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Neil Gulati

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Back-end Developer

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Toptal Member Since
September 14, 2022

Neil has over 25 years of experience in network and application programming, recently focusing on Python REST APIs using DRF, Redis, RabbitMQ, Apache Pulsar, and CouchDB. He also has solid expertise in JavaScript, C, C++, PHP, Perl, CSS, and HTML. He has pushed the Django object-relational mapper to the limit and has used Postgres, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, and IBM DB2. Neil thrives in the Linux CLI environment using Vim, Tmux, and Bash and embraces the DevOps revolution and Kubernetes.


Macquarie Cloud Services
Python 3, Django REST Framework, CentOS, Microsoft SQL Server, RabbitMQ...
Python 2, Python 3, Python, Linux, CentOS, Bash, Scripting, Tmux, Shell...
Jira, Confluence, Atlassian Suite, Scrum Master, Apache Tomcat, IIS, PostgreSQL...




Preferred Environment

Linux, Unix, Vim Text Editor, Tmux, Shell, Bash, Scripting, Python, Python 3

The most amazing...

...thing I've developed is a lightweight R2 CAS-compliant phone system with a prototype that passed compliance tests live on the Siemens building PABX in Brussels.

Work Experience

Python Developer

2021 - 2021
Macquarie Cloud Services
  • Created an API that managed and cached multiple sessions for the Zerto API to return backup and failover instance information to customers.
  • Wrote a manager to consume multiple RabbitMQ queues using multiple Pulsar topics to replicate events in an alternative database.
  • Updated the manager later to meet new requirements and rationalize updates into a single Pulsar queue for efficiency.
  • Maintained a variety of Python Django REST framework (DRF) APIs using other Azure APIs to meet emerging requirements and deployed production updates into Kubernetes clusters using Jenkins and the kubectl Kubernetes client.
Technologies: Python 3, Django REST Framework, CentOS, Microsoft SQL Server, RabbitMQ, Apache Pulsar, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Jira, Bitbucket, HashiCorp Vault, Linux, Python, Software Engineering, Vim Text Editor, Tmux, Shell, Bash, Scripting, JSON, Django ORM, MySQL, Confluence, PostgreSQL, SQL, Zerto

Python Middleware Developer

2019 - 2021
  • Developed a media bookmarks system scalable to millions of customers, working as part of the set-top box DRF API and storing media and percentage-watched information in Redis using hash and zset data types.
  • Created and operated the media playlist management batch tool for retrieving, storing, and updating playlists in AWS using Boto3 API. The tool parsed and updated playlists to find and fix versioning corrections.
  • Fulfilled DevOps duties, monitoring and supporting the media browsing, streaming, and billing API for performance and availability for 700,000 customer set-top boxes using OpsGenie and Grafana.
Technologies: Python 2, Python 3, Python, Linux, CentOS, Bash, Scripting, Tmux, Shell, Vim Text Editor, SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Django ORM, Django, Django REST Framework, JSON, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Redis, CouchDB, Boto 3, Opsgenie, Grafana, GitLab, Jira, Confluence, Software Engineering, Jenkins

DevOps Tools Consultant

2018 - 2019
  • Migrated Jira and Confluence to remote-hosted services involving large secure file transfers.
  • Addressed Windows and Linux platform change issues, working around XML export application failures and supporting changes from sAMAccountName to email addresses.
  • Deconstructed 18-gigabyte Jira XML exports into 27 individual archives using a semi-automated approach to workaround application limitations and applied Jira macro repair to relink new instances.
  • Edited XML files to fix the Atlassian bug discovered in flight.
  • Installed three nodes to Jira Data Center on AWS Linux using a command-line interface (CLI) for AWS to support later automation and Nginx load balancing to manage sticky sessions.
  • Managed multiple Atlassian stack upgrades and migrations, handling large secure remote transfers, performance and proxy routing issues, an Okta SAML set up, database collation corrections, an LDAP connection over VPN, and an AD FS SSO.
Technologies: Jira, Confluence, Atlassian Suite, Scrum Master, Apache Tomcat, IIS, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Bash, Windows PowerShell, Linux, Software Engineering, Vim Text Editor, Shell, Scripting, SQL, Windows

Developer and Intranet Manager

2008 - 2014
The Scots College
  • Oversaw and maintained the school's intranet and software through a difficult transitional period, including implementing additional systems in Python and PHP and maintaining complex SQL template reports handling highly abstracted database schemas.
  • Implemented an online contractual agreements system integrating with the school management system web authentication, handling dozens of agreement texts and accruing over 50,000 recorded legal agreements over four years.
  • Initiated and conducted a new school management software selection process as part of the Student Management System Rollout project, managing the requirements, selection process, installation, and data migration.
  • Managed junior programmers in an intern program and promoted business process management initiatives in the College.
Technologies: PHP, Python 2, Adobe ColdFusion, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, IBM Db2, MySQL, IBM Informix, Ingres, Microsoft SQL Server, Python, Software Engineering, Linux, Vim Text Editor, Shell, Bash, Scripting, PMBOK, Project Management, Team Management, CentOS, PostgreSQL, SQL, Windows

