Joseph McNulty, Software Developer in Scottsdale, AZ, United States
Joseph McNulty

Software Developer in Scottsdale, AZ, United States

Member since February 2, 2018
Joseph is a professional with strong leadership skills, highly experienced in software engineering, and specializing in mission-critical systems in aerospace, defense, and telecommunications. He has over two decades of experience designing and developing sophisticated enterprise web applications using various technologies, most recently with ASP.NET MVC.
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Scottsdale, AZ, United States



Preferred Environment

ASP.NET MVC, C#, .NET, Visual Studio, Blazor

The most amazing...

...thing I've worked on was the Air Force's Title X War Game. It allowed me to model multiple weapon systems, radars, and missiles—all in a graphical global view.


  • Software Engineer

    2018 - PRESENT
    Client (via Toptal)
    • Joined a team at an energy company to train, mentor, and lead them in the development of an Angular 8 application with Azure to upload well-drilling data and edit the large datasets, resulting in a turn around at the department and on-time delivery.
    • Joined the team at an aerospace company developing a computer-aided design system for aerodynamic stress testing in WPF and C#.
    Technologies: ASP.NET Core 2, Web API, AutoMapper, Entity Framework Core, Continuous Integration (CI), Azure, Stripe, Git, Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), Windows, Microsoft SQL Server, Node.js, Bootstrap, Bootstrap 3, ASP.NET Web API, ASP.NET, HTML5, CSS3, C#.NET, .NET, Agile, CSS, Web, Web Development, Model View Viewmodel (MVVM), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), TypeScript, Blazor, .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, Angular, C#, SQL, REST APIs, PostgreSQL, APIs, Entity Framework, Full-stack, Databases, Stripe Payments
  • Principal Software Engineer and Architect

    2012 - PRESENT
    Rapier Aerospace, Inc.
    • Architected and developed a wargaming information system that utilized a geospatial information system (GIS) and web-based technologies to support the General Officer Command Staff for the US Air Force’s Unified Engagement War Games.
    • Migrated an application suite from a patchwork of technologies to an assortment of ASP.NET MVC solutions for better performance, testability, and reliability.
    • Modeled ballistic missile launch and defense scenarios, satellite ephemerides for communication and sensor coverage as well as conventional forces.
    • Implemented and led agile and scrum software development practices.
    • Mentored staff on new technologies such as ASP.NET MVC, Angular 2+, and the Entity Framework.
    • Designed and developed web and mobile applications for aviation industry clients utilizing Blazor and Xamarin.
    • Designed and prototyped a web-based business simulation game for the Defense Acquisition University.
    • Led a team in designing and developing a Human Resource application for the Department of Homeland Security that tracked the application, hiring process, and current employees of the entire division using Angular 8, ASP.Net Core, and Amazon Web Services.
    • Created a mobile application to track the usage and maintenance of all vehicles of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement using Xamarin.
    Technologies: ASP.NET Core 2, Web API, AutoMapper, Entity Framework Core, Continuous Integration (CI), Team Management, Android, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Stripe, Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Sass, Prism, Git, NoSQL, Knockout (Knockout.js), Microsoft Team Foundation Server, jQuery, Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), SQL Server 2012, MySQL, Windows, .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, Bootstrap, Kendo UI, MVC Razor, ASP.NET MVC 6, Bootstrap 3, ASP.NET Web API, ASP.NET, CSS3, C#.NET, .NET, Agile, CSS, Web, Web Development, Microsoft SQL Server, Xamarin, JSON, ArcGIS, TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML5, Blazor, ASP.NET MVC, Angular, C#, SQL, REST APIs, PostgreSQL, APIs, Entity Framework, Full-stack, Databases, Aviation, Stripe Payments
  • Director of Software Engineering

    2006 - 2012
    Sphere of Influence | Government
    • Recruited, managed, coached, and led the engineering staff.
    • Initiated a strategic initiative to grow a new line of business in the emerging NextGen program of the FAA.
    • Provided solutions to unique customer problems—resulting in a high mission success rate and customer satisfaction.
    • Directed all aspects of the development, customization and implementation projects, including project planning, scheduling, tracking, development, and crisis response.
    • Designed and led the development of a command-and-control system that was the digital nervous system for a global mission system.
    • Implemented agile software development practices in multiple programs.
    • Designed and led the mobile application development for a customer proposal.
    Technologies: Continuous Integration (CI), Management, Team Management, Android, C#.NET WinForms, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), Windows, Microsoft SQL Server, ASP.NET Web API, ASP.NET, CSS3, C#.NET, .NET, Agile, CSS, Web, Web Development, JavaScript, PHP, Windows Mobile, MS Silverlight, HTML5, C++, WinForms, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), C#, SQL, REST APIs, APIs, Entity Framework, Databases
  • Senior Project Lead

    2005 - 2006
    Lockheed Martin
    • Led a 50-person team on the Advanced Battle Manager project for the Missile Defense National Team.
    • Managed and was responsible for the productivity and rhythm of the development team and for coordinating several dependent groups, including software engineers, system engineers, quality assurance, configuration management, modeling, and simulation.
    • Developed and implemented sophisticated engineering techniques that include fully-generative-model-driven development, equivalence partition testing, linear temporal logic assertions, and formal design by contract.
    • Initiated agile development methodologies with feedback-intensive short cycles, high collaboration, and other select Agile practices.
    • Led the first proof-of-concept to success—resulting in a $50 million contract.
    Technologies: Management, Team Management, Agile, Java, APIs, Full-stack, Databases, Aviation
  • F-16 Pilot

