesigned the entire website with responsiveness in mind (it was built in 2010).
    • Reorganized the information architecture to better suit what the owners had in mind.
    • Re-implemented PayPal checkout.
    • Refactored a lot of inner code to make maintenance easier in the future.
    • Organized tasks through CodeBase and reported progress to client every two weeks (via email, as requested).
    Technologies: Ruby, Padrino, CSS3, Bulma, PayPal, MoIP
  • React Developer
    Geru (via Toptal)
    2017 - 2017
    • Alone, created a full system from layout PDFs using React and Redux.
    • Worked through complex math equations using JavaScript and Redux.
    • Used heavy unit testing with Redux and pure functions to ensure calculations matched company samples.
    • Integrated automatic deployment using GitHub pages for testing purposes.
    Technologies: React, Redux, CSS3
  • PHP/API Developer
    Smith & Carson (via Toptal)
    2016 - 2017
    • Implemented a job queueing library using databases for Phalcon, for low throughput but long running jobs, released as open-source code.
    • Revamped the PDF reporting feature, with a modular approach and cleaner API, allowing for expansion with new reports as needed.
    • Integrated the new ProsperWorks CRM into the existing company systems, with a clean API client and webhooks consumer.
    • Helped to upgrade an open-source, Phalcon-based API library.
    • Upgraded the application from Phalcon 2 and PHP 5.6 to Phalcon 3 and PHP 7.
    • Provided continuous review of the huge application codebase to keep it updated with the best market standards.
    • Helped to maintain a legacy CodeIgniter application, while migrating some features into the new one.
    Technologies: PHP 5/7, Phalcon 2/3, RESTful API, Docker
  • React Developer
    KORD Electrical (via Toptal)
    2016 - 2016
    • Developed a complex scrollable application with many different accounting calculations, given the designer prototypes.
    • Implemented a React+Redux application following the smart/dumb components pattern.
    • Integrated a material design library into the project to have a clean interface for the MVP.
    • Organized Docker containers to compile the application and run the PHP API (API not in use anymore).
    • Advised the non-technical founder on startup steps (what to build, MVP scope, how to launch, how to investigate the market, etc.).
    Technologies: React, Redux, Docker, Material Design
  • React.js Developer
    LockState (via Toptal)
    2016 - 2016
    • Implemented a lot of interface mockups (pure HTML) into React components, interacting with the Redux API made by the other team.
    Technologies: React, LESS
  • Analyst Developer
    2013 - 2015
    • Developed and maintained white-label products, focused on credit card services, through internal web services.
    • Created internal structure for new projects, relying in flexible technology choices to accommodate the different API styles the team had to work with.
    • Created internal command-line systems to streamline and make it easier to locally install projects and enable deployment.
    • Advocated usage of best practices on REST APIs whenever possible throughout other teams in the company.
    • Organized a central repository to be used by the several team projects, so internal libraries could be easily shared and controlled, according to version constraints.
    Technologies: PHP, Symfony, REST/SOAP web services, jQuery, OWASP
  • Web Development Intern
    Dalhousie University
    2013 - 2013
    • Developed a RESTful server, to be used by several clients, such as a web client, browser extensions, and PDF reader extensions.
    • Designed the database and the structure that would be needed for such clients to work properly.
    • Strived for a state-of-the-art API documentation, including live samples and API calls right from the documentation page.
    Technologies: PHP, Restler, REST API, MySQL
  • Speaker @ PHPeste: RESTful Best Practices (Other amazing things)

    I was invited to speak at PHPeste, the biggest PHP conference from the northern part of Brazil, after a successful CFP submission. My talk was about RESTful do's & dont's, best practices, and tool suggestions to create APIs; I spoke to around 200 people (280 in total at the event).

    I was also invited to translate questions for Rasmus Lerdorf, PHP creator.

  • Geru - Debt Calculator (Development)

    This was a standalone React project I built. It involved heavy math calculations and featured a series of unit tests to make sure all numbers were crunched correctly, given the company samples.

  • Sameach Vedações - Responsive Redesign (Development)

    This was an old "product.. display" website that needed a layout revamp. They were advertising online and were receiving a lot of mobile access, so I had to redesign their site with responsiveness in mind.

  • Konato - Events Directory (Development)

    An event directory focused on students and professionals alike, searching for talks, congresses and similar activities to boost their curriculum.

    Sole developer, building everything from the database to the front- and back-ends, using PHP7, Laravel 5, PostgreSQL, Docker, and Heroku.

    It is open-sourced at

  • Calories - Sample React Project (Development)

    This was a sample app I created to study and display some React and REST skills. It was based on a friend's ideas, and consists of a small web app to log food calories and control your daily intake - there's also an admin role where someone can alter users. The API explorer is easy to use and enables developers to test the RESTful API methods directly from the documentation page.

  • Dalhousie's Glossary (Development)

    A REST server to feed many different endpoints, such as a web application, mobile apps, browser, and PDF reader plugins.

    Built with Restler and Ardent PHP libraries, allowing for robust and yet easy data structure creation and manipulation, while producing a powerful documentation for others to use. The API was built with a test-driven approach, using Codeception tests.

  • How to Build a Multilingual App: A Demo With PHP and Gettext (Publication)
    Making your website or web app available to a wider audience often requires it to be available in multiple languages. For non-English projects, you can increase your audience by releasing it in English as well as your native language. Internationalizing and localizing your project, however, becomes a much easier process if you start during its infancy. In this article, Toptal Software Engineer Igor Gomes dos Santos shows us how to leverage simple tools, like Gettext and Poedit, to internationalize and localize a PHP project.
  • Languages
    PHP, CoffeeScript, Sass, JavaScript, HTML5, LessCSS, CSS3
  • Frameworks
    Eloquent, YARN, Laravel 5, PhalconPHP, Laravel, Codeception, Redux, Yii, Bootstrap 3, Sinatra, Symfony 2, React Native, Padrino
  • Tools
    Sculpin, GitHub, Bitbucket, NPM, CodebaseHQ, Composer, Git, SVN, PhpStorm, WebStorm, RubyMine, Nginx, Apache
  • Paradigms
    Database Design, REST, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), UI Design, Functional Programming
  • Misc
    RESTful APIs, Restler, Usability, API Testing, User Experience (UX), Chrome Extensions, HTML Email, MoIP
  • Libraries/APIs
    ActiveRecord, ProsperWorks CRM API, jQuery UI, jQuery Validation, React.js, jQuery, PayPal API, Auth0 API, jQuery Mobile, GitHub API
  • Platforms
    DeployHQ, Linux, Docker, Heroku
  • Storage
    MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Memcached, NoSQL
  • Bachelor's degree in Information Systems
    Universidade Estácio de Sá - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    2011 - 2015
  • Visiting student as part of my bachelor's degree in Computer Science
    Dalhousie University - Halifax, Canada
    2012 - 2013
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