Najwa Azer, Software Developer in Toronto, ON, Canada
Najwa Azer

Software Developer in Toronto, ON, Canada

Member since September 23, 2015
Najwa has been a web developer for 3 years. She takes pride in writing clean, object-oriented code and using test-driven development. She builds APIs using Ruby on Rails and views using Ember, jQuery, HTML, and CSS. Before discovering her love for programming, she held demanding roles in marketing analytics, an experience that shaped her into the detail-oriented, proactive, fast-learning, and communicative developer she is today.
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  • Quandl
    CSS, HTML, Ember.js, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Ruby
  • Pivotal Labs
    Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Ruby on Rails (RoR), Ruby
  • The Working Group
    Spree, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Ruby



Toronto, ON, Canada



Preferred Environment

Sublime Text, GitHub, Git

The most amazing...

...thing I've built is a modular CSS framework similar to SuitCSS that greatly improved the speed with which we could build UIs at Quandl.


  • Web Developer (Front-end Lead)

    2014 - 2016
    • Built and maintained APIs and UIs for Quandl using Ruby on Rails and Ember.
    • Architected, built, and maintained a modular CSS framework using a hybrid of SMACSS, BEM, and Objective CSS.
    • Performed Ember upgrades from 1.12 to 2.6.
    • Performed code reviews for team members and improved Ember repo code quality by creating and encouraging use of a style guide.
    • Added payment integration for recurring subscriptions using Stripe, with notifications sent to customers, vendors, and admins, and interactive financial and customer reports for admins.
    • Architected, built, and maintained a modular system to receive, react, and respond to all web hooks sent by Stripe.
    Technologies: CSS, HTML, Ember.js, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Ruby
  • Agile Engineering Intern

    2014 - 2014
    Pivotal Labs
    • Built an API for an educational web app.
    • Implemented a complex and nuanced permissions system made up of 12 roles and 42 permissions.
    • Built a custom Excel tool using VBA that could be used to upload pre-validated data.
    • Contributed to client meetings and trained new team members.
    Technologies: Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Ruby on Rails (RoR), Ruby
  • Web Development Apprentice

    2013 - 2013
    The Working Group
    • Built features for an eCommerce web app using Ruby on Rails, Devise, and Spree.
    • Customized Devise and Spree source code heavily to achieve the desired functionality.
    Technologies: Spree, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Ruby
  • Senior Marketing Analyst

    2012 - 2013
    Air Miles
    • Drew and disseminated data-driven insights using SQL, SAS, and Excel to help with the planning, design, and execution of marketing campaigns.
    • Collaborated with technical and non-technical colleagues across multiple departments to ensure campaigns were deployed accurately to the desired collectors.
    Technologies: Microsoft Excel, SAS, SQL
  • Business Analytics Associate

    2008 - 2012
    ZS Associates
    • Analyzed, interpreted, and synthesized data using Excel, Access, and SAS to drive customer-centric sales and marketing strategies.
    • Designed, created, and presented deliverables such as Excel VBA tools to empower clients to do their own analyses and PowerPoint presentations to summarize and explain analyses and recommendations.
    Technologies: Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), SQL, SAS, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel


  • Quandl

    Part of a small team maintaining and expanding I built or code-reviewed almost all work related to payments and subscriptions.


  • Languages

    Ruby, JavaScript, SQL, CSS, HTML, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), SAS, SCSS, CoffeeScript, Haml
  • Frameworks

    Ember.js, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Capybara, QUnit
  • Libraries/APIs

    Stripe API, Ember Data, Stripe, Ruby on Rails API, jQuery, Backbone.js, Handlebars
  • Tools

    RSpec, GitHub, Git, Sublime Text, Spree, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Cucumber
  • Paradigms

    Test-driven Development (TDD), Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Object-oriented Design (OOD), Behavior-driven Development (BDD), Agile Software Development
  • Platforms

    Heroku, MacOS
  • Other

    APIs, Ember CLI, Software Development
  • Storage

    PostgreSQL, MySQL


  • Bachelor's of Applied Science Degree in Chemical Engineering
    2005 - 2010
    University of Toronto - Toronto

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