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Moein Mirzaei

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Calgary, AB, Canada
Toptal Member Since
December 2, 2021

Moein is a software engineer with three years of experience in the industry. His work mainly focuses on developing web services using Django and Python. Moein's active toolset includes Go, Kubernetes, gRPC, Docker, Redis, PostgreSQL, and GitLab CI/CD. He has developed web services for presenting video content and ads to users.


Adam Al-Hilali
Python, Web Scraping, Selenium, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Selenium Grid...
Vista Auction LLC
Django, Database Migration, Django REST Framework, Python, Databases...
Mahdi Adibnatanzi
Selenium, Python, Scraping, Web Scraping




Preferred Environment

Ubuntu, PyCharm, Slack

The most amazing...

...thing my team and I have developed is a platform similar to Netflix and HBO that has around 10 million users.

Work Experience

Python Web Scraper

2023 - PRESENT
Adam Al-Hilali
  • Built a scraper interacting with Spotify for artists, which streams data of songs in playlists, scrapes artists' information, and scrapes artists available on the roster.
  • Developed a Django server along with PostgreSQL to store the data using Django ORM. Built Django commands that run cronjobs that regularly scrape the data from Spotify and keep the data up to date in the database.
  • Implemented REST APIs using the Django REST framework to serve the data to the front end.
  • Worked with AWS EC2 instances to develop and maintain the project and jobs.
Technologies: Python, Web Scraping, Selenium, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Selenium Grid, Scrapy, Laravel, Spotify, Spotify API, Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Django Developer

2023 - 2023
Vista Auction LLC
  • Proposed and implemented a new database design to handle the limitations of the former design. Developed new REST APIs using the Django REST framework to manage orders and employees.
  • Optimized service APIs and reduced API calls to the database. Enhanced database query efficiency and improved code readability.
  • Coached a junior developer, providing tips and tricks about the Django framework, writing tests, and service design best practices.
Technologies: Django, Database Migration, Django REST Framework, Python, Databases, API Integration, PostgreSQL, Kotlin, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Bot Developer

2022 - 2022
Mahdi Adibnatanzi
  • Developed a bot that performs user-like actions on social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube to gain a score.
  • Developed an undetected bot to pass through the most advanced bot detectors like Google and Twitter without getting a captcha or verification request.
  • Achieved a captcha score of 0.7 and 0.9 for numerous Gmail accounts.
Technologies: Selenium, Python, Scraping, Web Scraping

Web Scraper

2022 - 2022
Paces AI Inc.
  • Developed multiple Python scripts to scrape required data from different web pages and APIs.
  • Built a multiprocess and scalable Python service backed by a cache mechanism to increase scraping speed by 100 times.
  • Worked with AWS S3 buckets to upload and maintain scraped data.
Technologies: Python, ArcGIS, GIS, Web Scraping, Web GIS, REST APIs, APIs, CSV, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon S3 (AWS S3)

Software Engineer

2019 - 2021
Cafe Bazaar
  • Developed and maintained several scalable systems with millions of users.
  • Implemented a microservice for automating the procedure of receiving raw contents from admins and converting them to presentable models for users.
  • Improved the quality of the services by applying clean code rules and writing tests as the system owner. Enhanced the response time of APIs by inspecting the queries in detail.
  • Managed several content delivery networks (CDNs) and S3 buckets for media files.
  • Simplified a deployment process using GitLab CI and reduced the deployment risk by providing automated tests and code linters to projects.
Technologies: Django, Python 3, Docker, Kubernetes, Redis, gRPC, Git, GitLab CI/CD, Go, Prometheus, Python, APIs, API Development, REST APIs, PyCharm, Databases, JavaScript

Video Web Service Using Django

This web-based service is written in Django. Two third-party companies provided content through APIs for our video team. The content available in the APIs and stored in the database included metadata like movies' names, descriptions, images, trailers, etc.

The service had a couple of APIs to show the content and interact with users, such as the content details API that shows the metadata of movies or series. Others include a voting API, a comment API, and a Play Info API, which provides an HLS link for playing the content and available subtitles. Additionally, this web service includes metrics for tracking user interactions, like total watching time and bandwidth for different application versions. Data scientists work with these metrics to offer better suggestions and user experience.

The service used Prometheus for monitoring and alerting. There were three metrics: basic-level metrics like CPU and RAM usage, mid-level metrics like the response time and call count of APIs, and high-level metrics like the users' watch time. Using these metrics enabled them to monitor the service and get notified whenever something was wrong.

Ad Service Development Using Go

This web service is written in Go to allow advertising in video content. Video web service calls this service whenever it wants to respond to a request for playing video content. Based on business logic, bidding, and video tags, it selects a video ad in VAST or VMAP format and sends it to the video web service. It has a panel for companies to create their accounts and set their prices for an advertisement. After the company qualifies, its ads are inserted into the database and played during the video content whenever it is a good match.

Selenium Bot Development

A Selenium bot to interact with Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit platforms. It needs to log in to them with the given username and password and perform user-like actions. For example, like a post, put comments, watch a video, send messages, or retweet a tweet.

The bot was undetectable by the strongest bot detectors like Google or Twitter.

Scraping IMDB

A Python script to login into IMDB and scrape information about top artists, and notify the user when there is a change in some specific fields. A database is required to store the last state of each artist.
2021 - 2021

Master's Degree (Ongoing) in Computer Science

University of Calgary - Calgary, Canada

2016 - 2020

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST) - Tehran, Iran


REST API Development



Advanced Python Developer



API Development, ArcGIS, REST APIs, Selenium Grid, Spotify API


PyCharm, Git, GitLab CI/CD, Docker Compose, GIS, Web GIS


Django, Selenium, gRPC, Scrapy, Django REST Framework, Laravel


Python 3, Python, Go, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Kotlin




Ubuntu, Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Kubernetes


Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Databases, Redis, PostgreSQL, Database Migration


Web Scraping, Back-end, APIs, Agile Sprints, Code Review, Prometheus, CSV, Scraping, API Integration, Spotify, Natural Language Processing (NLP)

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