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Oleksandr Malovichko

Verified Expert  in Engineering

iOS Developer

Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany
Toptal Member Since
June 1, 2017

Oleksandr is a senior iOS engineer with over 13 years of experience in software development for mobile and tablet devices. Oleksandr is dedicated to continuously discovering, evaluating, and implementing new technologies to maximize development efficiency.


Cocoa Touch, Objective-C, Swift, Mobile App Development, Firebase...
Johnson & Johnson
Kanban, Multithreading, Speech Recognition, Objective-C, Swift...




Preferred Environment

Git, iOS, Swift, Xcode, MacOS, SwiftUI

The most amazing...

...thing I've made was one of my first Android apps which was downloaded more than 1,000,000 times.

Work Experience

Senior iOS and Firebase Developer

2019 - 2023
Golden Voice Technologies Inc.
  • Developed iOS applications using Swift, MVVM, SPM, SwiftUI, UIKit, Combine, RxSwift, async/await, and Xcode Cloud.
  • Created Firebase projects, Firestore database, and cloud functions using TypeScript, facilitating agile and scalable back-end solutions.
  • Worked with speech recognition, face detection, audio and live photos.
  • Developed an interactive, user-friendly website utilizing React.
  • Deployed iOS applications to TestFlight and Apple Store. Configured Xcode Cloud.
Technologies: iOS, Firebase

COO and Mobile Engineer

2012 - 2022
  • Coordinated development process and release cycle, guaranteeing on-time delivery of high-quality software solutions showcasing executive-level project leadership.
  • Developed applications for iOS, iPadOS, and WatchOS platforms.
  • Designed and used various application architectures.
  • Led team code reviews and managed projects, overseeing a team of up to 10 IT professionals.
Technologies: Cocoa Touch, Objective-C, Swift, Mobile App Development, Firebase, Social Networks, TestFlight, GitHub

Lead iOS Developer

2018 - 2019
Johnson & Johnson
  • Worked on an iOS app that assists healthcare professionals in identifying key factors contributing to depression in patients.
  • Implemented robotic process automation (RPA) scripts for efficiency.
  • Augmented iOS application robustness strategically through advanced stability optimization techniques.
Technologies: Kanban, Multithreading, Speech Recognition, Objective-C, Swift, Mobile App Development

Lead iOS Developer

2017 - 2018
Johnson & Johnson
  • Worked on the Health Partner Weight Loss Surgery iOS app, contributing to improved patient care and outcomes in the healthcare industry.
  • Utilized Jira effectively in iOS engineering tasks.
  • Enhanced app stability and code testability in iOS development.
Technologies: CocoaPods, TestFairy, Alamofire, Storyboarding, Swift, Mobile App Development

WatchOS and WearOS Engineer

2017 - 2017
911 Global Rapid Response
  • Created wearable integration solution for Android and iOS.
  • Created a watchOS app designed for the Apple ecosystem.
  • Engineered Wear OS app optimized for the Android ecosystem.
Technologies: Cordova, Java, Swift, Wear OS, WatchOS, Mobile App Development

iOS and Firebase Developer

2017 - 2017
Poppy Seed Ventures
  • Developed the MVP version of an innovative iOS application successfully.
  • Designed the user interface and experience for the app.
  • Engineered a robust back-end infrastructure using Firebase.
Technologies: Storyboarding, Crashlytics, CocoaPods, Core Data, Swift, Mobile App Development, Firebase, Social Networks

Android Developer

2011 - 2012
Freelance Work
  • Developed Android entertainment applications alongside the design of Android games employing the AndEngine OpenGL library, contributing to significant user engagement.
  • Achieved a remarkable milestone, creating an Android entertainment application boasting over 1,000,000 users.
  • Development and maintained native Android applications utilizing Java.
Technologies: OpenGL, Java, Mobile App Development, Social Networks

Lead Software Engineer

2009 - 2011
PJSC Finance and Credit Bank
  • Developed a new backup service for the automated teller machine (ATM).
  • Provided strategic support for critical banking software, aligning IT systems with corporate objectives to maintain a stable and productive banking environment.
  • Implemented automation scripts for bank processes.
Technologies: Windows, Bash, Linux, Delphi, Java

Software Engineer

2008 - 2008
PJSC Ukrainian Innovative Bank
  • Developed automated scripts in Bash for sorting interbank mail.
  • Provided crucial support for critical banking software.
  • Wrote scripts to facilitate system administration tasks.
Technologies: Bash, Linux

Codility | MacOS Command Line Tool and Unit Tests

Devised solutions for Codility Algorithm Challenges, showcasing exceptional problem-solving skills and algorithmic proficiency. This experience improved my problem-solving abilities and my commitment to delivering high-quality code.

