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Krishtipati Jagadeeswara Reddy

Verified Expert  in Engineering

APIs Developer

Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Toptal Member Since
January 21, 2022

Krishtipati is a result-oriented professional with experience working in fast-paced growth startups and customer-focused environments. With a track record of working on very complex and large-scale system integration projects, he has managed highly successful implementations and deliveries of quality initiatives while providing input to help improve business efficiency and productivity. Flexible and passionate about quality and product excellence, Krishtipati is a self-starter and quick learner.


Microsoft |
Java, APIs, Ruby on Rails (RoR), PostgreSQL, TestNG, Gradle, ExtentReports...
Cloud Elements
Java, Python 3, APIs, API Integration, JavaScript, Jira, REST APIs, Git...
MA IT Solutions
Java, Selenium, TestNG, Apache Maven, Jenkins, Sauce Labs, Eclipse, APIs...




Preferred Environment

MacOS, Windows, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, Slack, SQL, Java, Python 3, TestNG, Selenium

The most amazing...

...things I've built are automation frameworks, UI, API, and performance testing tools to ensure we deliver quality products to users.

Work Experience

Software Development Engineer in Test

2020 - PRESENT
Microsoft |
  • Contributed to designing and developing the automation framework for UI and API. Maintained the automation suite pass rate of around 93%.
  • Monitored user experience and gathered the issues and requirements to improve their experience with the application.
  • Established the environment with a vast user base for performance testing. Wrote Flood UI scripts to test the site performance under load.
  • Scaled the application horizontally and vertically to handle massive user requests by the systems and improve the functional performance of the application.
  • Improved the automation cases execution time by making them parallelly run in CircleCI. Implemented a cache mechanism to avoid downloading a few required tools for the automation execution like Java, Chrome, etc.
  • Worked with the QA lead to implement Applitools for UI automation validations, consistently monitoring the UI changes and sharing the feedback with respective teams.
Technologies: Java, APIs, Ruby on Rails (RoR), PostgreSQL, TestNG, Gradle, ExtentReports, Jira, CircleCI, IntelliJ IDEA, MacOS, Gatling, Heroku, Load Testing, Gatling Load Testing, Regression Testing, Smoke Testing, Sanity Testing, Integration Testing, Unit Testing, QA Testing, E2E Testing, Testing, UI Testing, JSON, Docker, Docker Compose, Jira Administrator, Automation, UI Automation, REST API Automation, QA Automation, Test Automation, New Relic, Quality Assurance (QA), Selenium API, Test Scripting, Manual QA, Test Automation Frameworks, Automated Testing, Software Testing Automation Framework (STAF), API Testing, Postman, BrowserStack, Web API, Website QA, Software QA, QA Test Plan Management, QA Leadership, Quality Improvement, SDET, CI/CD Pipelines, Page Object Model (POM), Selenium Page Object, Zephyr, Web App Testing, Web Applications, Python

Senior Software Test Engineer

2019 - 2020
Cloud Elements
  • Delivered complex integration solutions to the customers with high quality and implemented test data-driven automation framework using the Python Requests library.
  • Established test workflows for deploying the features and bugs to production without leaking significant bugs.
  • Completed research and POCs for new customers based on their use cases. Researched for new elements and updates for the existing elements and raised tickets for development.
  • Received two Going Extra Mile (GEM) awards for delivering high-quality integrations, customer communication, and satisfaction.
  • Worked with customers to understand their exact use cases and provided clear documentation on how we can achieve the use cases using the Cloud Elements platform.
  • Worked in multiple teams, including engineering, delivery, and customer success teams. Provided knowledge transfer sessions for new trainees on automation suites.
Technologies: Java, Python 3, APIs, API Integration, JavaScript, Jira, REST APIs, Git, API Platforms, Integration, Integration Testing, Data Integration, SQL, Web API, QA Testing, TestNG, UI Testing, E2E Testing, Unit Testing, QA Automation, Test Automation, Automation, UI Automation, Automated Testing, Smoke Testing, Regression, Regression Testing, Sanity Testing, Retesting, Jira Administrator, CircleCI, API Testing, Postman, Testing, TestRail, Test Data, Manual QA, Website QA, QA Leadership, Quality Assurance (QA), Software QA, QA Test Plan Management, Web, Web App Testing, Web Applications, Web App UI, Selenium Page Object, Page Object Model (POM), Python

Quality Assurance Engineer

2016 - 2019
MA IT Solutions
  • Prepared test scenarios and test cases based on requirements. Completed test case execution through ALM and bug tracking through Jira.
  • Worked with cross-functional teams to ensure quality throughout the software development lifecycle.
  • Implemented a key and data-driven automation framework for creating sales orders and replaced some repetitive manual tasks with an automation tool.
Technologies: Java, Selenium, TestNG, Apache Maven, Jenkins, Sauce Labs, Eclipse, APIs, Testing, QA Testing, UI Testing, E2E Testing, Load Testing, JSON, UI Automation, Test Automation, Automation, QA Automation, REST API Automation, Smoke Testing, Regression Testing, Regression, Retesting, Jira, HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), PIM, BrowserStack, Manual QA, Website QA, QA Leadership, Software QA, Quality Assurance (QA), QA Test Plan Management, API Integration, Web API, Web, Web UI, Web App UI, Web App Testing, Web Applications, Web App Automation, Browsers, Automated Testing, CI/CD Pipelines, Jenkins Pipeline

