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Ramiro Castro

Ramiro Castro

Córdoba, Cordoba, Argentina
Member since February 18, 2014
Ramiro is a software developer with wide experience in system administration, dev-ops, back-end and front-end development of distributed applications.
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  • LAMP, 10 years
  • Front-end, 10 years
  • JavaScript, 6 years
  • Node.js, 6 years
  • DevOps, 2 years
  • Docker, 1 year
  • NoSQL, 1 year
Córdoba, Cordoba, Argentina
Preferred Environment
Ubuntu, Chrome, Sublime Text, Linux console, GIMP
The most amazing... I've developed is a middle-ware application that communicates in real-time with the browser, and a crawling back-end service.
  • Software Developer
    2009 - PRESENT
    Santex America S.A.
    • Developed data-oriented User Interfaces using HTML5, CSS 3, jQuery / jQuery UI / jqGrid, Backbone.js, AngularJS.
    • Developed Middleware applications using node.js, Socket.IO, Express, Jade.
    • Programmed RESTful Web Services using JSON.
    • Developed applications using Linux, PHP5, Apache/nginx and MySQL.
    • Designed and implemented testing and production web applications environments.
    • Drove web applications performance and reliability: tuning Apache and MySQL, Identifying and addressing performance bottlenecks.
    • Involved with the entire cycle of web applications development: planning functionalities and features, designing and implementing solutions, maintaining web sites.
    • Wrote technical specifications and thorough documentation.
    • Wrote change scripts and implementation procedures.
    • Trained and mentored semi-­senior team members.
    Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, node.js, jQuery, Apache, nginx, Linux, MySQL
  • System Administrator
    2009 - 2011
    Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services
    • Worked as System Administration for Unix and Wintel platforms in a high availability, 24x7 environment.
    • Provided technical support and guidance for large-scale critical production systems.
    • Was responsible for monitoring, troubleshooting, incident resolution, problem escalation, outage notifications, implementing changes, backup and maintenance, team coordination and customer interaction.
    • Communicated and coordinated with a broad range of users: developers, engineers, technical leaders, operations and management among others.
    • Required strong analytical and problem solving skills, and ability to work well under tight time constraints to resolve software and system issues in highly trafficked web applications.
    Technologies: Linux, Big-IP / F5
  • Developer
    2003 - 2011
    • Designed, coded, implemented, tested and deployed web applications.
    • Improved user experience creating interactive web interfaces using Javascript, Ajax, HTML and CSS.
    • Developed over 100 web projects using different MVS CMS platforms, open source libraries, using PHP5, Linux, Apache & MySQL.
    • Projects included HR applications, Marketing tools, Corporate Intranets, e-Learning & eCommerce portals, Web Sites.
    Technologies: PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Linux, Apache.
  • Santex Group Web Site (Development)

    Developed responsive web site and blog using Wordpress CMS to implement the provided graphic design.

  • Marketing Action Platform (Development)

    I have developed the UI for a Search Engine Marketing application platform used by companies such as IBM, Intel and others. I wrote the UI as a single page MVC application. It communicates with a Java back-end using JSON web services. This is a multi-user / multi-tenant application.
    I have also developed a middle-ware to communicate the UI to the back-end in real-time using Node.js and Socket.IO, and a PDF generator using PhantomJS.

  • TimeApp (Other amazing things)

    This is a DEMO application which lets users manage time-zones, helping you track the time of different cities.
    I wrote it from scratch, as a part-time project, in 2 weeks time, using AngularJS, Bootstrap (as CSS framework) and a RESTful PHP back-end, based on Slim micro-framework.

  • Languages
    JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, HTML5, Bash Script, CSS3, ECMAScript (ES6), TypeScript 2, TypeScript, Sass
  • Platforms
    Ubuntu, LAMP, Linux, Debian Linux, Drupal 8, Docker, Drupal, Windows, Unix, Acquia, Red Hat Linux, Meteor
  • Other
    Front-end, Full-stack, Back-end Development, Web Back-end, AJAX, User Experience (UX), System Administration, Chrome Extensions, ESLint
  • Frameworks
    Bootstrap, Angular, Bootstrap 3, AngularJS, Twig, Express.js, Slim, Laravel, ZURB Foundation, Ionic 2, CodeIgniter
  • Libraries/APIs
    Socket.IO, Node.js, jQuery, jQuery UI, Highcharts, Modernizr, React, Polymer, D3.js, Underscore.js, Lodash, PhantomJS, Backbone.js, RequireJS, Restify, Flot, RxJS, Mustache, Moment.js, LocalStorage
  • Tools
    Subversion (SVN), Bower, Docker Hub, BitBucket, GitHub, Git flow, Bower Front-end Dependency Manager, Docker Compose, Composer, Git, Shell, Apache, Nginx, Sublime Text 2, Grunt, Mongoose, PhpStorm, MySQL Workbench, SQLyog, Varnish, Apache JMeter, jqGrid, Jenkins, Confluence, Atlassian Confluence, JIRA, Sublime Text, Apache Solr, NPM, Yeoman, Webpack, Gulp.js
  • Paradigms
    Agile Software Development, DevOps, Model View Controller (MVC), Object-oriented Design (OOD), Scrum, REST, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Design Patterns, Responsive Web Design (RWD), Continuous Integration (CI), MapReduce
  • Storage
    JSON, Oracle PL/SQL, MySQL, Redis, PostgreSQL, Memcached, NoSQL, Firebird, Elasticsearch, MongoDB
  • Partially-completed degree in Systems Engineering
    1998 - 2006
    Universidad Tecnológica Nacional  - Córdoba
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science
    1996 - 1997
    Universidad Nacional de Córdoba - Córdoba, Argentina
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