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Mark Kizhnerman

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Azure Developer

Lafayette, CO, United States
Toptal Member Since
January 19, 2021

Mark is a senior software engineer with extensive experience designing, coding, testing, and supporting next-generation software solutions in ASP.NET Core/Standard and SQL Server environments, including Microsoft Azure. Mark is also a Certified Kubernetes Application Developer and Certified Kubernetes Administrator, fluent in many container technologies.


Scubakiz LLC – Boulder, CO
DevOps, Kubernetes, SQL, C#.NET, Web Architecture, Architecture...
SQL Server 2012, MVC Razor, C#.NET, Visual Studio
JAMMS Marketing Group, LLC
MySQL, WordPress, PHP 5, WCF Web Services, ASP.NET MVC, C#.NET, Outlook Plugins...




Preferred Environment

ASP.NET MVC, .NET, JavaScript, Azure SQL, Azure PaaS, Kubernetes, ASP.NET, C#, SQL, Azure

The most amazing...

...feeling is holding a patent plaque from the US Patent and Trademark Office for a VoIP software package and process that I helped create.

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer | Azure Software Developer

2016 - PRESENT
Scubakiz LLC – Boulder, CO
  • Designed and deployed a microservices .NET Core application across multiple Docker container and deployed (using Azure DevOps) to an Azure Kubernetes Service cluster.
  • Integrated Prometheus and Grafana into an AKS cluster to provide standardized monitoring across multiple clouds.
  • Designed a hybrid-cloud solution to allow near-real-time syncing between Azure SQL and on-premise SQL Server.
  • Designed and developed a Serverless Azure Functions pipeline that processes and distributes incoming messages through various Azure queues, NoSQL tables, and SQL databases.
  • Optimized huge SQL database stored procedures and triggers to achieve an 80% improvement in performance.
  • Optimized a multi-hour batch SQL processing job to run under five minutes.
  • Integrated an Angular project with C# back-end into Azure Application Insight monitoring and Azure Log Analytics.
Technologies: DevOps, Kubernetes, SQL, C#.NET, Web Architecture, Architecture, Continuous Integration (CI), Azure DevOps, Visual Studio

Senior Software Engineer

2015 - 2019
  • Assisted with the development of a web-based patient medical device monitoring application, which allows nurses to see vitals from all patients on their floor.
  • Optimized many stored procedures, often achieving an order of magnitude performance improvements.
  • Designed and developed a custom application to automate the creation, population, and migration of the entire database from previous versions of the application.
  • Designed and developed a test data generation tool to help facilitate application stress testing and report development.
  • Designed and developed a data export/import application to de-identify and transfer data between installations without compromising PHI (patient health information).
  • Created custom forms with all necessary client-side jQuery functionality, which made REST API calls to web and reporting servers.
Technologies: SQL Server 2012, MVC Razor, C#.NET, Visual Studio

Senior Software Engineer

2009 - 2016
JAMMS Marketing Group, LLC
  • Developed a remote plugin, hosted on each remote website (using WordPress in PHP/MySQL), which sends periodic updates to the server via WCF REST message with status and user load information.
  • Maintained a travel insurance webform site that allows customers to get a quote and purchase insurance in a completely unattended manner.
  • Created a web services API which allowed resellers to access all policy/schedule and rate functionality.
Technologies: MySQL, WordPress, PHP 5, WCF Web Services, ASP.NET MVC, C#.NET, Outlook Plugins, Visual Studio

Senior Software Engineer

2014 - 2015
EMC (Purchased by Dell)
  • Assisted with the development of a patient relationship manager (named PRM) for Denver Health as a customization of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Built custom CRM workflows and external workflow activities to have the system respond to data-driven events.
  • Created custom CRM entities to support the software's specialized design.
  • Developed custom forms with all necessary client-side jQuery functionality, which often made web service calls or retrieved data from the CRM server using OData queries.
  • Created SSIS ETL packages that synchronized CRM data with various databases in a Denver Health SQL data warehouse.
Technologies: OData, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server 2008 R2, C#.NET, Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Senior Software Engineer

2013 - 2014
  • Assisted with the development of a mobile version of a website to allow users to sign up for the Experian CreditExpert service (UK version).
  • Created dozens of Selenium tests to perform automated client-side testing of both the standalone and Tridion published versions of the website.
  • Helped develop portions of the member portal of the CreditExpert service after the user signup.
Technologies: Selenium, jQuery, MVC Razor, ASP.NET, C#.NET

Senior Software Engineer

2013 - 2013
Bankrate Insurance
  • Helped design and develop a distributed, message-based system using MVC 3 and NServiceBus to process financial data.
  • Created SpecFlow integration tests to regression test the system from end to end.
  • Developed automated test runners that process all unit and integration tests and published results to Confluence on a nightly basis.
Technologies: T-SQL (Transact-SQL), MVC Razor, ASP.NET, C#.NET

