Rogério Araújo, Software Developer in Goiânia - State of Goiás, Brazil
Rogério Araújo

Software Developer in Goiânia - State of Goiás, Brazil

Member since November 5, 2012
Rogério is a full-stack developer with 15 years of experience with software development and architecture. He has worked on several projects for customers in Brazil and globally. The range of projects include mobile, applications, desktop, and enterprise search applications.
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  • Leaf Logix
    Docker Compose, Microsoft SQL Server, Moment.js, TypeScript, LINQ, C#...
  • Power Home Remodeling Group
    Gradle, CocoaPods, Swift, Android, Java, JavaScript, React Native
  • DoseDr
    Realm, Redux-saga, Redux, React Native



Goiânia - State of Goiás, Brazil



Preferred Environment

Mercurial, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Atom

The most amazing... I've built is a Fandango-like iOS app for a Brazilian company.


  • Senior Software Engineer

    2019 - 2021
    Leaf Logix
    • Developed a mobile app and integrated it with label and receipt printers.
    • Created improvements and fixes for a POS app, the back end of another app, and SQL queries.
    • Created unit tests. Also created a Docker container to make it easy to use deploy an ERP database locally to help the user on daily development tasks.
    • Forked and improved and fixed open source libraries in favor of project needs.
    Technologies: Docker Compose, Microsoft SQL Server, Moment.js, TypeScript, LINQ, C#, JavaScript, Microsoft Visual Studio, .NET, ASP.NET Web API, SQL, React Native
  • Senior Software Engineer

    2018 - 2018
    Power Home Remodeling Group
    • Developed a React Native app for Android devices.
    • Added support for CI builds.
    • Created unit tests.
    • Fixed bugs and maintained the system.
    • Helped guide the development of new app architecture.
    • Forked and improved/fixed open source libraries in favor of project needs.
    Technologies: Gradle, CocoaPods, Swift, Android, Java, JavaScript, React Native
  • Senior Software Engineer

    2017 - 2017
    • Developed a mobile app using React Native.
    • Proposed libraries to be used.
    • Used Realm for data storage.
    • Created reusable reducers.
    • Created reusable sagas.
    Technologies: Realm, Redux-saga, Redux, React Native
  • Senior Software Engineer

    2016 - 2017
    Digital Gravity Media
    • Developed an Android app.
    • Added beta testing support with Testfairy.
    • Created reusable business logic with libraries like Refit.
    • Proposed app design.
    • Used libraries like ModernHttpClient to speed up network calls and NodaTime to make datetime handling easier.
    • Worked with gamification on the app.
    • Managed code readability with the help of Cheeseknife for view injection.
    • Managed app beta testing and preparing for store release.
    Technologies: TestFairy, C#, Xamarin
  • Senior Software Engineer

    2016 - 2017
    • Developed a mobile app and a back-end API.
    • Defined app design.
    • Designed solution architecture.
    • Created unit tests for mobile and back end.
    • Supported Heroku and AWS back ends.
    • Forked and improved/fixed open source libraries in favor of project needs.
    Technologies: Redux, Algolia, Heroku, Mocha, Enzyme, React, React Native
  • Senior Software Engineer

    2016 - 2016
    • Developed an iOS app.
    • Performed maintenance on an API.
    • Proposed mobile app design improvements.
    • Maintained a back-end API.
    • Proposed usability improvements.
    Technologies: Node.js, Stripe, React Native
  • Senior Software Engineer

    2016 - 2016
    Refined Edge Solutions
    • Developed for mobile and web.
    • Created reusable components for the UI.
    • Implemented social networking features.
    • Implemented content sharing features.
    • Proposed design improvements for better handling of authentication and sensitive information persistance.
    Technologies: Node.js, Redux, React Native
  • Senior Software Engineer/Product Manager

    2015 - 2016
    • Developed a fax processing engine.
    • Led the team and managed product.
    • Integrated with payment gateways like NMI and Authorize.Net.
    • Created unit tests.
    • Managed the back end on AWS by fixing logging code on the server application and improving application execution.
    • Added support to OCR using Tesseract to automate processing of order information for fraud detection.
    Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cucumber, RSpec, Sidekiq, Redis, AWS, jQuery, Bootstrap, MongoDB, Ruby
  • Senior Android Developer

