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Isaac Nygaard

Isaac Nygaard

Ogden, UT, United States
Member since April 12, 2017
Isaac has built web and desktop applications for many years. He also has system administrator experience managing web servers and computing clusters. He's great at coming up with new ideas and developing new algorithms to solve complex problems. He is able to read and implement technical papers and is currently conducting computer science research in machine learning and artificial intelligence.
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  • HTML5, 11 years
  • JavaScript, 11 years
  • Blender, 10 years
  • PHP, 10 years
  • Java, 9 years
  • Physics Simulation, 6 years
  • Algorithms, 6 years
  • Data Structures, 6 years
Ogden, UT, United States
Preferred Environment
Linux, Geany, NetBeans, Git
The most amazing... I've built is a batch job scheduler for optimizing resource usage on supercomputers.
  • President, Research Scientist
    2015 - PRESENT
    • Built resource management software for supercomputers using C++ and Node.js.
    • Developed the artificial intelligence for a tennis-playing robot.
    • Developed additive speech synthesizer and a new cognitive architecture.
    • Developed a flexible CMS for HTML5 web authoring.
    Technologies: C++, Node.js, HTML, JavaScript
  • Pipeline Engineer, Effects Artist
    2014 - 2015
    Brigham Young University
    • Setup and managed a computing cluster for 3D rendering.
    • Developed new software tools in Node.js for managing the render farm.
    • Wrote a snow simulation plugin in C++ for Houdini to do snow effects in a short film.
    Technologies: Node.js, Python, C++, Houdini
  • System Administrator
    2014 - 2015
    Solo Effects
    • Managed the Debian web server for company projects.
    • Built web-based authentication module using LDAP and PAM.
    • Designed a new web-based dashboard for employees.
    Technologies: Debian, LDAP, Shell, HTML, JavaScript
  • JavaScript Developer
    2012 - 2012
    • Refactored JavaScript code for speed optimizations.
    • Developed an efficient method for dynamically displaying server content in a tiled design.
    • Developed a bookmarklet to extract relevant content from web pages.
    Technologies: JavaScript, Node.js, HTML, CSS
  • Electrical Engineering Intern
    2012 - 2012
    Kimberly Clark Corporation
    • Optimized the compressed error usage in diaper machines.
    • Wrote several HMI screens for diaper machines.
    • Performed the electrical support—primarily using Control Logix.
    Technologies: Control Logix, Wonderware
  • Snow Simulation (Development)

    This implements a technical paper for material-point-method snow simulation. It is written in C++ and employs OpenGL, Eigen, FreeImage, and Houdini.

  • Speed Reading Web App (Development)

    The application helps you learn to speed-read books. It darkens text you should be reading to keep up with your target WPM.

  • Flowcharts Web App (Development)

    This application is used to create flowcharts for organizing textual information. It integrates with Google Drive and uses IndexedDB for local content.

  • Racko AI (Development)

    This project is a collection of artificial intelligence for playing the card game Racko. I developed an AI that is competitive with human players—using deep learning and temporal difference learning. I also created a game UI in Java.

  • Languages
    JavaScript, Java, C++, C, SQL, HTML5, CSS3, Python, PHP, TypeScript
  • Frameworks
    Swing, Express.js, Machine Learning, OpenCL, Angular, AngularJS
  • Libraries/APIs
    jQuery, Node.js, OpenMP, Jsoup, Eigen, Pthreads, HTML5 Canvas, GLFW, Flickr API, OpenCV, PyQt, FFmpeg, Facebook API, Blender Scripting API, OpenGL, Google API, React
  • Tools
    Blender, Geany, Gimp, Houdini, Shell
  • Paradigms
    Concurrent Programming, Procedural programming, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Functional Programming
  • Platforms
    NetBeans, Linux, Web, Apache2, WordPress
  • Storage
    MySQL, Redis, SQLite, IndexedDB, MongoDB
  • Other
    Neural Networks, Parsers, Distributed Computing, User Interface (UI), Data Structures, Mathematical Modeling, Genetic algorithms, Algorithms, MSP430, Deep Learning, Convolutional Neural Networks, Physics Simulation, Simulated annealing, Computer Vision, Regression Models, LDAP, Markov model, Sensor Fusion
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Animation Emphasis with a minor in Logic
    2011 - 2015
    Brigham Young University - Provo UT, USA
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