Full-stack Developer

2004 - 2008
  • Incrementally developed data storage systems to meet business restrictions and emerging requirements, evolving through packed column data and culminating in a file-based NoSQL store, implemented in C and out-performing the corporate Oracle provision.
  • Developed a JavaScript layer to replace jQuery for single-page web applications and provide event services and asynchronous lazy data caching, transparently using REST to fetch and refresh from the online data store.
  • Achieved successful collaborative outcomes for business process tracking by implementing online tools for the APAC region, with some used globally, including an acquisitions tracking application and an i18n survey tool to replace SurveyMonkey.
  • Commended personally by the Global Director of Workplace Resources division.
Technologies: Perl, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Oracle, SunOS, C, Software Engineering, Unix, Vim Text Editor, Shell, Bash, Scripting, SQL

Contract Programmer

2001 - 2003
Various Programming Contracts
  • Developed a Windows application to manage the user data migration across different versions of MS Windows and built file handling routines to accept international multi-byte charset filenames, including CJK, while also directing a junior programmer.
  • Built a PHP PDF document renderer to closely replicate the HTML reporting display of a large risk management web application.
  • Worked under time pressure, rapidly assimilating proprietary API and data structures and producing results from day one.
  • Converted a Perl CGI security application to mod_perl and updated features to drive the ipchains firewall.
  • Configured the Apache web server and provided supporting documentation, completing tasks above expectations and ahead of schedule.
Technologies: Perl, CSS, HTML, Tk, Linux, Windows, Flash ActionScript, PHP, Software Engineering, Vim Text Editor, Shell, Bash, Scripting, SQL

Zerto Service to Cache and Multiple Zerto Enquiries Management

Built a compact API to create, cache, and manage the multiple-nested Zerto and ZSSP sessions necessary to retrieve backup and failover information from the Zerto infrastructure API and provide properly authenticated information to customers.

The API managed the numerous failure scenarios possible within the nested sessions using a compact looping algorithm. This ensured that sufficient retries were attempted without wasting network resources with unnecessary requests.

Errors that were expected as part of the handshake, such as 401s on sub-session expiry, were properly masked and refreshed by the algorithm, providing a clean and simple wrapper for the infrastructure management software within a single compact service. The caching of sessions was also used and shared across hosts where possible to minimize response delays and network usage.

REST Framework for the Rapid Development of Single-page Web Apps

A full-stack framework consisting of a JavaScript front end to provide lazy-cached data to the web application and a Perl back end negotiating data updates with the JavaScript cache layer.

The requirements included avoiding database use, so the back end utilized a C layer for fast file-based storage, achieving lower latency than the Oracle alternative. The JavaScript application was also effectively decoupled from the server, enabling access to all data directly from the local file store. Finally, the data exchange used a custom protocol to improve performance and security over JSON.

This framework was used to create multiple web applications globally and regionally for managing corporate real-estate, teams, and other purposes.

Real-time C Application for R2 CAS Telephone Standard Implementation

Developed a lightweight, innovative algorithm to meet the R2 CAS telephone standard, running on the new low-cost and -spec Mitel Dual E1 telephony board. The C application managed call answering and PCM music on hold for 30 channels within the tight limitations of board capabilities.

I successfully completed a live demonstration of the prototype to confirm standards compliance in Brussels on the Siemens building telephone PABX.
1982 - 1985

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

University of Essex - Colchester, Essex, England


Certified Scrum Master

Scrum Alliance


Certificate IV Project Management

Upskilled Pty Ltd (accredited by the Australian Qualifications Framework)


Clifton StrengthsFinder 2

Gallup, Inc.


Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

North Coast Institute


Django ORM, Tk


Vim Text Editor, Shell, Tmux, RabbitMQ, Jenkins, Jira, Bitbucket, Boto 3, Grafana, GitLab, Confluence, Atlassian Suite, Apache Tomcat, Adobe ColdFusion, SunOS


Python, Python 3, SQL, Bash, PHP, Perl, CSS, HTML, C, Python 2, JavaScript, Flash ActionScript, Assembler


Django REST Framework, Django, Windows PowerShell

Industry Expertise

Project Management


Linux, Unix, CentOS, Kubernetes, Opsgenie, Oracle, Windows


MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, JSON, Redis, CouchDB, IBM Db2, IBM Informix, Ingres


PMBOK, Scrum


Software Engineering, Scripting, Team Management, Learning, Analysis, Strategy, Apache Pulsar, HashiCorp Vault, Scrum Master, IIS, Zerto

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