    2015 - 2015
    MEGA, Inc.
    • Integrated with a Parse back end.
    • Integrated with Stripe for payment processing.
    • Handled continuous delivery with TestFairy.
    Technologies: Gradle, Crashlytics, Parse, Stripe, Android Studio
  • Senior Android Developer

    2015 - 2015
    • Created reusable code.
    • Integrated in-app payments.
    • Integrated Google Cloud Messaging.
    • Consumed a RESTful API with Retrofit.
    • Handled dependency injection with Roboguice.
    Technologies: Google Cloud Messaging, Retrofit, RoboGuice, Android Studio
  • Senior iOS Developer

    2015 - 2015
    App Factory
    • Integrated RESTful APIs.
    • Handled Apple Pay payments.
    • Proposed mobile app design.
    • Worked with integration tests using XCTest.
    Technologies: CocoaPods, JSONModel, AFNetworking, Apple Pay, Stripe, Objective-C, iOS
  • Senior Software Engineer

    2015 - 2015
    • Handled web development using Elixir and Phoenix framework on the back end and Angular with TypeScript on the front end.
    • Handled unit testing with ExUnit.
    • Integrated Chargify to handle subscriptions and recurring billing.
    • Implemented continuous integration with Travis.
    • Implemented test-driven development with ExUnit.
    Technologies: TypeScript, Angular, Test-driven Development (TDD), exunit, Phoenix, PostgreSQL, Erlang, Elixir
  • Senior Software Engineer

    2015 - 2015
    Fleetclean, Ltd.
    • Integrated Cocoapods for dependency management.
    • Maintained CodeIgniter-based web services.
    • Developed environment management with Docker.
    • Added integration tests with KIF.
    Technologies: MySQL, Docker, CodeIgniter, Objective-C, Core Data, Flurry, CocoaPods, Xcode, iOS
  • Senior Android Engineer

    2014 - 2014
    MODS Management
    • Developed Android applications.
    • Developed RESTful web APIs on top of ASP.NET MVC.
    • Maintained reusable code.
    • Kept track of development tasks over a GitHub issues tracker (solo initiative).
    • Handled acceptance testing with Robotium.
    Technologies: Ninject, SQLite, ORMLite, RoboGuice, Java, LINQ to SQL, Gradle, Android Studio, TestFairy, ASP.NET Web API, IIS, GitHub, Microsoft SQL Server, Android
  • .NET Developer

    2014 - 2014
    Peter Franklin
    • Maintained a tool to generate a Google Transit Feed.
    Technologies: Microsoft Access, Google Docs, Windows Forms, C#
  • .NET Developer

    2014 - 2014
    Robins Golf Logistix
    • Added new features to a golf coach academy portal.
    • Reworked an admin area look and feel.
    • Handled front-end development using web standards.
    Technologies: BrainTree, SendGrid, Bower, Bootstrap, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AppHarbor, Less, jQuery, ASP.NET MVC
  • Senior C# Developer

    2013 - 2014
    American Mortgage Consultants, Inc. (via Toptal)
    • Developed an income analysis application using ASP.NET MVC.
    • Maintained a database model.
    • Handled UI development using jQuery UI widgets.
    Technologies: TFS, ASP.NET Web Forms, MVC Razor, Microsoft SQL Server, jQuery, CodeSmith, ASP.NET MVC
  • Senior iOS Developer

    2012 - 2012
    Worry Free Labs, Inc.
    • Developed iOS components.
    • Integrated GitHub libraries.
    • Managed TestFlight.
    • Managed device and profile.
    • Made project estimates.
    Technologies: Objective-C, iOS
  • Software Developer

    2012 - 2012
    • Developed a FAST ESP back end to provide job vacancy search and resume search.
    • Developed an ASP.NET-based search front end.
    • Maintained and refined content indexing.
    • Created PowerShell and batch scripts for pushing database content to a search engine indexer.
    • Created a search front-end prototype in pure ASP.NET with user controls.
    Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server, jQuery, FAST ESP, ASP.NET, ASP
  • Software Engineer

