Tamara Margulis, Developer in Montevideo, Montevideo Department, Uruguay
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Tamara Margulis

Verified Expert  in Engineering

WordPress Developer

Montevideo, Montevideo Department, Uruguay
Toptal Member Since
March 18, 2021

Resourceful WordPress and WooCommerce developer, problem solver, and attentive listener, Tamara believes in productive communication and careful planning for successful project outcomes. She has experience building WordPress-based sites from scratch, developing complex and straightforward Plugins, providing WooCommerce solutions, solving performance issues, and building API integrations.


ACF PRO, Elementor, WP Job Manager, BuddyPress, PHP, NGINX, jQuery, JavaScript...
Remote Freelancer
LearnDash, ACF PRO, Membership Sites, MemberPress, Stripe API, PayPal API...
Remote Freelancer
PHP, Stripe API, Membership Sites, WordPress, JavaScript, jQuery, Stripe...




Preferred Environment

WordPress, PHP, Elasticsearch, WooCommerce, WordPress API, WordPress Plugins, APIs, Gravity Forms, AffiliateWP, BuddyPress

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on is migrating a high-traffic forum website with millions of posts, half a million users, and significant ad monetization to WordPress.

Work Experience

Senior Full-stack WordPress Developer

2021 - PRESENT
  • Assisted in defining which components would be used to achieve a series of requirements for the website and how they would be modified to fit the brief.
  • Developed a custom online resume creator and manager that allowed candidates to populate its different sections and produce a styled PDF with candidate's information and entered experience as well as automatically attach it to their applications.
  • Developed customizations to the job submission as well as the job application flow to match specific requirements.
Technologies: ACF PRO, Elementor, WP Job Manager, BuddyPress, PHP, NGINX, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Git, Web Hosting, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), Full-stack, Security, Coupons, Healthcare IT, Web Development, Adobe Photoshop, PHP 7, Yoast SEO, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

LearnDash Developer

2020 - PRESENT
Remote Freelancer
  • Developed a comprehensive solution for a consultancy firm offering online courses with LearnDash to allow their customers to manage their managers on students through a fully front-end custom interface to manage them and their LearnDash courses.
  • Created an entire custom solution for a front-end signup and management of groups of employees that allowed them to enroll users under their management to specific LearnDash courses and track and comment on their progress.
  • Completed the implementation of the solution with a series of online tutorials to train managers on the use of WordPress, LearnDash, and the custom solution built for them.
  • Completed the design and implementation of a custom coaching accreditations and continuous education credits system running on LearnDash that effectively handles official accreditation and automatic expirations for over 100,000 football coaches.
  • Developed customizations and integrations to merge LearnDash with WordPress themes like BuddyBoss, Kleo, Astra, and GeneratePress and adapt LearnDash styling and layouts to clients' needs.
Technologies: LearnDash, ACF PRO, Membership Sites, MemberPress, Stripe API, PayPal API, Stripe, PayPal, WordPress Themes, HTML to WordPress, WordPress eCommerce, User Experience (UX), MySQL, Sass, Performance, Optimization, Gamification, GamiPress, Elementor, APIs, BuddyPress, Custom Post Types, Beaver Builder, Content Marketing Platforms, Learning, Mobile Learning, Adult Learning, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Online Course Design, jQuery, Full-stack, Web Development, PHP 7

WooCommerce Developer

2019 - PRESENT
Remote Freelancer
  • Developed automatic recurring payments for a membership website to offer their customers the ability to subscribe using PayPal, credit cards via Stripe, and SEPA debit payments via Stripe in compliance with the latest EU laws.
  • Tracked and fixed issues with edge cases and specific banking regulations.
  • Oversaw the launch process, onboarding thousands of customers in the first few months.
  • Developed simple to complex customizations to multiple WooCommerce extensions and aspects of a WooCommerce store, from front-end features and behaviors to customizing the purchasing experience or producing custom reports and features in the back end.
  • Created custom shipping methods with UPS, FedEx, and Stamps.com APIs according to a set of specific client criteria like requesting rates to Stamps based on zip code, volume, and weight of the order and determining the optimal package for it.
  • Built custom payment integrations with dozens of different payment processors, from well-known products to local companies with obscure and not well documented APIs.
  • Managed from start to end the integration submission and approval process on behalf of multiple different companies, studying and complying with the different requirements, and saw the process through until integrations were successfully approved.
  • Built from simple one-product stores to high-traffic, highly customized shops processing hundreds of orders a day, deciding from the server choice and configuration to the final combination of theme, plugins, and custom coding.
  • Fixed broken checkouts under pressure for high functioning WooCommerce stores, losing hundreds every minute their checkout is out of order.
  • Customized WooCommerce product pages, cart, and checkout to match various designs provided.
Technologies: PHP, Stripe API, Membership Sites, WordPress, JavaScript, jQuery, Stripe, PayPal, Mailchimp API, WordPress Themes, HTML to WordPress, WordPress eCommerce, Salesforce API, MySQL, Sass, Performance, Optimization, ACF PRO, AffiliateWP, API Connectors, APIs, REST APIs, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Plaid, QuickBooks API, Authorize.net, WooCommerce, WooCommerce API, WooCommerce Subscriptions 2, Stamps, FedEx API, UPS API, Elasticsearch, Mailgun, SendGrid, eCommerce, eCommerce APIs, WP eCommerce, SCSS, CSS, CSS3, Full-stack, Stripe Checkout, BrainTree, Coupons, Web Development

