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Marko Perutović, C++ Developer in Split, Croatia
Marko Perutović

C++ Developer in Split, Croatia

Member since November 15, 2014
Marko is a skilled software developer with over thirteen years of experience with different challenges and types of technologies. "Spartan: keep it short and simple" is his approach to problems where possible. He is also an excellent communicator, with extensive experience in team leadership and successful interactions with customers.
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  • C++, 10 years
  • Microsoft Visual Studio, 10 years
  • Objective-C, 5 years
  • iOS, 4 years
  • Java, 4 years
  • Android, 4 years
  • Appcelerator Titanium, 2 years
  • Kotlin, 2 years
Split, Croatia



Preferred Environment

Android, iOS, Flutter, Qt

The most amazing...

...calculation I've made was of a conduction radiation field with given TE and TM polarization.


  • Owner and Lead Developer

    2015 - PRESENT
    Digital Nomad d.o.o.
    • Designed and developed the Ever-Cloud startup, a next-generation communication and collaboration tool.
    • Wrote an application server managing subject/object relations in C++ Qt.
    • Built a cross-platform (Windows, OS X, Linux) client in Qt.
    • Implemented SIP and XMPP.
    • Integrated platform-dependent contacts, email, and documents.
    Technologies: Qt, iOS, Android
  • Developer

    2006 - 2014
    Helix Business Soft d.o.o.
    • Developed project control software.
    • Built an online collaboration tool.
    • Created private cloud solutions.
    • Wrote an iOS rich text email client.
    • Developed front- and back-end apps for in-house solutions.
    Technologies: Qt, iOS, Android
  • Developer

    2003 - 2006
    PIS d.o.o.
    • Contributed programming and development to a major Croatian ERP system.
    • Generated report and input masks.
    • Provided customer support and on-site installation and support.
    • Provided customer support and on-site installation and support.
    • Administered Linux systems.
    • Maintained Firebird and Informix databases.
    Technologies: Linux, Firebird, Informix, Prolifics Panther


  • Ninja Number Android (Development)

    An app with an AI that sets up your phone number based on your preferences. It also analyzes call histories and makes recommendations for improvements to communication with customers and leads.

  • Ninja Number iOS (Development)

    An app with an AI that sets up your phone number based on your preferences. It also analyzes call histories and makes recommendations for improvements to communication with customers and leads.

  • Rivetz Authenticator (Development)
  • Flashpaper (Development)

    An end to end encrypted messenger. Messages are encrypted on sender devices and decrypted on receivers. They are stored locally and can be deleted from both devices by the user.

    Encryption is done by the receiver key, which changes periodically, making Flashpaper one of the most secure messengers on the market.

  • GoPos (Development)

    The simplest point of sale (POS) Android app for the Croatian market. Marketing and sales are done by Tele2, one of the largest European mobile service providers. Developed from scratch, both the back-end and the Android app.

  • PTK SAS Android Warehouse App (Development)

    Android development for a warehouse application.

  • Inca Mail 4 (Development)

    Consulting and programming for Swiss Post Solutions mailing iOS app.

  • Telenor for Asseco Group (Development)

    Banking app for Telenor Serbia. Part-time work on some modules in it.

  • Professional Property Calculator - Android (Development)

    App developed for Tverin Realestate, Ltd., for the real estate investment calculator developed for professional property investors, sourcing agents, real estate brokers, and developers.

  • Sokrates Communicator (Development)

    An online collaboration tool.

  • Everdocs (Development)
  • Mailegant Writer (Development)

    A rich text email client.

  • Everpics (Development)

    A private picture-sharing feature for iOS.

  • How to Leverage BLoC for Code Sharing in Flutter and AngularDart (Publication)
    Code reuse turns lazy developers into efficient geniuses. Imagine if you could write the majority of your code once and run it on the web and native mobile—both iOS and Android. In this article, Toptal Freelance Dart Developer Marko Perutović introduces us to the BLoC pattern, whereby you can isolate your business logic in pure Dart and reuse it in both Flutter and AngularDart.
  • Marko is a mentor in the Toptal Global Mentor’s Program. This program is a partnership between Toptal and General Assembly to provide high quality mentorship for students from minority and low income backgrounds who are looking to begin their careers as professional software engineers. Marko shows commitment to diversity in tech by mentoring a General Assembly student every week for a year, covering everything from coding tips and tricks to advice on making it in the industry.


  • Languages

    Kotlin, Objective-C, C++, Java, Dart, HTML, JavaScript
  • Frameworks

    Flutter, Qt
  • Tools

    Android Studio, Xcode, Microsoft Visual Studio, Appcelerator Titanium
  • Platforms

    Android, Linux, iOS
  • Storage

    Firebird, Firebase Realtime Database, MySQL
  • Libraries/APIs



  • Master of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering, Communication Technologies
    1995 - 2002
    Faculty of Science in Electrical Engineering - Split, Croatia
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