Marko Pazyniak, Designer in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ivano-Frankivs'ka oblast, Ukraine
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Marko Pazyniak

Verified Expert  in Design

Visual Designer

Ivano-Frankivsk, Ivano-Frankivs'ka oblast, Ukraine
Toptal Member Since
October 25, 2019

Marko is a multidisciplinary designer with over six years of experience specializing in UI/UX, web, brand, motion, lettering, and type design. He believes a pleasant identity and motion graphics can take a business to the next level and attract more attention. He has collaborated with companies like Mazda Ukraine and Maincast. Marko's project on Behance got featured in logo design. Moreover, after winning the competition, his lettering work was published in the Australian book "Typism Book 8."


Work Experience

UI Designer for an NFT Digital Art Community

2023 - 2023
Blockchain Media Pty Ltd
  • Designed a website for a new NFT drop promo campaign, provided high-fidelity layouts based on mirror boards and stakeholder and project manager input.
  • Created a leaderboard of all participants and looked for guest/logged users. Provided advanced charts displaying the probability of winning points.
  • Designed an engaging NFT game featuring a fortune wheel that awarded extra points to participants.
  • Created animations and motion graphics, and preloaded animations for the website's fortune wheel. Produced eye-catching explanatory animations for an upcoming NFT drop on OpenSea.
  • Revamped the previous website by shifting its focus to the engagement industry and ensuring responsive design for desktop, tablet, and mobile versions. Designed NFT gallery, collection, and settings pages for an enhanced user experience.
  • Developed custom icons for achievements and badges to visually represent accomplishments.
  • Presented multiple visual concepts and approaches for an updated website design.
  • Updated the brand book with new templates and refreshed logo aesthetics and comprehensive guides. Created visually appealing images for Twitter and Instagram posts to promote the NFT campaign.
  • Designed a unified design system for the entire web platform, ensuring consistent branding and visual coherence.
Technologies: UI Design, User Interface (UI), Interface Design, Games, User Experience (UX), Non-fungible Tokens (NFT), Adobe After Effects, Visual Design, 2D Animation, Complex Application User Interfaces (UI), User Journeys, Layout Design, Data Visualization, User Flows, Social Media, Analytics, Web App Design, Landing Pages, UI Prototyping, Interaction Design (IxD), Product Strategy, Dashboard Design, Style Guides, Component Libraries, Video Processing, Advertising Design, Facebook Ads, Case Studies

Product Designer | Lead UI/UX Designer | Branding Designer | Visual Designer | 2D and 3D Animator

2019 - 2023
27 Nerds
  • Created a design system for the product, which contained detailed player statistics, user profiles, VODs, streams, betting info, and unique features based on AI analysis. Performed UI/UX analysis and designed the interface and wireframes.
  • Built a brand identity guide, including colors, typography, and merchandise for tier-1 esports teams. Provided animated intros for specific teams' needs.
  • Designed a platform for the management of esports titles and worked with live-streaming esports companies such as Maincast.
  • Worked with video editing, different animation sets, and esports titles for some broadcasting companies. Created layouts for CS: GO tournaments and provided detailed guidelines.
  • Provided news and betting website templates for the Chinese market.
  • Created different betting website templates and landing pages, including advertising websites with neon animations and 3D objects.
  • Designed and rendered 3D objects and scenes and prepared transparent 3D animations for websites.
  • Worked with social media for esports teams. Created stickers, lettering, and illustrations for print and digital usage.
Technologies: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Blender, User Interface (UI), Figma, Motion Design, Branding, Visual Design, Web Design, Marketing Design, Design Systems, Product Design, User Experience (UX), Video Editing, Visual Identity, Graphic Design, Dashboards, MVP Design, Complex Application User Interfaces (UI), User Journeys, Layout Design, Data Visualization, Design Leadership, User Onboarding, User Flows, Analytics, Data-driven Dashboards, Web App Design, Landing Pages, Big Data UX Design, Big Data Architecture, Big Data, UI Prototyping, Interaction Design (IxD), Product Strategy, Dashboard Design, Photoshop CC, Style Guides, Merchandise, Print Design, Component Libraries, Sportswear, Ad Design, Video Processing, Advertising Design, Case Studies

Type Designer

2022 - 2022
Wildling Shoes
  • Created the custom wordmark based on tangent lines from the fox logo mark.
  • Built vertical and horizontal lookups as well as a single wordmark.
  • Created guides and rules for the safe zone and possible placement.
Technologies: Lettering, Type Design, Adobe Illustrator, Procreate, Brand Design, Brand Guidelines, Typography