    2007 - 2011
    Druid Internet Systems
    • Created an iOS application for a Brazilian customer (a Fandango-like app).
    • Developed an enterprise search solution for a Brazilian mobile carrier site search and call center portal content search.
    • Developed an internet banking front end on top of JavaServer Faces.
    • Developed FAST ESP search API for ASP and PHP.
    • Architected and developed a web admin module and REST service for URL categorization with FAST ESP content processing integration via Python scripts (document stages).
    • Installed and supported an Atlassian ecosystem.
    • Developed a restaurant reservation site on top of ASP.NET MVC.
    Technologies: Eclipse, jQuery, Apache Tomcat, JBoss, Hibernate, Spring, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Android, iOS, XML, FAST ESP, Python, Java
  • Software Engineer

    2006 - 2007
    FAST Search and Transfer
    • Developed a search front end for the Financial Times (a risk assessment portal prototype).
    • Developed a search front end on top of FAST ESP for Vivo (a Brazilian mobile carrier).
    • Co-authored Project Jigsaw, a Java framework for fast development of search engine front ends on top of FAST ESP and JSF.
    • Developed FAST ESP stages in Python.
    Technologies: Python, MySQL, FAST ESP, Hibernate, JSF, Java
  • Software Developer

    2005 - 2006
    Court of Justice of Goiás – Brazil
    • Developed and maintained several web applications built on top of PHP and Java languages. All Java applications were powered by JSF, Hibernate, and XDoclet.
    • Implemented a proof of concept solution on top of Java Portlets with Liferay Portal.
    • Developed a bodyguard library: a set of EL functions to help to integrate Spring Security with Facelets.
    • Developed PHP classes to facilitate integration of a PHP application with JOSSO.
    Technologies: PostgreSQL, PHP, Java
  • Software Developer

    2000 - 2005
    C&S Computadores e Sistemas
    • Handled ERP solution development using Delphi and Oracle.
    • Developed a small set of ASP.NET 1.0 controls for internal use.
    • Developed an eCommerce product on top of PHP and MySQL.
    • Developed a proof of concept application on top of JBOSS/J2EE.
    • Developed a field of sales application with .NET Compact Framework.
    Technologies: .NET, Palm OS, SuperWaba, J2ME, PHP, ASP.NET, Oracle, Delphi



  • Languages

    C#, Java, Objective-C, PHP, JavaScript, Swift 2, Elixir, SQL, TypeScript 3, Python, XML, Delphi, Less, Erlang, TypeScript, Ruby, Swift
  • Frameworks

    Spring JDBC, Spring MVC, React Native, Android SDK, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET, Spring, JavaServer Faces, Mojolicious, Redux, Loopback, Hibernate, ASP, JSF, .NET, MVC Razor, ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET Web API, ORMLite, Core Data, CodeIgniter, Phoenix, Angular, AFNetworking, JSONModel, Bootstrap, Grails, Prototype Framework
  • Libraries/APIs

    React, LINQ, CocoaPods, RoboGuice, jQuery, jQuery UI, Node.js, Moment.js, Facebook iOS SDK, React Redux, Windows Forms, Flurry, Stripe, Retrofit, Sidekiq, Redux-saga, RxJS
  • Tools

    Atom, Ninject, Eclipse IDE, Microsoft Visual Studio, Notepad++, Docker Compose, NPM, Bower, Gradle, NGINX, lighttpd, Apache Solr, Autofac, Apache Tomcat, Visual Studio, Mercurial, CodeSmith, TFS, SendGrid, Google Docs, Microsoft Access, GitHub, Android Studio, LINQ to SQL, Xcode, Google Cloud Messaging, Crashlytics, RSpec, Cucumber, Mocha
  • Paradigms

    Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Agile Software Development, Functional Programming, Mobile Development, Test-driven Development (TDD)
  • Platforms

    MacOS, Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, Xamarin, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Oracle, FAST ESP, JBoss, Eclipse, J2ME, AppHarbor, TestFairy, Docker, Parse, Heroku, Algolia, NetBeans
  • Other

    Enzyme, Apache Commons, SuperWaba, Palm OS, BrainTree, IIS, exunit, Apple Pay, AWS
  • Storage

    PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Redis, Realm


  • MBA Degree in IT Management
    2014 - 2015
    IPOG - Goiânia, Brazil
  • Bachelor's Degree in Computing
    2001 - 2005
    Universidade Salgado de Oliveira - Goiânia, Brazil

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