Recap | iOS and Firebase Back End

Developed a user-friendly social application emphasizing the seamless sharing of daily photos among friends and loved ones, fostering deeper connections through shared experiences. I utilized Firebase-related services.

Unfiltered | iOS and Firebase Back End

Created a comprehensive social network application with a back-end infrastructure, an iOS app, and an iOS widget. Also, I facilitated the effortless sharing of random photos, including videos and live photos, utilizing the Vision framework for face detection and StoreKit for in-app purchases. I used the BackgroundTasks framework and remote notifications.

Health Partner Weight Surgery | iOS App

Collaborated on the iOS application, supporting patients preparing for and recovering from bariatric surgery. I contributed to the app's user interface design and implemented features that simplified patient tracking and engagement. I played a key role in enhancing the overall user experience for individuals on their weight loss journey.

NextQuestion | iOS and Firebase Back End

Developed a social application centered on text messaging with audio responses, enabling users to create text questions and receive audio replies. Also, I utilized the AVFoundation framework for dynamic video content and Google Cloud Speech API for speech recognition.

Rodeo | iOS and Firebase Back End

Engineered an iOS application using the Agora SDK for real-time audio communication, facilitating audio rooms for seamless user communication. Additionally, I integrated the Firebase back end for data management, ensuring efficient data storage and retrieval to support a smooth user experience. This combination of real-time audio and robust data handling greatly enhanced the app's functionality and user engagement.

RodeoWeb | Website

Developed a modern website using React and TypeScript, delivering a visually appealing and responsive online presence for the Rodeo platform, ensuring optimal user experience across devices. This website enabled users to access platform features and information.

Partyline | iOS and Firebase Back End

Created an iOS app for quick and casual communication with friends through short audio messages. I implemented core audio messaging and user interaction features and integrated a Firebase back end for seamless data management.

911 Global Rapid Response App | WatchOS and Wear OS

Contributed to the development of watch widgets for both WatchOS and Wear OS platforms, enhancing the accessibility of the phone app features. These widgets provided users with quick access to essential functionalities in emergency situations.


Swift, Objective-C, JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Delphi, Bash, Kotlin


Core Media, Social Framework, MapKit, Core Foundation, Core Location, Cocoa Touch, Core Data, SwiftUI, UIKit, iOS SDK, Android SDK, Core ML


Alamofire, Google Maps SDK, REST APIs, CocoaPods, Parse SDK, OpenGL, React, Mixpanel iOS SDK


Charles, Postman, Xcode, Git, iOS Simulator, Android Studio, Terminal, Slack, TestFlight, GitHub, Sketch, Crashlytics, Fastlane, SonarQube


Dependency Injection, REST, Kanban, Scrum, KISS, DRY, Functional Programming, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Unit Testing, Agile


WatchOS, MacOS, Firebase, iOS, tvOS, Android, Parse Server, Linux, Windows, TestFairy, Blockchain, Apple TV, Android Watch


JSON, MySQL, Realm, NoSQL, MongoDB


Algorithms, Mobile App Development, iPhone, iPad, Data Structures, SOLID Principles, UI Testing, SPM, Social Networks, Carthage, QA Automation, Storyboarding, Wear OS, Cordova, Speech Recognition, Multithreading, Cryptocurrency, Machine Learning, Blue Prism, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Fastline

2009 - 2010

Specialist's Degree in Computer Systems and Networks

Mykhailo Ostrogradsky University - Kremenchuk, Ukraine

2005 - 2009

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering

Mykhailo Ostrogradsky University - Kremenchuk, Ukraine


Improving Service Delivery with Kanban Method

Lean Kanban University

Collaboration That Works

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