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Vadim Kramer

Verified Expert  in Engineering

C++ Developer

Jersey City, NJ, United States
Toptal Member Since
September 23, 2022

Vadim is a C++ developer with over a decade of professional experience with the language and many more years with it as a personal project. He's also quite familiar with Python and keenly interested in programming theory. Fantastic at synthesizing creative solutions, Vadim has also become very adept at analyzing and solving bugs throughout his projects. After working for others for the first part of his career, Vadim is now ready to strike out on his own, making freelancing very attractive.


Hourglass Medical
C++, Linux API, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Parsers, Multithreading...
C++, Python, Algorithms, Debugging, Computer Science, Finance... GmbH
C++, Source Code Parsing, Debugging, Unit Testing, 2D Graphics...




Preferred Environment

C++17, Visual Studio, Vim Text Editor, Linux

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on is the Audi cluster instruments; it was a switch from Wall Street and banking to core software development with many initiatives.

Work Experience

C++ Developer

2023 - PRESENT
Hourglass Medical
  • Planned, designed, and developed a C++ framework for an embedded GUI in a medical device.
  • Worked independently according to the deadlines set by the client.
  • Coordinated with other team members remotely over a wide area to achieve integration.
  • Set up the build system and the mock environment to allow soft emulation and development of the application layer independent of the availability of the actual hardware, which came long into the project.
  • Learned required technologies (such as Video4Linux, cross-compilation, etc.) continuously, efficiently, and quickly.
  • Built advanced features like configuration file parsing with template substitution and pattern matching.
  • Developed and maintained a layered architecture for the entire project, both runtime and logical grouping.
Technologies: C++, Linux API, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Parsers, Multithreading, Hardware, Embedded C++, Embedded C, Networking, Algorithms, Video Streaming, I2C, Embedded Systems, Embedded Software, Firmware

Support Specialist

2021 - 2022
  • Found and fixed bugs in an old trade booking and management system; also served as the local expert since the entire team had left or moved on.
  • Wrote Python code to integrate the booking system with a new trade-reporting database.
  • Interfaced with clients and handled urgent support requests.
Technologies: C++, Python, Algorithms, Debugging, Computer Science, Finance, Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), Multithreading

Mid-level Software Engineer (C++)

2018 - 2022 GmbH
  • Guided and mentored team members concerning C++ questions and regarding theory in general.
  • Developed a system to generate code for encoding and decoding arbitrary data structures from a custom JSON format—a subset of Google protocols with specific output requirements.
  • Implemented the deployment script for the project from scratch, which was general enough to be called data-driven.
  • Built a framework for one of the key components for development—so-called mock services—whose job was to imitate the other side of the communication for testing purposes. This included a configurable tool for sending steering wheel keys.
  • Proposed and implemented an LRU cache to allow the quick retrieval of traffic sign images.
  • Wrote from scratch a C++ server to allow the generation of public-key RSA signatures for our software during the build and integration process using a hardware security module.
Technologies: C++, Source Code Parsing, Debugging, Unit Testing, 2D Graphics, User Interface (UI), Linux, Git, Multithreading, Python, Scripting, Deployment, Code Generators, Server Development, Real-time Data, C, Embedded Systems, Embedded Software, Firmware

Market Data Developer (C++)

2017 - 2018
Societe Generale
  • Participated in the creation and maintenance of market data processors and order feeders.
  • Assisted the support team by automating repetitive tasks.
  • Trained new teammates on the system and wrote automated tests for the financial software.
Technologies: C++, Linux, Git, Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), Realtime, Templates

Junior C++ Developer

2013 - 2016
SR Labs | Vela
  • Developed many market data parsers and many of the core, underlying common libraries.
  • Interfaced with many clients, which included handling continuous and fairly sporadic bug reports from actual users in emergency trading-day situations.
  • Built several useful small components for the platform, including synchronization primitive wrappers, as the code did not use C++ 11.
Technologies: C++, Linux, Multithreading, Java, Microsoft Visual C++, Vim Text Editor, Scripting, Real-time Data

Junior Java and C++ Developer

2007 - 2013
Lynx Capital Partners
  • Developed market data handlers in Java under the restrictive condition of not allowing garbage collection (using pooling). Many Java library functions had to be re-implemented.
  • Contributed to the implementation of a trading algorithm expressed in terms of functions of a closed-source commercial trading program; carefully re-implemented the signals involved and verification of the same against the original software.
  • Implemented and ran a machine learning component under the guidance of a trader. The input was historical market data, and the object was to find optimal parameters for a signal formula.
  • Wrote a Java Swing UI from scratch to view and playback recorded market data, including the capacity to load any state during the day and to play at different speeds.
Technologies: Java, C++, User Interface (UI), Realtime, Memory Management, Algorithms, Networking, Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), UDP, Multithreading

Columns: a 2D Game
A re-implementation of the classic game, Columns, it's intended as a basis for a 2D game framework capable of serving as the basis for implementing many classic 2D DOS games. This project is an excellent showcase of my abilities in C++.

A work-in-progress microservice wrapper that is written in C++. The idea is to be as concise as possible with all relevant functionality but structured like an actual hierarchy rather than as a library of unrelated components. The goal is to make it easier for programmers to jump into microservice development in C++ without wasting time on building a framework.

A scheme/Lisp interpreter written in Python as a fulfillment of the fourth chapter of structure and interpretation of computer programs. It took me two weeks to write, and it was the first complete interpreter I had ever written. It only supports a subset of the language.

Dark Engine Scripting

I wrote scripts to make it easier for fan-level editors for the Dark Looking Glass games (Thief, Thief II, and System Shock II) to implement complex game logic fully within the level editor. I used C++ with Microsoft COM interfaces.
2003 - 2007

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

New York University - New York, NY, United States


OpenSSL, Linux API


Visual Studio, Vim Text Editor, Git, Microsoft Visual C++


Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Unit Testing, Functional Programming


C++17, C++, C, Embedded C++, Python, Lisp, Embedded C, Java






Programming, Multithreading, Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), Server Development, Debugging, Algorithms, Real-time Data, Embedded Systems, Embedded Software, Code Generators, App UI, Mobile Security, COM, Firmware, Source Code Parsing, 2D Graphics, Computer Science, Computer Skills, Finance, User Interface (UI), Scripting, Deployment, Templates, Memory Management, Networking, UDP, Parsers, Hardware, Video Streaming, I2C

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