James Anelay, APIs Developer in Ellesmere Port, United Kingdom
James Anelay

APIs Developer in Ellesmere Port, United Kingdom

Member since February 13, 2015
James is a software developer, who builds quality software systems that deliver value ASAP and are able to adapt to business change. He specializes in building the core value first when an investment is limited to minimize investor risk, creating software that is easy to change and has fewer bugs, and creating software that only gets better with age.
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Ellesmere Port, United Kingdom



Preferred Environment

Git, Sublime Text, Laravel, PHP

The most amazing...

...API I've worked on was a Bluetooth car key/unlocking API service for a car rental company.


  • Lead Software Developer

    2020 - PRESENT
    Bettr Software Ltd
    • Led software developer in a small team of software developers, setup and managed by myself.
    • Worked with a small selection (around three) of ongoing clients, continually improving existing software products, as well as building new software to help their teams efficiency.
    • Worked directly with end clients to plan, prioritize and implement both longer-term and shorter-term goals, generally working in a flexible way and focusing only on the next two weeks of priority tasks.
    Technologies: Laravel 5, PHP, Event Sourcing, Domain-driven Design (DDD)
  • Laravel Developer

    2018 - 2020
    Method & Class
    • Helped create a progressive web application for car unlocking, using Vue.js and Vuex with unit testing and a Laravel back end.
    • Pushed for best practices such as test-driven development—for example, in my first few weeks, I implemented an integration testing framework for the legacy untested front end.
    • Developed products using Scrum and Agile development methods.
    • Built new RESTish (and REST and Hypermedia) API endpoints and improved existing endpoints.
    • Built new Vue.js components (with tests) and updated existing ones.
    Technologies: Laravel
  • Laravel Developer

    2018 - 2018
    • Implemented language switching functionality on a pre-existing Laravel codebase. This involved customizing some pre-existing third-party language code and covering the functionality with tests.
    • Implemented a referral system on said existing codebase. The existing codebase had no tests or DB migration files, so part of this project was to get the system to a testable state. This involved, for example, using Jeffery Ways migration to generate migrations for existing tables to be used in the test suite.
    • Added test coverage for user sign-ups as part of the referral project, always looking to improve the general code as I go rather than simply focus on "my part."
    Technologies: Vue.js, PHPUnit, Laravel
  • eCommerce Lead Developer

    2017 - 2018
    RevUpSports (via Toptal)
    • Took over the client's website, which was performing very badly (40+ seconds per page load) to optimize performance and review code.
    • Went through the theme and extensions one by one, removing all but vital items and replacing poor performers that were necessary with quality extensions and custom code.
    • Improved the core system to handle a large number of configurable products on the website.
    • Installed a fresh theme and customized it to client specifications.
    Technologies: jQuery, PHP
  • Freelance eCommerce Developer

    2015 - 2017
    CreatorsImage (via Toptal)
    • Managed multiple aspects of an enterprise store as the sole Magento developer.
    • Upgraded Magento Enterprise.
    • Investigated current code and made speed improvements using tools such as Magento ECG.
    • Replaced multiple third-party modules with better, faster, more reliable extensions using past knowledge of good providers.
    Technologies: Zend Framework, PHP, Magento
  • Software Engineer

    2015 - 2017
    • Created an easy to extend, customizable MegaMenu Extension for Magento 1.x.
    • Researched and started to build Magento 2.x modules.
    • Wrote many small open-source Magento modules: multi-select filters, status colors, and custom contact URL.
    • Worked on making modules compatible with other third-party modules that would normally conflict without them having knowledge of each other.
    • Built GitHub API integration for customers to be automatically added to a private repo for purchased modules.
    • Uploaded many modules to the Magento Connect system.
    • Created a custom front end for theextensionlab.com.
    Technologies: PHP, Magento
  • Owner

    2012 - 2015
    BornBarefoot, Ltd.
    • Developed this full eCommerce website using Magento.
    • Developed many small custom modules, e.g., advanced product alerts and custom category URLs.
    • Upgraded the store from Magento 1.6 to 1.9.
    • Secured suppliers, distributors, and manufactures.
    • Extended BornBarefoot's reach through SEO and social media marketing.
    • Provided outstanding customer after-sales support via phone email and LiveChat.
    Technologies: CSS3, HTML5, PHP, Magento
  • Magento Developer