WordPress Developer

2012 - PRESENT
Remote Freelancer
  • Designed the system architecture of close to 500 different WordPress projects, primarily complex and highly customized online stores, membership portals, and online communities.
  • Developed custom add-ons and extensions for popular and not-so-well-known WordPress products.
  • Oversaw launch processes, resulting in millions of new visitors within the first month.
  • Recreated hundreds of designs (provided as Figma, Sketch, Adobe software, PDF, image files, and other formats) as WordPress websites, matching the design's specific site-wide elements and pages' contents across devices and resolutions.
  • Selected and set up the optimal combination of hosting environment, WordPress theme, and plugins and custom coding to achieve simple, medium, and complex front ends.
  • Used a wide variety of front-end libraries to create impactful sliders, lightboxes, form inputs, and online calculators.
  • Implemented Elasticsearch integrations for WordPress and wrote custom extensions for BuddyPress and BuddyBoss content and other data types like PDF documents, producing high-quality results on large databases with blazing speed.
  • Developed Google-like autosuggest search results in real-time on various WordPress content, ranging from posts and users to various custom post types.
  • Developed various custom search modules for WordPress, implemented specific designs to display search results on the front end, and built specific, both simple and complex, custom searching logic to adjust to clients' requirements.
Technologies: AffiliateWP, APIs, Elasticsearch, BuddyPress, PHP, WordPress Plugins, Gravity Forms, WordPress, WordPress API, Stripe, PayPal, Mailchimp API, WordPress Themes, HTML to WordPress, WordPress eCommerce, User Experience (UX), Salesforce API, MySQL, Sass, Performance, Avada, GeneratePress, Payment APIs, Stamps, PSD to WordPress, Quiz Generation, Memberful, ConvertKit, Redis Cache, Cloudways, Pop-ups, Search, GridPane, Oxygen, WP All Import, Residential Real Estate, SMTP, WP Job Manager, Google Maps API, API Connectors, Figma, jQuery, Web Development

Gravity Forms Developer

2020 - 2020
Remote Freelancer
  • Developed a complete HVAC equipment and maintenance visits management system leveraging WooCommerce subscriptions, Gravity Forms, GravityView, and a custom plugin developed to act as a bridge between them as well as provide additional features.
  • Generated an end-to-end experience for customers and service technicians visiting customers' homes and servicing their HVAC equipment. Technicians entered, tracked equipment through a fully front-end maintenance visits management dashboard.
  • Provided online tutorial sessions for the team, who would then train the service technicians, and oversaw the implementation of the solution in multiple of their client websites.
  • Built a custom GravityForms addon to dynamically create WooCommerce coupons with specific characteristics and usage settings based on the values submitted through the form.
  • Developed a custom extension to the official MailChimp addon for GravityForms to allow certain form submissions to tag MailChimp contacts in different pre-defined ways using the MailChimp API.
  • Styled GravityForms to match dozens of different designs provided, from simple edits to highly complex layouts with multiple sections and visual effects.
  • Created custom GravityForms email notification triggers and merge tags to allow dynamic content from the submissions to be sent in specific ways.
  • Generated a series of 12 different PDFs, each with their own layout and styling, that auto-generated from GravityForms submissions as well as auto-populated specific elements with values entered in the form.
Technologies: PHP, Gravity Forms, GravityView, JavaScript, WordPress REST API, WooCommerce, WooCommerce Subscriptions 2, Stripe, PayPal, Mailchimp API, WordPress Themes, HTML to WordPress, WordPress eCommerce, User Experience (UX), MySQL, Sass, Optimization, Stripe Checkout

Lead BuddyPress Developer

2018 - 2019
Remote Freelancer
  • Redeveloped in WordPress a 16-year-old online community for PE educators with features including front-end user submission of videos and educational resources, user ratings, advanced search and filtering, forum discussions, and more.
  • Designed and oversaw the seamless conversion of the existing user base and content from the last 16 years. With a single email allowing them to reset their new password, users had all their data and uploaded content migrated to the new site.
  • Oversaw the launch and post-launch processes, resulting in a 380% increase in new user signups and their highest rates of new logins after 5+ years of inactivity since their original launch in 2001.
  • Produced a completely custom front end for each of the multiple BuddyPress pages and components with matching designs provided.
Technologies: BuddyPress, Elasticsearch, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), HTML5 Video, Web Hosting & Domain Setup, Mailchimp API, WordPress Themes, Sketch to WordPress, HTML to WordPress, MySQL, Sass, Performance, Optimization, APIs, CSS, Single Sign-on (SSO), User Roles, Media, Google Cloud Storage, Ratings, Social APIs, Shortcodes, Custom Post Types, WP Rocket, NGINX, Spam Filtering, User Registration, jQuery

