Samvel Hovsepyan, Developer in Yerevan, Armenia

Samvel Hovsepyan

Algorithms Developer

Yerevan, Armenia
Toptal Member Since
June 18, 2018

Samvel has expertise in design, development, and deployment of low latency, high-performance multi-node C++ complex systems. His strong algorithmic background and industrial experience in financial and cloud storage systems development makes him a great candidate for a large variety of challenging projects. Samvel prioritizes client requirements and does his best to over-deliver with the highest code quality.

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Alteryx (via Toptal)
C++, Python, Git, C#, MongoDB, SQL, Google Cloud
Armenian Code Academy
C++17, C++14, C++11
Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Amazon EC2, AWS EMR, R, Xerces, Shell, Perl, Boost...


Yerevan, Armenia



Preferred Environment

Linux, Windows

The most amazing...

...thing I've coded is an automated, fault tolerant trading service. It operates based on user's trading algorithm, which takes as an input real-time market data.

Work Experience

2019 - 2022

C++ Developer

Alteryx (via Toptal)
  • Developed various data connector modules to connect the company's solution with external data sources and read new file formats, such as a BigQuery Python connector, a C++ module for Teradata, and various Open Database Connectivity connectors.
  • Handled secure data synchronization, such as password and user authorization, while working in the data connections management team. I also participated in architecture design discussions.
  • Reported results daily in stand-up meetings while working autonomously on tasks.
Technologies: C++, Python, Git, C#, MongoDB, SQL, Google Cloud
2019 - 2019


Armenian Code Academy
  • Lectured students and junior programmers on C++17, data structures, and algorithms.
  • Graded students based on their performances and recommended them to local IT companies.
  • Held classes for groups consisting of 15-20 students.
Technologies: C++17, C++14, C++11
2012 - 2019

Senior Software Developer

  • Served as the main developer of Orders Management, an automated trading tool.
  • Designed and implemented OneTick's order book logic.
  • Wrote collectors, loaders, and publishers for Financial Information eXchange (FIX), Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA), and MarketPrizm.
  • Added XML and JSON files load support for OneTick.
  • Developed C and C++ modules that were native for Python with NumPy and R and provided OneTick API functionality.
  • Contributed to a project that allowed OneTick to operate on the Amazon cloud.
Technologies: Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Amazon EC2, AWS EMR, R, Xerces, Shell, Perl, Boost, Standard Template Library (STL), C++, Python, Python API
2018 - 2018

Senior Software Developer

DC Engines
  • Participated in product architecture design processes, big unstructured data processing, and querying platform.
  • Implemented query expressions evaluation and execution module.
  • Designed an API and functional support for leaf worker machines.
  • Built and managed third-party tools and libraries.
Technologies: Google, Apache Arrow, Parquet, Folly, Facebook, Boost, C++14
2015 - 2017


Russian - Armenian University
  • Lectured the object-oriented programming class to second-year students.
  • Taught the data structures and algorithms class to second-year students.
  • Conducted exams, evaluated homework, and provided feedback on students' performances.
Technologies: Data Structures, Algorithms, Object-oriented Programming (OOP)
2011 - 2012

Software Engineer

  • Organized Virage Logic's third-party tools standardization to Synopsys global standards.
  • Implemented Virage Logic's make system according to Synopsys standards.
  • Managed a group of two developers. My team handled building pipelines.
Technologies: Valgrind, Perforce, Makefile, g++, GCC
2010 - 2011

Junior C/C++ Developer

  • Worked on the company's product, which was an authentication system based on fingerprints written on C.
  • Implemented part of a remote sensors subsystem that allowed users to authenticate remotely.
  • Wrote a sample console application, which demonstrated Unified SDK's capabilities.
Technologies: Valgrind, VNC, Visual Studio, PuTTY, CVS, Standard Template Library (STL), C, C++


Fully Parallel Queries Execution Library

I developed an SQL queries execution library in the scope of the GaneshaDB project at DCEngines.

The library is written in C++14. It parses an SQL query into an abstract syntax tree, then simultaneously executes the tree using Facebook folly futures. It deals with the Apache parquet and arrow formats, as we store the database in parquet files.

Historical and Real-time Market Data Loaders

While working at OneMarketData I designed and developed different kinds of market data loaders. I developed both, real-time and historical data loaders.

During these kinds of projects, I got familiar with the financial data formats such as Reuters, FIX, OPRA, and MarketPrizm.

Financial Market Orders Generation and Execution System

At OneMarketData I led a small team in building financial market orders generation and execution system. We named it Orders Management (OM) system.

OM is a distributed system written on C++, which can automatically handle all the steps and issues that appear in automated algo trading, including automated signal generation based on a given trading algorithm, responses handling and fault tolerance issues.

The system supports FIX and AMQP protocols to communicate with third-party exchanges and brokers.

Special Libraries for Python and R Native Environments

At OneMarketData I designed and developed two libraries that allow using company's product functionalities from Python and R shells. To develop these libraries I learned Python and R C APIs.

Third Parties Integration with Synopsys Standards

In 2012 I was hired at Synopsys to integrate Virage Logic company's third parties and build tools with Synopsys global standards. At that time Synopsys acquired Virage Logic company.

I led a team of two developers. We managed to fully complete the task in six months, however, initially it was planned to be fulfilled in nine months.



Python, C++, C++14, Perl, C, R, C++11, C++17, C#, JavaScript, Java, SQL


Microsoft Visual Studio, GDB, Valgrind, PuTTY, CMake, Git, CVS, Shell, Visual Studio, GCC, Makefile, Perforce, PyCharm


Blockchain Development, Data Structures, Multithreading, Algorithms, RPC, Distributed Systems, Development, VNC, Xerces, Facebook, Parquet, Google, g++, Vehicle Routing, Sanitizers, Arrow, Back-end Development, Machine Learning, Software Development, Video Processing, Video Streaming, Google BigQuery


Google Test, Apache Thrift, Boost, AWS EMR, Qt


Object-oriented Design (OOD), Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Agile, Scrum, Design Patterns, Parallel Programming


Windows, Linux, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon EC2, Apache Arrow, Blockchain, MacOS, Solaris


Distributed Databases, NoSQL, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), ScyllaDB, MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, Google Cloud


Standard Template Library (STL), Folly, ODBC, Python API, TensorFlow, Sockets


2013 - 2016

PhD in Image Processing

Russian-Armenian University - Yerevan, Armenia

2011 - 2013

Master's Degree in Computer Science

Russian-Armenian University - Yerevan, Armenia

2007 - 2011

Bachelor's Degree in Applied Mathematics and Informatics

Russian-Armenian University - Yerevan, Armenia



Supervised Machine Learning: Regression and Classification

Stanford | via Coursera


Basics of C++ Development: Red Belt