Michel Boaventura, Developer in Belo Horizonte - State of Minas Gerais, Brazil
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Michel Boaventura

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Back-end Developer

Belo Horizonte - State of Minas Gerais, Brazil
Toptal Member Since
October 13, 2020

Michel is a back-end and system programmer with a strong theoretical foundation, holding both a bachelor's and a master's degree in computer science. Having over 15 years of experience in the industry, he mainly worked with Ruby on Rails, Elixir, and Linux infrastructure. Michel is also an open-source advocate contributing to various projects. He was a UNESCO consultant for two years, where he had the opportunity to de-duplicate and link the largest government datasets in the world.


ARTA Shipping (via Toptal)
Amazon Web Services (AWS), APIs, Background Jobs, PostgreSQL, Elixir, Phoenix...
ARTA Shipping Inc.
Elixir, PostgreSQL, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Back-end, Background Jobs...
Infrastructure, Background Jobs, SQL, Ruby on Rails 5, Ruby on Rails 4...




Preferred Environment

Elixir, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Ruby, Terminal, Vim Text Editor, Linux

The most amazing...

...project I've built is a high-speed de-duplication code that compared millions of entries per second and was used by UNESCO to process huge datasets.

Work Experience

Senior Back-end Developer

2021 - PRESENT
ARTA Shipping (via Toptal)
  • Improved the current codebase adding new features and tooling to increase test coverage.
  • Helped the head of developers to find the best approach to implement complex features.
  • Reviewed other developers' pull requests and suggested more idiomatic and efficient ways to improve code.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), APIs, Background Jobs, PostgreSQL, Elixir, Phoenix, GitHub, Elasticsearch

Elixir Engineer

2021 - 2022
ARTA Shipping Inc.
  • Helped implement new features for the systems used by the Arta team and clients, ensuring we kept latency as low as possible.
  • Broke down high-level features into several workable tasks and tackled them down, ensuring all the cores were tested and fast.
  • Helped set into place CI/CD with the use of lint, formatters, and tests to enforce minimum code standards.
  • Helped the team with new challenges/solutions related to the Elixir ecosystem.
Technologies: Elixir, PostgreSQL, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Back-end, Background Jobs, Phoenix, Elasticsearch

Senior Full-stack Developer

2010 - 2022
  • Built several systems to manage the submission, evaluation, and publishing of financial papers for a client.
  • Contributed to the organization of a conference by developing features such as subscription, check-in, and certificate printing.
  • Handled associates' issues with the system using Zendesk and GitHub to track the problems and solutions.
Technologies: Infrastructure, Background Jobs, SQL, Ruby on Rails 5, Ruby on Rails 4, Back-end, Linux, Databases, Bootstrap 3+, Vim Text Editor, CSS, HTML, MySQL, Ruby, Sidekiq, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Ruby on Rails (RoR)

Senior Full-stack Developer

2020 - 2021
Rumby (via Toptal)
  • Developed Rumby, an app that connects customers with cleaners and handles every step of the process, including picking up the clothes, charging the client, keeping track of the order status, and dropping off the clean clothes.
  • Upgraded an existing Rails application to be more Rails-like, used the newest gems and assisting tools like RuboCop.
  • Fixed a lot of existing bugs and started writing tests for the existing codebase.
  • Implemented new features according to the client's needs.
  • Improved AWS infrastructure, reducing cost and improving application performance.
  • Added Sentry and Skylight to the project to find and fix errors and bottlenecks.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Sidekiq, Infrastructure, Background Jobs, Redis, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails 5, Amazon EC2, Twilio, Zapier, Postmates API, Stripe, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Ruby, GitHub

Senior Back-end Developer | Infrastructure Engineer | Tech Lead

2018 - 2021
  • Served as a tech lead and infrastructure engineer at Byebnk, a cryptocurrency asset manager responsible for managing its clients' assets and active asset management while making it easier for everyone to enter this new market.
  • Developed a system in Elixir, communicating with crypto exchanges, managing them, and finding optimal placement in the order book. The system interacts with other internal solutions using RabbitMQ as a broker and PostgreSQL as a database.
  • Supported the developers in modeling the solutions, reviewed their code, and guided them in solving practical problems.
  • Managed Bybnk's infrastructure, taking care of all the servers, services, and applications developed and used by the company.
  • Managed the CI/CD using a hosted GitLab server using Docker and Docker Compose.
Technologies: Infrastructure, Background Jobs, SQL, Ruby on Rails 4, Ruby on Rails 5, WebSockets, Phoenix, Redis, Docker Compose, Ruby, Sidekiq, Back-end, Amazon Web Services (AWS), JSON, Amazon EC2, APIs, PostgreSQL, GitLab CI/CD, Docker, RabbitMQ, InfluxDB, Grafana, Linux, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Elixir

