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Sagar Giri

Verified Expert  in Engineering

WordPress Developer

Kathmandu, Central Development Region, Nepal
Toptal Member Since
October 18, 2021

Sagar is a full-stack developer with six years of experience working with companies and agencies themes—lately as a remote developer for an Australian company. He's keen on WooCommerce for integrating eCommerce platforms on WordPress and using Elementor as a page builder. Sagar's also authored several plugins on—Active Campaign & Contact Form 7, SALERT – Fake Sales Notification WooCommerce, and Nepal PayTime—and several WordPress themes like WPparallax, Opstore, and Ultra Seven.


PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Apache, MySQL, WordPress, Stripe API, Firebase, Emarsys...
ActiveCampaign, PHP, WordPress, WordPress API, PSD to WordPress, HTML, CSS...
Global Lux Incorporated
WordPress, WordPress Themes




Preferred Environment

Git, Bitbucket, Sublime Text, MySQL, Apache, PHP

The most amazing...

...plugin I've developed is an ActiveCampaign integration for Contact Form 7 that sends CF7 data to AC via an API available on .org with 5,000+ active downloads.

Work Experience

Full-stack WordPress Developer

2019 - PRESENT
  • Developed an online news platform——for Octomedia, where users can purchase a membership to access premium content.
  • Used a Firebase authentication system for the online platform login and registration instead of the WordPress default login system.
  • Worked with 3rd-party APIs like Stripe for payment and Emarsys for marketing campaigns.
  • Managed all six Inside Retail sites as part of my role.
  • Centralized the login and registration system for all six websites at once using the WordPress REST API.
Technologies: PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Apache, MySQL, WordPress, Stripe API, Firebase, Emarsys, ActiveCampaign, WooCommerce, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), Ajax, WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins, HTML to WordPress, Bitbucket, Contact Form 7, eCommerce, Git, Elementor, JavaScript, Laravel, HTML5, PSD to WordPress, Sublime Text, WordPress API, WordPress Design, WordPress Multisite, REST APIs, APIs, Web Development, cPanel, SQL, Stripe, Bootstrap, Development, Design, Front-end, Data Migration, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), API Integration, SEO Tools, WordPress Theme Design, Responsive UI, Full-stack, Back-end, WP Engine, Google Analytics, Responsive Coding, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Client Portals, User Management, Theme Customization, Figma, Subscriptions, UI Design, LMS, Integration, SendGrid, Accessibility, PHP 7, Gutenberg Editor

Senior WordPress Developer | Founder

2017 - PRESENT
  • Developed themes and plugins for and premium versions on site.
  • Managed five employees as a project manager to complete a theme or plugin.
  • Installed 20,000+ active plugins and 10,000+ active themes on
Technologies: ActiveCampaign, PHP, WordPress, WordPress API, PSD to WordPress, HTML, CSS, jQuery, WooCommerce, WooCommerce Subscriptions 2, HTML to WordPress, WordPress Plugins, WordPress Themes, WordPress eCommerce, WordPress Multisite, Ajax, JavaScript, Git, Bitbucket, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), Contact Form 7, eCommerce, Elementor, Apache, HTML5, MySQL, WordPress Design, WPML, REST APIs, APIs, Web Development, cPanel, SQL, Bootstrap, Payment APIs, Development, Design, Front-end, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), API Integration, SEO Tools, WordPress Theme Design, Responsive UI, Responsive Web Design (RWD), Landing Pages, Full-stack, Back-end, Plugins, Sports Websites, HubSpot, Google Analytics, Responsive Coding, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Plugin Development, Hosting, Theme Customization, Figma, Subscriptions, UI Design, Directories, Beaver Builder, Integration, SendGrid, Accessibility, PHP 7, Gutenberg Editor

WordPress Web Developer

2024 - 2024
Global Lux Incorporated
  • Fixed a critical issue in the website and updated the PHP version to the latest.
  • Updated and maintained WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Added a few pages to the website to showcase the client portfolio.
Technologies: WordPress, WordPress Themes

WordPress Theme Developer

2024 - 2024
Onyx Marketing LLC.
  • Developed the HTML version of a given design in a WordPress site.
  • Set up mail integration with SMTP configuration on the website.
  • Installed Cloudflare and caching plugins for better optimization.
Technologies: WordPress, Elementor, WordPress Themes, CSS, HTML, UI Design, UX Design

WordPress Developer

2024 - 2024
Cinema Systems Corp
  • Made page refinements with content change and added a few more sections.
  • Added a portfolio section to showcase clients' projects.
  • Updated and maintained WordPress themes and plugins.
Technologies: WordPress, WordPress Themes, Front-end

WordPress Developer

2024 - 2024
The Informed Consultant LLC
  • Developed a complete website, including the front end and back end.
  • Built a registration and payment flow for the website users.
  • Developed a back-end dashboard for the website users.
Technologies: WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Stripe, APIs

