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Tade Ajiboye

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Virtual Reality (VR) Developer

Lagos, Nigeria
Toptal Member Since
December 6, 2019

Tade is a creative Unity developer. He utilizes Unity to develop games, augmented reality, and virtual reality experiences. Being one of the very few accomplished Unity developers in his home country, he has had the opportunity to work on diverse and innovative solutions. An example of this would be leVRn, a VR solution backed by the UNICEF Innovation Fund that aims to solve education problems in Nigeria.


ARCore, ARKit, C#, Game Development, Firebase, Unity3D, Node.js, APIs...
Blender, HTC Vive, ARCore, Unity3D, Unity, Game Development, Oculus, Google VR...
Forsan Foods & Consumer Products Co. Ltd.
React Native, Mobile Games, Mobile Game Development, iOS, Android




Preferred Environment

Unity, Blender, WebStorm, JetBrains Rider, ARCore, ARKit

The most amazing...

...innovation I've spearheaded was solving the formerly impossible task of using a Leap Motion Controller (hand tracker) with mobile-driven VR.

Work Experience

Unity Developer

2021 - PRESENT
  • Developed tooling used by artists to create AR filters with face tracking, body tracking, and a whole assortment of features.
  • Contributed to developing the Filta app to preview, buy, and sell AR filters as NFTs.
  • Set up a server-side Unity instance running on AWS to create asset bundles on the cloud for the packaging and distribution of AR filters.
  • Built a virtual camera for both macOS and Windows that allows users to use AR filters in all their video conferencing tools. Interfaced this with Unity.
Technologies: ARCore, ARKit, C#, Game Development, Firebase, Unity3D, Node.js, APIs, Cloud Firestore, Augmented Reality (AR), Xcode

Unity Developer

2016 - PRESENT
  • Worked with DoubleTap software to develop Soccer Battle, a real-time multiplayer soccer game played by over a million people worldwide. Contributed to the implementation of gameplay, networking, and social features.
  • Developed solely Water Bubble, an amazing 2D arcade game on iOS and Android with 10,000+ downloads and a 4.8 rating.
  • Led the development of Kanji Drive, a VR driving school simulator that was selected as a part of Facebook's Accelerator Program.
  • Cooperated with digital marketing agencies to develop games and VR experiences that increased their clients' outreach.
Technologies: Blender, HTC Vive, ARCore, Unity3D, Unity, Game Development, Oculus, Google VR, ARKit, SteamVR, Node.js, C#, APIs

Mobile Game Developer

2021 - 2022
Forsan Foods & Consumer Products Co. Ltd.
  • Built an entire tower defense game with multiple levels of progression and abilities. Devised an endless level for the game.
  • Developed an editable system that allowed the easy setup of new levels and enemy types.
  • Created a tournament system around the tower defense game for users to play and win prizes.
Technologies: React Native, Mobile Games, Mobile Game Development, iOS, Android

Lead AR/VR/XR Developer

2021 - 2021
Content House Studio LLC
  • Brainstormed ideas with the team to come up with a viable furniture product.
  • Developed augmented reality prototypes to help visualize possible versions of the product.
  • Researched various technologies that can be used to achieve results.
Technologies: Leadership, Unity, C#, ARKit, ARCore, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR)

Unity Developer

2020 - 2020
Radical Solutions, Inc.
  • Implemented the entire UI design for Radical Studios, a real-time motion capture desktop app.
  • Handled the encryption of data files pertaining to motion capture data.
  • Designed an interactive scene to help visualize 3D animation data recorded from motion capture.
Technologies: Unity, C#

Unity Developer

2020 - 2020
DoubleTap Software
  • Implemented many new features for Soccer Battle. These include social features like a friend request system, chatting between friends, tracking and displaying previous match history, recovery accounts, and many more.
  • Fixed numerous gameplay bugs, including networking issues, animation bugs, and others.
  • Introduced new processes that enabled fluid work between members. This included various Git, Unity, and build/deployment practices.
Technologies: Mobile Game Development, Game Development, Unity3D, C#

Virtual Reality Mentor/Reviewer

2017 - 2019
  • Mentored over 50 students in virtual reality development.
  • Reviewed multiple student VR projects with relevant feedback that enabled them to improve their learning.
  • Created and hosted VR-related webinars that further improved the learning experience of students.
Technologies: HTC Vive, Unity3D, Unity, Virtual Reality (VR), C#