Full-stack WordPress Developer

2017 - 2018
Remote Freelancer
  • Migrated the suite of 15+ websites from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7, including testing and updating the codebase to resolve deprecation errors and executing the corresponding server upgrades.
  • Developed a custom application that correctly updated the main site's 100,000+ podcast records from a previous podcast hosting to the new one when a decision to switch providers was made, resulting in a seamless transition for their 5+ million users.
  • Implemented a wide range of improvements and feature additions ranging from layout and styling updates to integration with forums, social media sign up and log in, and customized recommended podcasts.
Technologies: WordPress, Podcasting, iTunes Connect, CSS, HTML, HTML5, Web Hosting & Domain Setup, Stripe, PayPal, WordPress to PDF, WordPress Themes, Sketch to WordPress, HTML to WordPress, WordPress eCommerce, WordPress Design, Gulp, MySQL, Sass, Node.js, Optimization, ACF PRO, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), APIs, AffiliateWP, Content Marketing Platforms, Beaver Builder, jQuery

Creative COW

A full-site build of an online community with multiple components, including forums, a blog, an online academy, and more sections underway like a jobs board and video reels for creators to highlight their work.

We assisted in the project beginning to launch, and to this date, continue adding functionality both on the front end for site users and on the back end for the site's management.

Work included converting a large database, defining requirements and underlying technologies, and building bridges between the different components to achieve a seamless user experience.

Yoga Subscriptions Website

A membership-based website providing yoga classes online, a blog with wellness-related information, and yoga retreats in Europe.

The site features free trials, different tiered subscriptions that unlock gated content, and integrations with multiple payment gateways to process recurring automatic billing at different intervals.

Custom features developed for this site include a tailored invoicing and reporting system, generating PDF versions for download, and a custom AJAX-powered video search.

Online Community for US PE Teachers

A WordPress-based community site running on BuddyBoss; a paid fork of the popular, open-source plugin BuddyPress. It features a front-end submission of videos and teaching resources, a back-end system to curate them, and an Elasticsearch-powered search feature.

HVAC Equipment and Maintenance Visit Management System

A GravityForms- and GravityView-based system allows service technicians to manage and record HVAC equipment and maintenance visits in a full front-end interface.

The system includes searching by different criteria: front-end HVAC equipment, maintenance-visit submissions and edits, and a custom bridge between subscriptions and physical addresses that allowed a seamless transition of equipment and visits from a client to the address whenever a client moved or canceled their subscription. It also includes the ability for customers to reclaim them when moving into that same address.

Maintenance visit records included the client's full information, equipment list, recorded condition, notes, and requests for replacement parts.

The system was developed as a plugin to be installed on multiple companies' websites.

Property Website with Automatic Listing Importing

A WordPress-based website that runs a daily import connects to a real estate third-party platform and pulls in available listings dynamically into the site, including property image media, video, and varied property data.

Job Board for Hospitality Industry

A WordPress, WooCommerce, BuddyBoss (BuddyPress), WP Job Manager, and ACF PRO-based website to help connect hospitality industry job seekers in the UK with business owners looking for candidates for their establishments.


WordPress API, jQuery, REST APIs, Google Maps API, BuddyPress, Stripe, Mailchimp API, Stripe API, WordPress REST API, PayPal API, Salesforce API, Node.js, Social APIs, QuickBooks API, Authorize.net, WooCommerce API, FedEx API, UPS API


LearnDash, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), MemberMouse, WP All Import, Stripe Checkout, AffiliateWP, Figma, Adobe Photoshop, iTunes Connect, GravityView, ACF PRO, Gulp, NGINX, WP Job Manager, Plaid, SendGrid, WP eCommerce, Git


PHP, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, HTML5, PHP 7, Sass, SCSS, CSS3


WordPress, WooCommerce, ConvertKit, Mailgun, Podia


Elasticsearch, MySQL, Google Cloud Storage, Redis Cache, Cloudways


Gamification, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


WordPress Plugins, APIs, Gravity Forms, Web Hosting & Domain Setup, Membership Sites, MemberPress, WordPress to PDF, WordPress Themes, Sketch to WordPress, HTML to WordPress, PSD to WordPress, WordPress eCommerce, Performance, Optimization, Elementor, Full-stack, Coupons, Web Development, Yoast SEO, PayPal, User Experience (UX), API Connectors, BrainTree, Security, Healthcare IT, HTML5 Video, Podcasting, WooCommerce Subscriptions 2, WordPress Design, Avada, Thrive Themes, Plugin Development, Single Sign-on (SSO), User Roles, Media, Ratings, Shortcodes, Custom Post Types, WP Rocket, Spam Filtering, User Registration, GamiPress, Beaver Builder, GeneratePress, Payment APIs, Stamps, Quiz Generation, Memberful, Pop-ups, Search, GridPane, Oxygen, Residential Real Estate, SMTP, Google Pay, Apple Pay, eCommerce, eCommerce APIs, Learning, Mobile Learning, Adult Learning, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Online Course Design, Web Hosting, Content Marketing Platforms

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