Senior WordPress Developer

2016 - 2019
Responsive Pixel
  • Developed themes and plugins for, ThemeForest, and CodeCanyon.
  • Completed more than 100 clients' projects and worked on their feedbacks until full approval.
  • Managed tasks and clients' feedbacks using Trello and ClickUp.
  • Built a website for a client with a combination of a 3rd-party Wheel API and WooCommerce for a car rental service in Greece.
Technologies: PHP, WordPress, WooCommerce, MySQL, Apache, jQuery, CSS, ActiveCampaign, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), Ajax, Bitbucket, Contact Form 7, eCommerce, Elementor, Emarsys, Firebase, Git, GitLab, HTML, HTML5, HTML to WordPress, JavaScript, Laravel, PSD to WordPress, Sublime Text, Stripe API, WooCommerce API, WooCommerce Subscriptions 2, WordPress API, WordPress Design, WordPress Multisite, WordPress eCommerce, WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins, WPML, REST APIs, APIs, Web Development, cPanel, SQL, Stripe, Bootstrap, Payment APIs, Development, Design, Data Migration, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), API Integration, SEO Tools, WordPress Theme Design, Responsive UI, Landing Pages, Full-stack, Back-end, Google Analytics, Responsive Coding, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Mailchimp, Hosting, Theme Customization, Subscriptions, UI Design, LMS, Beaver Builder, Integration, Accessibility, PHP 7, Gutenberg Editor

Technical Support | Junior Developer

2015 - 2016
Accesspress Themes
  • Handled hundreds of clients once a day via live chat and mail as a technical support member.
  • Customized themes and plugins according to users' needs.
  • Developed the free WordPress theme for and partially helped on the premium version.
Technologies: PHP, WordPress, WooCommerce, jQuery, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), Bitbucket, Apache, CSS, HTML, Contact Form 7, Elementor, Sublime Text, HTML to WordPress, WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins, MySQL, WPML, Git, JavaScript, eCommerce, Web Development, Bootstrap, Development, Design, Theme Customization

Full-stack Developer for
A WordPress website with educational content. Embedded in the content of the pages, the website includes a reverse mortgage calculator plugin. This plugin gets the user inputs and does the calculations while feeding the information to Salesforce using the Salesforce API.

I focused on the theme design implementation, creating the content pages and calculator plugin, and integration with Salesforce.

News Portal Websites
Inside Retail is one of the most trusted retail industry publications globally targeting the retail industry, published by Octomedia, one of Australia's leading B2B publishers. What started as a weekly newspaper in 1971 is today a retail education hub featuring daily news, analysis, executive interviews, and more from their network of journalists and contributors.

I developed their online platform to publish free and premium articles. They have six websites that share a single system for authentication. Firebase authentication is used instead of a standard WordPress system. Users must purchase a membership to access premium content, and the Stripe API handles the subscription process. The email campaigns are sent via Emarsys and ActiveCampaign, so user data is sent to the platform via their API.

Directory Listing Website
Inside Franchise Business is a brand listing website with advanced search filters based on Australia. It has premium and free brand listings, whereas premium listings have features to make inquiries to their franchise.

ActiveCampaign API Integration
I developed an ActiveCampaign integration with Contact Form 7 as an add-on that helps extend subscription lists and collect unlimited leads. Users can easily add their contacts in ActiveCampaign when submitting their contact form.

Fake Sales Notification Plugin
Salert is an effective marketing tool designed to increase the conversion of site visitors into customers and it also has a feature to generate fake sales notifications to engage visitors, where this plugin can generate notifications without the WooCommerce plugin.

I developed this plugin by targeting eCommerce platform websites that want to increase sales by showing their sales notification—even if they are not selling much, they can show fake sales notifications to website visitors.

WordPress Themes
Authored several free themes on according to their coding standards and these themes can be used as multipurpose news and magazines and eCommerce sites.

I am constantly releasing updates for these themes to make them compatible with the latest WordPress version.

LMS Website
It is an LMS website with the option to manage courses in the back end, and teachers can access those contents after logging in to their accounts for specific roles. Premium teachers can access all the course lessons, whereas free teachers can only access limited courses.

Website Migration for the International Council for Canada Studies
The project involved the overall migration of their site built in standard PHP to WordPress. Migrated all the databases and pages of the old site to the new one and entirely changed the homepage design.

Harpke Family Farm
Harpke Family Farm is a WooCommerce-based website that sells its products online wholesale. The main feature is that the order can be placed from the back end with the delivery and pick-up date. The admin has a detailed report download system in the back end and all the orders are synced with Quickbook API.

The Beach House at Lakeside
The Beach House at Lakeside is a vacation rental website showing two lakeside cottages with all their facilities and details. Visitors can check all the property details and make reservations through the website.

