Michael Redig, Developer in Winona, MN, United States
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Michael Redig

Verified Expert  in Engineering

FxPlug Plugin Engineer and Developer

Winona, MN, United States
Toptal Member Since
September 1, 2023

Michael is a seasoned FxPlug plugin engineer with a decade of app development expertise, specializing in iOS, macOS, and Swift. Proficient in technologies such as UIKit, FxPlug, CoreImage, and Git, he gained leadership experience as the technical lead at KnowMe and as a FxPlug developer for Avatar Creator at UNOMi. Michael is a highly qualified Lambda School graduate and an engineer with a passion for clean, human-readable code.


Swift, FxPlug SDK, AppKit, Core Foundation, Python 3, Bash Script, GitHub API...
Swift, UIKit, SwiftUI, Modular Design, Software Architecture, Core Data, MapKit...
Valley Computer Solutions
Windows, Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, PHP, WordPress, OpenVPN...




Preferred Environment

Swift, MacOS, Xcode, FxPlug SDK, UIKit, Core Data, Core Image, Core Graphics

The most amazing...

...feat I've accomplished is seamlessly integrating an external renderer with an FxPlug plugin, a technical achievement that defies conventional boundaries.

Work Experience

FxPlug Lead Engineer

2022 - PRESENT
  • Architected a fluid, native feel for leveraging an existing Electron-based render technology in an external process, output to Motion 5 and Final Cut Pro X.
  • Leveraged WebSockets to communicate between processes and reached a five-fold improvement in render times over the initial configuration.
  • Integrated 3D camera and light movement from Motion to the render server.
  • Used FxPlug, Swift, XPC-based IPC, and WebSockets technologies throughout the project's execution.
  • Automated deployment by developing a CI/CD pipeline on GitHub Actions to build each separate project component, combine them into signed and notarized installers, and then provide automatic updates to users.
Technologies: Swift, FxPlug SDK, AppKit, Core Foundation, Python 3, Bash Script, GitHub API, GitHub Actions, Certificate Services, Apps, SparkleFormation, Electron

iOS Lead Engineer

2020 - 2022
  • Coordinated front- and back-end development, shipping new features and builds on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Improved a codebase with internal library modularity, minimizing external dependencies.
  • Reduced developer time spent on monotonous tasks by 90% with automation for build deployment through CI/CD.
  • Improved front-end load time by a factor of two or better.
  • Pioneered several internal design patterns leveraging cutting-edge iOS technologies such as UIContentConfiguration and NSDiffableDataSource for UI layout.
  • Launched the app KnowMe.life, which achieved a 4.9-star rating on the iOS App Store.
Technologies: Swift, UIKit, SwiftUI, Modular Design, Software Architecture, Core Data, MapKit, Git, REST APIs, Unit Testing, Core Location, Core Graphics

Tier 2 Technician

2015 - 2018
Valley Computer Solutions
  • Designed creative IT solutions for clients, including VPN creation and management, handling Microsoft Exchange email systems, web server deployment, and more.
  • Streamlined many procedures and thoroughly documented workflows.
  • Tracked and resolved a wide range of technical issues.
Technologies: Windows, Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, PHP, WordPress, OpenVPN, pfSense, Ubiquiti Wireless Gear


A Swift-based app that allows users to share their lives with those closest to them, prioritizing security and privacy. We focused heavily on user experience to provide the maximum benefit to the user with those goals in mind while also making the app very easy to use. As the lead iOS engineer, I oversaw the entire app architecture and development process. Additionally, I collaborated closely with the back-end team, providing technical expertise and facilitating effective communication of ideas between both teams.

Avatar Creator

A Swift-based FxPlug plugin developed to accelerate visual effects and animation workflow enhancements, enabling easy import and animation of 3D assets in software without native 3D capabilities. I managed bidirectional communication between the plugin host and the render engine, allowing precise control of the rendered image on the screen.

Additionally, I developed and deployed a CI/CD pipeline using GitHub Actions to automate the building of all the different components, including the plugin I created, the render engine, and the plugin for Adobe apps, integrate them, and provide both a unified and differentiated installers intended for differing deployment strategies.

iOS Development and Computer Science

Lambda School


Core Image, Core Graphics, REST APIs, GitHub API


Xcode, FxPlug SDK, Git, SparkleFormation, Microsoft Exchange, OpenVPN, pfSense


Swift, Python 3, Bash Script, C++, Objective-C, PHP


UIKit, AppKit, Core Foundation, Core Data, SwiftUI, MapKit, Core Location, Electron


MacOS, iOS, Windows, WordPress


Unit Testing, Modular Design


Azure Active Directory


Certificate Services, Apps, Algorithms, Data Structures, GitHub Actions, Software Architecture, SDKs, Ubiquiti Wireless Gear, Engineering

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