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Ivan Voras

Ivan Voras

Zagreb, Croatia
Member since June 18, 2014
Ivan is primarily a back-end developer with 15+ years of experience in architecting and implementing server-side solutions, including distributed platforms such as Bitcoin and other blockhains, chat servers, and game back-ends. He has handled DBA operations, developed modules for PostgreSQL, operating system kernel modules (FreeBSD), and new algorithms. He has recently branched into hardware design for IoT devices.
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  • PostgreSQL, 10 years
  • Database Design, 10 years
  • FreeBSD, 8 years
  • DBA, 8 years
  • C, 8 years
  • Python, 7 years
  • System Architecture, 5 years
Zagreb, Croatia
Preferred Environment
Linux, Vim, GCC, Git, Go, VScode
The most amazing...
...thing I've developed is a blockchain from scratch (
  • Developer
    Ideja na kvadrat (Self-employed)
    2015 - PRESENT
    • Developed back-end for a Bitcoin tool.
    • Handled DBA and DevOps for both large companies and startups.
    Technologies: C, Go, Python, PostgreSQL
  • Kernel Developer
    2007 - PRESENT
    • Wrote kernel-side code.
    • Designed and implemented a device-level journaling module.
    • Designed and implemented a virtual storage module.
    • Gave talks at annual FreeBSD conferences.
    • Participated in the vibrant international community of users and developers.
    Technologies: C
  • Open Source Developer
    2000 - PRESENT
    • Authored dozens of open source projects, including applications and libraries.
    • Created a high performance memory cache server that was faster and had more features than Memcached (
    • Built a module for PostgreSQL (written in C) to extend the full-text-search facility with support for the Croatian language (
    • Developed a module for PostgreSQL (written in C) to support on-the-fly encryption of common data types (
    • Created a client-side public key encryption module in JavaScript and PHP for secure user authentication without SSL (
    • Developed a fixed-point header library in C for environments without floating point support (e.g. embedded) (
    • Created an encrypted notepad app for desktop and Android for editing and directly saving encrypted files (
    • Updated a blog regularly at
    Technologies: C, C++, Python, PHP, Java
  • Internet Services Architect
    University of Zagreb
    2001 - 2015
    • Designed and implemented the core of a web content management system back when they were a new concept (2001-2002).
    • Worked as a technology and product architect.
    • Designed a very modular web application framework.
    • Designed and optimized the design of the database to include recent PostgreSQL features.
    • Designed and implemented the server-side environment based on FreeBSD for high performance and uptime.
    • Spearheaded the implementation of new technologies into existing products and processes.
    • Completed a PhD in efficient multithreaded client-server architecture.
    Technologies: PHP, PostgreSQL
  • Daisy Blockchain (Development)

    A private blockchain where blocks are SQLite databases, in Go.

  • Encrypted Notepad (Development)

    A desktop application and an Android application for editing and saving encrypted text files.

  • Bullet Cache (Development)

    A memory cache server faster than Memcached (in its timeframe) and with more features, such as cache record tagging and tagged expiry. It also has more flexible operations on multiple cached items.

  • Needle Search Server (Development)

    A very fast and streamlined full text search server using Google's LevelDB for storage. It acts as a pure REST server over FastCGI and is implemented completely in C++.

  • My Electronics Blog (Other amazing things)

    Since late 2015, I've been doing an increasing amount of work with Arduinos and similar-style electronics. I've created a blog to share what I've learned and to learn from the comments!

    I'm currently interested in low-power design and solar power.