Real Estate Website Development

Ten Rents is a real estate website built with Houzez WordPress theme where there are two different logins for the landlord and tenants. The landlord can list their properties on the website by registering their account. The tenant can view their listings, inquire about the property, and schedule an inspection time. The tenant can pay the landlord via their dashboard account on the site.

Avance Car Rental Service
I developed the website of Avance, a car rental service in Greece, for listing the vehicles and hiring system and the site is under the WordPress platform, which involves WooCommerce and third-party API integration. All the vehicles are being fetched from the API and integrated with WooCommerce to list them towards visitors. The system works with two-way communication between WooCommerce and third-party APIs.

Avance is a car rental service for Greece. They offer different category vehicles to their customers to hire for their purpose. Overall, visitors can choose their pickup and drop-off location, together with the date and available vehicles listed out—they can pick any vehicles easily as per their needs.

The standard CMS pages on the site are built with the Elementor page builder. It is a multilingual site, so the WPML plugin is used for switching the website to different languages. Also, there is Google Maps integration for locations.


A website where students could purchase a learning course according to their personality. The personality is assessed through answers to questions, and each user is assigned to a specific tutor. Stripe is used for subscribing to lessons, and the Calendly API is used for scheduling lessons according to the tutor's availability.

Astrology Site
An astrology website where visitors can fill up their personal details to get specific astrological information. The website is based on an API connected by one of the forms in the website. When visitors fill out the form, it sends their data to and gets results from that API. After that, a user is created automatically, their data is saved in the back end, and their results are shown on their profile page in front end.

Site Maintainence

I worked on a website that collects user data via HubSpot integration. They had an issue with connecting HubSpot that needed a quick fix. After that, I updated their site with all themes and plugins with the latest version.

Website Migration from WIX to WordPress
Scoreify was built on WIX, and the client wanted to move the entire website into WordPress. I set up a WordPress site and moved all the pages there. I also implemented page builder Elementor to create layouts for the homepage and other pages.

A Custom Plugin
A custom plugin I developed to display media files according to assigned user profiles. I worked with proxy servers as the client has IP restrictions. The overall site performance was checked and updated by WordPress.

Website Manager
HubSpot landing pages for a marketing client. I handled server-level redirection according to conditions 301 and 302. I also tracked working hours on Harvest as their platform. I did the overall performance check for the website.

Custom WooCommerce Site Development
A landing page for an upcoming website to showcase their product. I converted the Figma design into a website using the Elementor page builder. I also added custom animations and CSS code to make a website exact to the design flow.

Learning Platform Website
Pengrid 24 is an educational content site that I developed using WordPress. Its additional features include registration and user login, allowing registered users to upload and download content to the site, and responsive design.

WordPress/WooCommerce Developer for a Bottle Refill Site

A refill website for cleaning products, shampoos, and washing up liquids. Our website will be an eCommerce platform where users can purchase the products, request refills (which involves sending back the bottle and paying a lower price), or return their used bottles (and receive some credit). This will require us to handle bottle tracking and consider three different prices for each product: purchase price, refill price, and credit for the returned bottle.
2014 - 2018

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Information Technology

Henry Ford International College - Nepal


jQuery, WordPress API, WooCommerce API, REST APIs, Stripe, Stripe API, Google Maps, Google Maps API, QuickBooks API, Salesforce API


Git, Bitbucket, Sublime Text, GitLab, Google Analytics, Figma, SendGrid, Apache, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), WPML, Mailchimp, SendinBlue, LearnDash, Gutenberg Editor


Bootstrap, Laravel


PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, SQL, PHP 7, HTML5


Responsive Web Design (RWD), Responsive Coding, Hosting, UI Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), UX Design, Responsive


WordPress, WooCommerce, Web, cPanel, WordPress Theme Design, Firebase, Emarsys, HubSpot, Mapbox, Webflow

Industry Expertise

Web Design


WP Engine, MySQL


Contact Form 7, Ajax, eCommerce, WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins, WordPress eCommerce, HTML to WordPress, WordPress Multisite, WordPress Design, Web Development, APIs, Plugins, Payment APIs, Development, Design, Front-end, API Integration, Responsive UI, Landing Pages, Full-stack, Back-end, Webhooks, Sports Websites, Google Tag Manager, Plugin Development, Client Portals, User Management, Theme Customization, Subscriptions, Content Management Systems (CMS), Directories, FTP, Integration, Accessibility, ActiveCampaign, PSD to WordPress, WooCommerce Subscriptions 2, Elementor, Data Migration, User Experience (UX), SEO Tools, Google Search Console, LMS, Beaver Builder, Themes, Event Calendars, Yoast SEO, Gravity Forms, User Interface (UI), Theme Development, PayPal, WordPress LMS, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Forms, GoDaddy, Web UI, Child Themes

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