Scaling and Performance Testing

In this project that involved scaling and performance testing, I created a vast number of users and OKRs in the system for performance testing. We also designed UI automation performance scripts using Flood Element, ran and gathered all performance attributes from different systems and Flood, developed API performance scripts, and gathered all the required details from the New Relic and Gatling reports.

The stakeholders were informed about the application performance so that they could approve the next set of testing. Also, we manually verified the functionality of the application by login with a single user. Finally, we logged many bugs for application performance and user experience issues. After improving the application performance tremendously, most user actions load the application in under five seconds.

Ally – UI and API Automation Framework, recently acquired by Microsoft, is an OKRs management software that turns goals into results. As an SDET engineer in Ally, I've designed and built automation frameworks and tools, maintained, and enhanced existing frameworks and scripts to support multiple functionalities of the application, production deployments, and CircleCI enhancements. Building these automation frameworks and tools has reduced a lot of manual effort and time for the release process and avoided manual regression testing for new features or fixes. We are entirely dependent on automation for all existing features. Also, we have reduced around 70% of QA effort by introducing a more stable automation framework and continuous maintenance.

Currently, we are executing about 2,000 cases and still expanding the suite. We have integrated Applitools into our framework to continuously monitor UI impact during the release process. Finally, we have reduced CircleCI download time by introducing a caching mechanism for a few dependencies and reduced the execution time by increasing the parallelism for the tests.

eCommerce Regression Automation and API Automation

I developed this project for MA IT Solutions, which provides testing services for big eCommerce companies. As a quality assurance engineer, I designed test cases following the requirements, segregating automation, and manual cases for a regression team. I performed end-to-end testing, implemented scripts for the features released to production, and provided KT sessions about the functionality for the cross-functional teams. We have implemented end-to-end, module-specific UI and API frameworks to cover the regression cases as per functionality and executed an end-to-end automation suite for production release. As a result, we performed around 6,000 regression cases and 100 API services using this suite, which reduced approximately 50% of the total QA team effort while validating bug fixes, new features, and production release processes. Finally, the release span was cut from one month to two weeks.

Integrations – API Automation Framework

Cloud Elements, acquired by UiPath, is an API integration SaaS platform that enables developers to publish, integrate, aggregate, and manage all of their APIs through a unified platform. As a senior software test engineer, I tested the complex integrations to fulfill customers' requirements, built the test data-driven automation frameworks from scratch to test integration solutions, and implemented a few integrations using JavaScript. Additionally, I made sure to deliver the solutions by deadlines, debug issues, add more details to the bug tickets to reduce developers' efforts, and prepare RCA documents for the production issues. Apart from this, I researched and prepared POCs for customers' use cases, a clear document about our chosen approach, and APIs to be used for integrations. As a result of using this API automation framework, we reduced 60% of QA and developers' effort, avoided most of the regression issues, and delivered high-quality solutions in a shorter time.


Java, Python, SQL, Python 3, C, JavaScript, YAML


TestNG, Selenium, Ruby on Rails (RoR)


REST APIs, Selenium API, Web API, Jenkins Pipeline


IntelliJ IDEA, Jira, REST Assured, Git, Jenkins, Gatling Load Testing, Slack, Gradle, CircleCI, Gatling, Apache Maven, Zephyr, Docker Compose, HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Postman, BrowserStack, TestRail


Sanity Testing, Manual Testing, Test Automation, Testing, Automated Testing, Automation, E2E Testing, Load Testing, Unit Testing, Page Object Model (POM)


Eclipse, MacOS, Windows, Heroku, Docker, New Relic, Web


JSON, Data Integration, PostgreSQL, SQL Performance


APIs, ExtentReports, API Platforms, Regression Testing, Smoke Testing, Retesting, Integration Testing, System Integration Testing (SIT), Quality Assurance (QA), QA Testing, Test Scripting, Manual QA, QA Automation, Test Automation Frameworks, Software Testing Automation Framework (STAF), QA Test Plan Management, UI Testing, Integration, UI Automation, Regression, REST API Automation, Git Repo, Reports, eCommerce, Jira Administrator, Performance Testing, Electricity, API Integration, Sauce Labs, Flood IO, Scaling, Performance, PIM, API Testing, Test Data, Website QA, Software QA, QA Leadership, Quality Improvement, SDET, CI/CD Pipelines, Selenium Page Object, Web App Testing, Web Applications, Web App UI, Web UI, Web App Automation, Browsers

2011 - 2015

Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University - Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India

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