Tim Sheerman-Chase, Realtime-system Developer in Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Tim Sheerman-Chase

Realtime-system Developer in Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Member since November 6, 2016
Tim is a software engineer with experience in a wide range of industries, technologies, and academia. His primary programming languages are C++ and Python. He is adept at real-time/multi-threaded systems. Tim also has a degree in physics and a PhD in machine learning/image processing.
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  • C++, 14 years
  • Realtime-system, 10 years
  • Python, 7 years
  • Computer Vision, 4 years
  • Machine Learning, 4 years


Portsmouth, United Kingdom



Preferred Environment

Visual Studio, Eclipse, Qt Creator, Git

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on is helping pilots taxi at an airport based on prototype avionic displays.


  • Software Engineer

    2015 - 2016
    Symetrica Security Ltd
    • Developed a UI for a hand-held radiation detector based on GTK3, including internationalization and custom widgets.
    • Developed Python web-based monitoring of a remote system including the collection of health parameters via a HTTP RESTful API.
    • Integrated C++ components into pre-existing distributed RPC framework, including adding a RESTful API.
    • Wrote requirements and designed a desktop tool to manage handheld devices and to offload data, written in C# GTK#. Developed the back-end C# code to connect to the device via HTTP. Built this tool to be operated in a cross-platform Windows/Linux environment.
    • Created a custom GTK widget for viewing graph data—including zooming, panning, and overlaying template data.
    Technologies: Python, PHP, C++, C, C#, GTK3, i18n
  • Applications Developer

    2014 - 2015
    Hallmarq Veterinary Image Ltd
    • Implemented a major refactoring of code to separate 2 closely coupled, real-time DLL components—to enable remote operation via ethernet.
    • Developed a fee-per-scan calculation web application with Python Pyramid and MySQL.
    • Optimized DSP functions with ARM assembly/intrinsics to run on an embedded processor. The final speed exceeded the then currently existing Project Ne10 library.
    • Created a functionality that did report generation and PDF invoicing from billing system (written in Python) to be used by the accounts department.
    • Ported Windows C++ centric spectrometer components to ARM/embedded Linux.
    Technologies: C, C++, PHP, Embedded Systems, RPC
  • Senior Technologist

    2001 - 2007
    BAE Systems
    • Developed a real-time, embedded system to bridge between an existing ARINC 429 avionics databus and newer Ethernet based systems AFDX. This used bare metal C/C++ on a NetSilicon processor.
    • Developing a augmented reality HUD/moving map prototype display system to enable commercial pilots to prevent errors in taxiing. This was integrated into a flight simulator. It used C++/OpenGL.
    • Designed and implemented a C++/C prototype controller pilot data link communication system for airport ground movement messages. Integrated them into a flight simulator.
    • Conducted pilot trials in a simulator to gather feedback on prototype avionic systems. Tested the prototypes at international airports to evaluate their performance.
    • Tracked the progress and controlled resources for engineering projects.
    Technologies: Real-Time, C++, Avioncs, IP Protocols, C, Embedded Systems



  • Languages

    Embedded C++, C, C++, Embedded C, Python, XML, HTML, SQL, PHP, MUMPS, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, UML, ARM Assembler, CSS, Bash
  • Libraries/APIs

    OpenCV, Scikit-learn, OpenStreetMap API, SpatiaLite, GEOS, Shapely, Protobuf, Kivy, SciPy, NumPy, PySide, LeafletJS, OpenAL, OpenLayers, Sockets, Flickr API, SDL, OpenGL, jQuery, OpenH264, Flask-RESTful, Google Apps, REST APIs, Spotify API, TensorFlow, Sklearn
  • Platforms

    Linux, Windows, Embedded Linux, Android, Docker, WordPress, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), LAMP
  • Other

    APIs, Realtime-system, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Multithreading, Debugging, Machine Learning, Video Streaming, RTSP, g++, Web Development, API Design, Messaging, RESTful Web Services, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Cython, CrowdFlower, 3D Reconstruction, Simultaneous Localization & Mapping (SLAM), OAuth, Ajax, Security, Scraping, Objects, TCP/IP, Microsoft Media Foundation, Embedded Systems, Object Tracking, Digital Signal Processing, Ethernet, Video Processing, Version Control, MessagePack, Deep Learning
  • Frameworks

    Django, Django REST Framework, Qt, OpenCL, Pyramid, Boost, LIVE555, Flask
  • Tools

    GitHub, GTK+, Git, Qt Creator, Microsoft Visual Studio, LaTeX, Subversion (SVN), Eclipse IDE, Adobe Premiere Pro, Nginx, GIS, Audacity, Apache, MATLAB, MediaWiki
  • Paradigms

    REST, Object-oriented Design (OOD), Design Patterns, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Continuous Integration (CI), Scrum, Agile, Test-driven Development (TDD), Unit Testing
  • Storage

    PostGIS, XML Parsing, SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, JSON, Google Cloud, Google Cloud Storage


  • Ph.D. degree in Computer Vision
    2007 - 2013
    University of Surrey - Guildford, UK
  • Master of Physics degree in Physics
    1997 - 2001
    University of Kent - Canterbury, UK

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