Senior Software Engineer | Tech Lead

2013 - 2013
American Mortgage Consultants
  • Redesigned and developed an upgraded version of a time tracking site to allow users to track time spent reviewing mortgages.
  • Helped maintain a mortgage review tracking website (legacy ASP.NET) and added many new reports and features.
  • Managed half a dozen remote developers located at various locations throughout the world.
Technologies: T-SQL (Transact-SQL), MVC Razor, ASP.NET, C#.NET

Senior Software Engineer | Tech Lead | Team Lead

2011 - 2013
Amadeus Consulting Group
  • Built and led a team that developed an ASP.NET MVC 3/jQuery application to manage students, mentors, and scholarships for disadvantaged kids attending college for free.
  • Maintained a PHP Zend Framework for an order management system with a MySQL back end; this greatly improved the performance by moving heavy data access tasks to stored procedures.
  • Optimized search and data mining features of a huge SQL Server database containing almost 90 million records; it took over 24 hours to match 20,000 records against the database, and after my work, it took less than two minutes.
  • Hired and led a team that developed a UDP message analyzer, similar to Wire Shark, to allow users to track and capture proprietary messages going across a distributed network. This work was done for a government research facility.
Technologies: ActiveReports, jQuery, T-SQL (Transact-SQL), MVC Razor, ASP.NET, C#.NET, Microsoft Outlook

Senior Software Engineer

2010 - 2012
Environmental Resource Associates
  • Designed and developed an application to manage server-based reports written in ActiveReports and SSRS.
  • Developed and maintained a large collection of SSIS ETL packages that transfer large amounts of business data from several independent business units into a single unified data warehouse database for offline reporting.
  • Created a web service to generate multiple simultaneous reports in the background while providing the user with progress updates.
Technologies: SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), T-SQL (Transact-SQL), ASP.NET MVC, C#.NET

Cluster Info | A Kubernetes Client Monitor
A container-based Kubernetes client that monitors a Kubernetes namespace and graphically shows various resources with their current states. Unlike Lens, Cluster Info shows resources in context, like pods within replica sets, which are within deployments, and which nodes are hosting which pods.

The primary purpose of Cluster Info is as a training aid to demonstrate Kubernetes concepts during workshops.

Cluster Info | A Kubernetes Client Monitor
Cluster Info is an in-cluster Kubernetes UI designed for teaching Kubernetes concepts. I designed and developed the project to aid in my deliveries of Kubernetes workshops. By animating object transitions between states, the app helps students understand complex Kubernetes concepts easier.

Kubernetes Training UI
Cluster Info is an educational tool. It's meant to show you an overview of your Kubernetes cluster without all the details you don't need, but you can get by running the describe command.

Cluster Info is unique because it provides context to how resources interact with each other rather than being just a graphical version of Kubectl, line Lens.
1992 - 1999

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

University of Texas at Arlington - Arlington, TX, United States


Certified Kubernetes Application Developer

Cloud Native Computing Foundation


Microsoft Certified Professional: SQL 2016 Database Development



Microsoft Certified Trainer


MAY 2019 - MAY 2021

Microsoft Certified Azure Developer



Web API, REST APIs, jQuery, Node.js


ActiveReports, Visual Studio, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Azure Key Vault, Azure App Service, Azure DevOps Services, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Grafana


.NET 5, ASP.NET, .NET Core, MVC Razor, ASP.NET MVC, .NET, Razor, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET Core MVC, ASP.NET Web API, ASP.NET MVC 5, Razor Pages, Blazor, Selenium


SQL, C#, T-SQL (Transact-SQL), Stored Procedure, C#.NET, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP 5, Python


Web Architecture, API Architecture, ETL, REST, RESTful Development, Microservices, Microservices Architecture, Azure DevOps, ETL Implementation & Design, Continuous Integration (CI), DevOps


Windows, Azure, Kubernetes, Azure PaaS, Docker, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), WordPress


Azure SQL, SQL Server 2016, SQL Functions, SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Performance, Database Performance, SQL Architecture, Microsoft SQL Server, Azure Blobs, Azure SQL Databases, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), MySQL


Software Engineering, Software Development, Software Design, Containers, Container Orchestration, APIs, Data Architecture, Back-end, Back-end Performance, Back-end Development, Architecture, Microsoft Azure, Data, Ajax, API Integration, Containerization, Domain-driven Design (DDD), WCF Web Services, Performance Analysis, Performance Tuning, Cloud, Healthcare Services, Healthcare Software, Azure Service Bus, Outlook Plugins, Front-end Development, Training, Workshop Facilitation, OData, Prometheus, Training & Training Content Development

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