    1995 - 2005
    179th Fighter Squadron
    • Performed air defense alert duties in support of peacetime alert taskings and Operation Noble Eagle.
    • Planned and led combat air patrols over multiple US cities in support of Operation Noble Eagle.
    • Was deployed to Panama and Curacao on multiple occasions in support of Operation Nighthawk.
    • Initiated computer system upgrades that improved flight planning capabilities.
    • Committed more than 1,000 flying hours in F-16 aircrafts.
    Technologies: Microsoft PowerPoint, HTML, Aviation
  • Director of Software Engineering

    1999 - 2003
    Sinex Aviation Technologies
    • Led teams in the development and production of commercial maintenance software for the airline industry.
    • Architected and directed the development of FleetCycle Production Manager: a browser-based airline maintenance application which automates previously manual-heavy maintenance tracking procedures.
    • Designed and led the creation of all modules, including ensuring FAA compliant electronic signature support, FAA approved electronic non-routines, and the mechanic task flow and assignment system.
    • Collaborated extensively with major airline customers to gather customization requirements including U.S. Airways, Southwest Airlines, Air Canada, and American Airlines.
    • Developed software that was recognized for saving clients millions of dollars in yearly maintenance costs.
    • Planned and monitored the day-to-day initiatives of multiple projects, including business requirements analysis, systems design and architecture, data modeling, development, testing, implementation, and support strategies.
    • Led the establishment of change control, version control, and change/defect-tracking procedures.
    • Spearheaded the introducing of a 24-hour support program and crisis response operations for customers which increased the revenue and customer retention.
    Technologies: Management, Team Management, Windows, Microsoft SQL Server, CSS3, Agile, CSS, Web, Web Development, XML, JavaScript, HTML, Jakarta EE, Java, ASP, SQL, APIs, Full-stack, Databases, Aviation
  • Senior Manager | Software Engineer

    1997 - 1999
    Condor Consulting, Inc.
    • Provided strategic and tactical leadership to ensure the successful design, development, and enhancement of software products for the aerospace and education industries.
    • Managed and was accountable for the overall success of software products—from the initial requirements analysis and architectural design through development, testing, implementation, and customer satisfaction.
    • Designed, architected, and developed a dispatch application for a flight training and charter organization. The app was designed to manage the day-to-day operations, including aircraft and pilot availability, aircraft maintenance status, and student training progress.
    • Communicated extensively with clients to analyze requirements and develop the appropriate custom software solutions to automate previously manual functions and increase efficiency.
    • Defined project scopes, budgets, resources, and timelines.
    Technologies: MySQL, Windows, Web, Web Development, JavaScript, Java, SQL, PHP, HTML, C++, APIs, Databases, Aviation
  • Programmer Analyst

    1994 - 1995
    Computer Impact Associates
    • Worked as a member of a team that was accountable for designing custom software applications for clients in the financial and medical industries; utilizing C++ and FoxPro.
    Technologies: Windows, Visual FoxPro, C++, Full-stack, Databases
  • Programmer Analyst

    1985 - 1993
    JMB Realty
    • Effectively analyzed, developed, and supported various applications, systems, and interfaces to increase efficiency throughout the organization.
    • Communicated extensively with users to define business needs and implement the appropriate solutions to automate previously manual functions.
    • Developed, tested, implemented, and enhanced new and existing systems.
    Technologies: Windows, IBM Mainframe, COBOL, xBase, Databases


  • US Air Force Title X War Game

    The Air Force's Title X War Game was a large-scale, global war game that presented multiple global challenges to a team led by a three-star general. At the game's peak, 300 participants would coordinate activities to solve multiple global crises. Our team designed and developed a war game information system (WIS) that would model real-world assets and foreign activity in a turn-based presentation to facilitate such a large scale. The users would interact with the WIS to plan their actions, move forces, and engage enemy units.


  • Languages

    HTML, CSS, SQL, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS3, C#, HTML5, C#.NET, Sass, XML, PHP, COBOL, Java, C++, Visual FoxPro
  • Frameworks

    ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET Web API, Bootstrap 3, Entity, Angular, Kendo UI, Bootstrap, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core 2, ASP.NET MVC 6, Entity Framework Core, MVC Razor, Blazor, .NET Core, .NET, Knockout (Knockout.js), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), ASP
  • Libraries/APIs

    Stripe, AutoMapper, Web API, REST APIs, Entity Framework, jQuery, WinForms, ArcGIS, Node.js
  • Tools

    NuGet, Git, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Prism, C#.NET WinForms, Visual Studio, Microsoft PowerPoint, MS Silverlight
  • Paradigms

    MVC Design, Agile, Continuous Integration (CI), Management, Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), REST, Model View Viewmodel (MVVM)
  • Platforms

    Web, Android, Windows, Xamarin, Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Windows Mobile, Linux
  • Storage

    JSON, Relational Databases, Databases, Microsoft SQL Server, NoSQL, MySQL, SQL Server 2012, PostgreSQL
  • Other

    Web Development, Full-stack, Technical Leadership, Leadership, Team Management, Architecture, Software Architecture, APIs, Aviation, Stripe Payments, Cloud, xBase, WCF Web Services, Version Control, Code Review, IBM Mainframe, Science


  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Aeronautical Science
    1988 - 1991
    Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Prescott, AZ, USA

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