Senior Back-end Developer

2017 - 2019
Alpe Trading
  • Implemented an entire order management system in plain C to communicate with Brazil's stock market and data feed.
  • Developed and implemented a system that handled orders in plain C, keeping a record of the market's order book and trades. Transmitted all this information on demand through a RabbitMQ instance.
  • Used plain C to develop a trading bot with several strategies to automatically trade assets.
  • Implemented a Rails application to visualize and manage all the back-end and systems.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Infrastructure, Background Jobs, Amazon EC2, Rust, Ruby on Rails (RoR), FIX Protocol, AutoTools, Libuv, RabbitMQ, Ruby, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, C

Senior Developer

2010 - 2018
Laboratório de Software Livre (LSL)
  • Assisted the laboratory professor in solving challenging computational problems using C and Ruby.
  • Collected social network data to investigate fraud on tax and seek government assistance using machine learning and data science.
  • Taught and helped create machine learning and data science courses for Brazilian government entities.
  • Helped organize the laboratory's staff by guiding, teaching, and planning the best actions to help solve any problem the laboratory encountered.
Technologies: Ruby on Rails 5, Ruby on Rails 4, SQL, MongoDB, CSS, HTML, Parallel Programming, System Programming, Terminal, ETL, Databases, Linux, Back-end, Ruby, Data Science, Data Mining, Ember.js, Ruby on Rails (RoR), C


2016 - 2017
  • Developed record linkage software that is blazing fast and can compare tens of millions of records per second.
  • Improved the speed of the record linkage software, which I've previously built for UNESCO.
  • Performed ETL of a large amount of data to prepare it for deduplication using my software.
  • Wrote several UNESCO reports documenting all the processes and steps needed to use the software and analyzing the final results.
  • Released the previously developed software as an open-source project on GitLab.
Technologies: Parallel Programming, System Programming, ETL, C


2013 - 2017
Diagno Brazil
  • Built an embedded system to communicate with a hematology measurement device and process, calculate, store, and print the results using Ruby, GTK+, and C.
  • Programmed a low-level embedded printer driver in C, which acted as a middleware between the Ruby system and the hardware.
  • Created a custom Gentoo Linux image to run on an embedded ARM machine with tight constraints regarding CPU and memory usage.
Technologies: User Interface (UI), Linux, C, GTK+, Ruby, Embedded C


CPareia is a blazing-fast deduplication and record linkage which can handle tens of millions of records per second. It can match different records stored in CSV and use heuristics to match the candidates and find true matches.

Icounter 3D and 5D

Icounter is embedded software that communicates with low-level hardware to do hematologic measurements such as red and blood cell count. It was developed using Ruby and GTK+, with some drivers written in C.


Cryptex is an Elixir-based app for trading cryptocurrencies in a handful of different exchanges with fault tolerance and security in mind. It is used by the companies' trading experts to automate a lot of the day-to-day trade. It also collects market data and stores it in an InfluxDB instance.
2013 - 2015

Master's Degree in Computer Science

Federal University of Minas Gerais - Belo Horizonte, Brazil

2004 - 2011

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Federal Univertify of Minas Gerais - Belo Horizonte, Brazil


REST APIs, Sidekiq, Libuv, Stripe, Postmates API


Vim Text Editor, Terminal, RabbitMQ, GitLab CI/CD, Docker Compose, GTK+, Grafana, AutoTools, Zapier, GitHub


Ruby on Rails (RoR), Ruby on Rails 5, Ruby on Rails 4, Bootstrap, Ember.js, Phoenix, Bootstrap 3+


Ruby, Elixir, C, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, CSS, Rust, Embedded C


RESTful Development, Parallel Programming, ETL, Data Science


Linux, Docker, Amazon EC2, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Twilio


Databases, InfluxDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, JSON, Redis, MongoDB, Elasticsearch


System Programming, Back-end, APIs, Infrastructure, User Interface (UI), Data Mining, Embedded Hardware, WebSockets, FIX Protocol, Background Jobs

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