Lead VR Developer

2017 - 2019
Imisi 3D
  • Led the development of every AR/VR project, including games, educational experiences, and others.
  • Managed a team of five to organize and conduct bimonthly AR/VR meetups that taught an average of 100 participants different AR/VR practices.
  • Led a team of five, including a researcher, a developer, and a designer, in the development of leVRn, a VR project solving educational problems in Nigeria. It was in the UNICEF Innovation Fund Cohort.
  • Provided mentorship for selected AR/VR fledgling developers.
Technologies: HTC Vive, ARCore, Unity3D, Unity, Virtual Reality (VR), Oculus, Google VR SDK, ARKit, SteamVR, Node.js, C#

VR Baseball Simulator

This is a VR simulator for baseball where players can practice their baseball hitting skills and record their high scores. It was built in under two weeks for the HTC Vive and other room-scale VR headsets.

leVRn-Concepts: Time Relativity

This is one of the leVRn-Concepts experiences centered around clarifying the wonders of time relativity. It is a VR experience that puts phenomena like velocity-time dilation into perspective. It was built in 48 hours for a hackathon by a small team of three, where I was the sole developer.


leVRn was an educational game created by a small team of four for the first VR Hackathon in Africa. It won. It uses the Montessori style of teaching to teach programming. leVRn uses the Leap Motion Controller and a Gear VR, a previously impossible combo until I wrote an open-source tool to interface them.

I served as the lead developer for the entire experience.


ARnagrams was a quick AR hack (project) built as a fast way to showcase my skills in AR development. It is simply an anagram game in AR where the user tries to rearrange a series of letters to form a word.

Shooter Arena

Shooter Arena is a competitive two-player rapid-shooter game where speed and accuracy are key. Users can play as the shooter or defender and battle it out in an amazing arena!

Get it on iOS and Android.

Mosquito VR

MosquitoVR is an Oculus Rift experience where the user kills mosquitoes with a bathroom slipper in a Nigerian-themed home. In Nigeria, malaria is a rampant illness, and this game-like experience creates awareness about it.

Soccer Battle

Soccer Battle is a real-time online PVP soccer game for both Android and iOS. Players can team up with their friends and play exciting matches against people from all around the world.

I implemented many interesting features, including a friend request system, chat with teammates, match history, etc.


This open-source tool facilitates an easy way of making queries and mutations to a GraphQL server from Unity. GraphQL-Client-Unity solves the problem of communicating with a GraphQL server from Unity with an easy-to-use client.

Gear-VR-Leap Unity

A workaround in Unity to use the Leap Motion Controller with Gear VR (or any other headset that doesn't support it).

It is currently impossible to use Leap Motion with the Gear VR (using Unity 3D). You can't plug in Leap to the phone or the gear and access its data from there. Furthermore, Leap Motion's Android SDK is (as of this writing) in alpha (invite-only, with invites closed). Gear-VR-Leap Unity solves this.

Spark AR Birthday Filter

This is a filter I made for a friend's birthday. It places his face on the user's head and, depending on the user's head angle, replaces the image with a more accurate image of my friend's face.

What's impressive about this project is that it was my first time using Spark AR. I completed it in one night (the night before his birthday), demonstrating my ability to assimilate new technology.

Ludix: Battle of the Lake

Ludix is a compilation of minigames being developed by Feranmi Oladosu and me. It plays the wonderful adventures of Ludix, a magical girl with elemental powers. Battle of the Lake is the first minigame of this series and is a top-down 3D shooter.

Water Bubble

Water Bubble is a 2D arcade game that takes the fun memories of a childhood game and brings it to life with colorful graphics on your mobile device. I built it entirely, with the UI design done by Ire Aderinokun.


C#, JavaScript, GraphQL, C++


Unity, Unity3D, ARKit, React Native


GitHub, Prisma, JetBrains Rider, WebStorm, Blender, Google VR SDK, Trello, Git, Xcode


Google VR, SteamVR, Firebase, Oculus, ARCore, Google Daydream, Vuforia, Oculus Rift, iOS, Android


Game Development, Mobile Game Development, Virtual Reality (VR), APIs, Augmented Reality (AR), HTC Vive, Oculus Go, User Interface (UI), Game Design, Mobile Games, Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Virtual Reality App Design, Leadership, 3D Modeling




Cloud Firestore, MongoDB


Mobile Game Design

2014 - 2019

Bachelor's Degree in Electrical/Electronics Engineering

University of Lagos - Lagos, Nigeria


Certified Virtual Reality Developer


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