Johannes Stein, Developer in Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany

Johannes Stein

Software Developer

Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany
Toptal Member Since
November 22, 2013

Johannes is a highly skilled software engineer with extensive knowledge of JavaScript, web technologies, and cross-platform development. He is extremely passionate about open source software and is skilled in software architecture.

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Geniux Consulting GmbH
Meteor, React, Less, JavaScript
CostXpert AG
CouchDB, Node.js, JavaScript
Retroteam UG
Cordova, JavaScript, Objective-C


Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany



Preferred Environment

Git, WebStorm

The most amazing...

...code I've written was to solve a complicated linking problem on my own for which no answer was available through Google.

Work Experience

2014 - 2015

User Experience Developer

Geniux Consulting GmbH
  • Developed small-scale products for a number of clients.
  • Focused on applications that run on mobile devices or have a touch component.
  • Oversaw DevOps tasks, such as continuous integration with Jenkins and creating easy-to-use build and deployment processes.
Technologies: Meteor, React, Less, JavaScript
2012 - 2014

Software Engineer

CostXpert AG
  • Created the architecture for the server back-end.
  • Was responsible for UI development using CSS, Bootstrap, and LESS.
  • Provided APIs and libraries for other developers to use.
Technologies: CouchDB, Node.js, JavaScript
2011 - 2013

Mobile Game Developer (Self-employed)

Retroteam UG
  • Created the first prototype using Objective-C and Sparrow.
  • Created the game engine in JavaScript.
  • Supported development of a cross-platform game for iOS and Android using Cordova, PhoneGap, and JavaScript.
  • Implemented tutorial mechanics for the game.
Technologies: Cordova, JavaScript, Objective-C
2011 - 2011

Software Engineer (Self-employed)

Acomba UG
  • Developed the initial version of the company's flagship product for iOS platforms using Objective-C and CocoaTouch.
Technologies: Objective-C, Cocoa Touch


Lyria is a game framework that uses jQuery, Stylus, and Handlebars as its key ingredients. It provides build steps through Grunt to optimize games as much as possible.

Sparrow iOS Game Framework Beginner's Guide
Sparrow is a game framework with a focus on ease-of-use and current state-of-the-art technologies. The Sparrow game framework is intended for 2D games and multimedia applications and has built-in support for animation, managing objects on the screen, and touch support.

Sparrow iOS Game Framework Beginner's Guide aims to teach a complete overview on how to develop a mobile game for iOS using Objective-C as the programming language and the Sparrow game framework. Instead of teaching concepts separately, this book will take a methodical approach, taking you through the development of an entire game using Sparrow's powerful framework.

Irrlicht 1.7 Realtime 3D Engine Beginner's Guide

The Irrlicht Engine is a cross-platform high-performance real-time 3D engine written in C++. It features a powerful high-level API for creating complete 3D and 2D applications such as games or scientific visualizations.

Irrlicht 1.7 Realtime 3D Engine Beginner's Guide will teach you to master all that is required to create 2D and 3D applications using Irrlicht, beginning right from installation and proceeding step-by-step to deployment.

Beginning with installation, this book guides you through creating a basic template application, followed by meshes, overlays, and UI. You will then scan through data types, nodes, scenes, camera, lights, and particle systems. Finally, you will learn about some advanced concepts such as handling data, files, and shaders, followed by the last stage – deployment.

This book is a step-by-step guide to Irrlicht that starts at an easy level for beginners and then gradually works to more advanced topics through clear code examples and a number of demos that illustrate theoretical concepts.

React Amsterdam: React for Game Development
This is a talk I gave at the React Amsterdam conference in April 2016. The slides are a bit delayed in the video.
Image of A Cold Dive into React Native (Tutorial for Beginners) publication

A Cold Dive into React Native (Tutorial for Beginners)
Image of The Duel: React Native vs. Cordova publication

The Duel: React Native vs. Cordova
Image of React.js Best Practices and Tips by Toptal Developers publication

React.js Best Practices and Tips by Toptal Developers
Image of JavaScript Best Practices and Tips by Toptal Developers publication

JavaScript Best Practices and Tips by Toptal Developers



JavaScript, CoffeeScript, HTML5, CSS, Object Pascal, Less, CSS3, Swift, Objective-C, HaXe, Sass, C#, Lua


React Native, Unity3D, Cocoa, Cocoa Touch


React, Node.js, jQuery, SDL, OpenGL, SFML, CocoaPods, jQuery UI


Grunt, GitLab, GitHub, Stylus, Babel, Karma, JSHint, Mocha, Webpack, Git, Aptana, Cinema 4D, WebStorm, Blender, Gulp


Rapid Prototyping, Promise, Prototype-based OOP, Asynchronous Programming, Unit Testing, Agile Software Development, Unobtrusive JavaScript, Scrum


iOS, Windows, MacOS, Meteor, Android, Linux




Prototyping, Cordova, User Interface (UI)