    2014 - 2014
    Webtise, Ltd., Bromborough
    • Created a custom product type module in Magento.
    • Integrated with third-party omni-channel systems.
    • Built multiple themed Magento stores from scratch.
    • Created many small Magento modules.
    Technologies: Grunt, Git, PHP, Magento
  • Freelance Magento Developer

    2009 - 2014
    • Built many Magento stores from scratch.
    • Managed existing Magento websites, making changes of all sizes.
    • Managed customer expectations throughout the project to ensure timely site delivery.
    • Worked with web agencies as a subcontractor for some larger eCommerce projects.
    • Kept the stores up to date on the latest Magento versions.
    Technologies: Prototype Framework, CSS, HTML, PHP, Magento


  • Laravel Website Multilingual Update

    I updated a single-language Laravel website to be multilingual—this involved implementing a language switcher using available packages and covering the functionality with tests.

  • Laravel Classified Ads System

    This website allows the user to post classified ads. The project involved first me asking annoying but essential questions to find out the core purpose of the website and the minimum viable product.

    Over the course of two weeks, I created this system in a test-driven manner focusing first on the core of the application which was allowing users to post a view adverts. Once an MVP was completed, I continued to add more features, a task made easier by the test coverage already in place.

  • Completed Test-driven Laravel Course

    I am continually looking to improve my knowledge, I saw this TDD course and had to sign up. Following the course, I created a platform for local concert promoters to sell tickets to their events. 166 lessons spanning just under 22 hours of content.

  • TheExtensionLab Website

    My own module store, theme from scratch with multiple back-end modules to improve the customer experience, e.g., GitHub API integration for auto-adding to a private module repo.

  • Small Status Color Magento Extension

    One of a few small Magento modules I have open-sourced to help small store owners keep track of orders by highlighting them in the order grid based on status.

  • Elegant Steps Theme

    Themed this Magento site based on provided PSD images. Magento, PHP, jQuery, Sass, and Foundation were used.

  • Monty Store

    A Magento store built from scratch.

  • Words on Walls Store

    A custom Magento website built from scratch with custom Modules, e.g., "Create Your Own."

  • Small Multi-Select Filters Magento Extension

    Another small open-source extension to improve Magento back-end filtering.

  • Honestgrapes.co.uk

    A rescue re-theme of a site that had been about 60% completed by the previous developer. I started with code cleanup and worked through the whole process.

  • Revital.co.uk.

    Re-themed, upgraded, and optimized this website. Investigated current code and made speed improvements using tools such as Magento ECG, upgraded to the latest enterprise version, and rebuilt the theme.

  • Rivers and Hedges

    Born out of my own desire to find laundry services, while traveling abroad, I built this website to allow people to list, update, and review laundromat locations.

  • Remote Car Unlocking Progressive Web App

    A custom progressive web app built with Vue js and Laravel API back end. I worked as an integral part of the team that built this app, which does everything from making a booking to unlocking the rental car with the phone/app.

  • Order Management System for a Building Contractor

    I was part of a small development team that developed this custom software designed to help building site managers order the supplies they need, saving them time and costly mistakes.

    It has a hypermedia API built-in Siren to allow the API to evolve and a Vue.js front end.

    This was a semi-agile project, and I worked hard to try and share this into a fully agile project.

  • Procurement System for Building Contractor

    Developed a full procurement system for one of the UK's leading Building contractors to manage their order placement and procurement.
    This was a process previously done via spreadsheets and emails ad has saved the client countless amounts in terms of time, mistakes and efficiency.


  • Libraries/APIs

    REST APIs, Vue.js 2, Hypermedia API, Vue.js, Vuex, jQuery
  • Paradigms

    RESTful Development, Model View Controller (MVC), Test-driven Development (TDD), Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Event Sourcing
  • Other

    APIs, RESTful APIs, Full-stack, Trading, Trading Applications, Domain-driven Design (DDD), Laravel Forge
  • Languages

    HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Sass, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, Python 3
  • Frameworks

    Laravel 5, Laravel, PHPUnit, Prototype Framework, Zend Framework, OAuth 2
  • Tools

    Composer, Git, Sublime Text, Grunt
  • Storage

  • Platforms


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