  • Guide to Multi-processing Network Server Models (Publication)
    In this article, Toptal engineer Ivan Voras provides a useful overview and comparison of multi-processing network server models, with the goal being to take some of the mystery out of writing high performance networking code. The article is intended for "system programmers", i.e., back-end developers who will work with the low-level details of their applications, implementing network server code.
  • Software Development Anywhere: My Distributed Remote Workplace (Publication)
    Working as a remote software development freelancer has many benefits, but setting up an effective distributed working environment can be a real challenge. In this article, Toptal Engineer Ivan Voras describes how he leverages SSH and a number of related technologies, along with the Raspberry Pi and ownCloud, to be able to work effectively from anywhere.
  • Installing Django on IIS: A Step-by-Step Tutorial (Publication)
    Although the most wide-spread and supported way of running Django is on a Linux system (e.g., with uwsgi and nginx), it actually doesn't take much work to get it to run on IIS. In this article, Toptal Engineer Ivan Voras walks you through a step-by-step tutorial, clearly explaining how to install Django on IIS.
  • Languages
    SQL, C, Python, Regex, PHP, PL/pgSQL, JavaScript, Go, Stored Procedure, C++, Object Pascal, Java, Pascal, Markdown
  • Frameworks
    Django, Bootstrap, Flask, Bootstrap 3, Knockout.js, Android SDK, Boost C++
  • Tools
    Ansible, PuTTY, KVM/Qemu, Vim Text Editor, Nginx, Mercurial, SQL Prompt, Apache, Trac, VirtualBox, Subversion (SVN), Bitbucket, GitHub, Django-admin-tools, Virtualenv, Postfix, Git, Trello, GCC, VPN, Notepad++, MediaWiki, Eclipse IDE, HSQLDB, Asana, cURL Command Line Tool
  • Paradigms
    Database Design, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Concurrent Programming, DevOps, REST, Socket programming, Back-end Architecture, Refactoring, Clean Code, Data-driven Programming, Real-time systems, Object-oriented Design (OOD), Functional Programming, High-performance Computing
  • Platforms
    Unix, LAMP, FreeBSD, Red Hat Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Raspberry Pi, BSD, Linux, Ubuntu, Debian Linux, CentOS 6, CentOS, Kubuntu Linux, Linux RHEL/CentOS, Raspbian, Kernel Programming, Keychain, Xen, Win32, Arduino, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Django CMS, WinNT, JSE, Android
  • Storage
    DBA, PostgreSQL, Memcached, Cache, FlatFile, SQLite, Database Performance, NoSQL, DB, LevelDB, Redis, smbd, MySQL, Database Modeling, SQL Performance, MySQL daemon, Internal Databases, Database Replication, Apache Derby, Firebird, LVM, CouchDB, Berkeley DB, MongoDB, Cassandra, JSON, SQL Stored Procedures
  • Misc
    Bitcoind, System Architecture, SSL, Back-end Development, HTTP, Memory Mapped Files, System Administration, Open Source, Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency Development, SSH, Bitcoin, RSync, Multithreading, Writing, iSCSI, Hash, Regular Expressions, HTTP Server, Data Structures, Documentation, ESP8266, Prototyping, Architecture, Security Policies & Procedures, Network Programming, Embedded Systems, Software Architecture, Firmware, Bluetooth, Electronics, Distributed File Systems, Cryptography, Ethernet, Networks, Web Services, UDP, Encryption, TCP, Site Speed Optimization, Hardware, Version Control, SMTP, SFTP, FTP, GNU, Unix/Linux Virtualization, TCP/IP, Public-key cryptography, Martini, Electrical Engineering, System Design, NFS, IMAP, Genetic algorithms, RPC, Memory profiling, Social Network Integration, SSO, Protocol Buffers, RSA, OAuth, Peer-to-Peer networking, Blockchain, Lean Development, Apache Cassandra, AJAX, Unix Shell Scripting, ARM Embedded, Algorithms
  • Libraries/APIs
    Sockets, POSIX, HTTP API, Lazarus, LibC, WebSockets, Masonry, Python Imaging Library, LocalStorage, AES, Java Security, ODBC, Social APIs, Pygame, FFmpeg, SDL, PyGTK, Google API, pcap, ZeroMQ, jQuery, Puppet.js
  • PhD degree in Computer Engineering
    University of Zagreb - Croatia
    2006 - 2011
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