Motion Designer for Branded Marketing Videos

2022 - 2022
Thomas de Hertog
  • Created the app splash screen animation that explains the transition from Howtotalk to Everge.
  • Provided motion graphics for YouTube and Instagram stories.
  • Designed animation templates and motion graphics for Instagram stories with branded elements.
  • Worked with Google Ads animations designed in the Google Web Designer.
  • Provided JSON icon animations for the app menu bar.
Technologies: Motion Design, Social Media Design, Adobe After Effects, Logo Animation, Mobile Splash Screens, Layout Design, Brand Design, Social Media, Brand Guidelines, Photoshop CC, Video Processing, Facebook Ads

Marketing Designer

2021 - 2022
Julius Works Inc
  • Edited videos and created educational videos and tutorials with motion graphics for an influencer marketing platform.
  • Created social media design, design collaterals, posts, and animations for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Presented, documented, and designed PDF presentations, infographics, charts, illustrations, and icon design.
  • Worked on conference banners, brochures, brand walls, and merchandise design print design.
  • Rebranded and redesigned logos, merchandise products, presentations, and educational documentation.
Technologies: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Video Editing, Motion Design, Figma, Marketing Design, Logo Animation, Graphic Design, Layout Design, Brand Design, Social Media, Video Processing, Advertising Design, Facebook Ads

UX/UI Designer with Strong Brand Skills

2019 - 2020
Double Pass Asia & Oceania NV
  • Designed wireframes and prototypes for the new version of the website for Asia and Oceania.
  • Created hi-fi webpages containing galleries, services, and specification testimonials of world-class soccer teams.
  • Redesigned the entire sitemap and added a new hierarchy and organization to the website.
  • Provided the editions infographic, an interactive map with the location of all clients.
  • Provided the mobile version and another responsive mode for the most popular screens.
Technologies: UI Prototyping, User Interface (UI), Figma, Visual Design, Web Design, User Experience (UX), Dashboards, MVP Design, User Journeys, Layout Design, Data Visualization, Analytics, Brand Guidelines, Photoshop CC, Style Guides, Component Libraries, Case Studies

Web Designer| UI/UX Designer | Graphic Designer | Animator | Lettering and Calligraphy Master

2016 - 2019
  • Made sketches, wireframes, prototypes, and visual mockups.
  • Created original graphic designs such as images, sketches, and tables.
  • Built up the entire design system and strategy, user interface (UI), user experience (UX), user stories and wireframes, onboarding, and branding for several startups. Created characters and mascots, animated characters in Adobe AE and Blender 3D.
  • Designed a platform for the management of electronic sports titles and worked with electronic sports live-streaming companies such as Maincast. Did UI/UX analysis, designed the interface and wireframes, predicted various live scenarios.
  • Learned and developed 3D modeling skills. Designed several 3D models for advertising companies and provided abstract animation for DATA.BET.
  • Developed communication and management skills as I was tasked with presenting the final design to clients.
  • Spoke at IT conferences and talked about adapting the design to different devices and responsive layouts from my own research. My report was based on Google's and Microsoft's design systems and my own experience as a web designer.
  • Created lettering logotypes and handwritten projects for the fashion, traveling, and esports industries.
Technologies: Blender, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, User Interface (UI), Figma, Lettering, Motion Design, Branding, Logotype, Visual Design, Presentation Design, Design Systems, Landing Page Design, User Experience (UX), Logo Animation, Video Editing, Visual Identity, Graphic Design, Dashboards, MVP Design, Complex Application User Interfaces (UI), User Journeys, Layout Design, Data Visualization, User Onboarding, User Flows, Brand Design, Social Media, Analytics, Data-driven Dashboards, Web App Design, Brand Guidelines, Landing Pages, Big Data UX Design, Big Data Architecture, Big Data, UI Prototyping, Interaction Design (IxD), Product Strategy, Dashboard Design, Photoshop CC, eCommerce, Style Guides, Merchandise, Print Design, Component Libraries, Sportswear, Video Processing, Advertising Design, Case Studies, Calligraphy

Graphic Designer | Poster Designer

2015 - 2017
Urban Space 100
  • Designed printed advertisements, posters, menus, coasters, mugs, and additional branded products.
  • Collaborated with speakers, musicians, bloggers, public figures, and other personalities. The main task was to convey the essence of their stories and uniquely illustrate the subject.
  • Developed additional branded products and took part in the design of the label for cold brew and lemonade.
Technologies: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Hand Lettering, Visual Design, Graphic Design, Merchandise, Print Design
2010 - 2016

Master's Degree in General Medicine

Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University - Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine


Video Editing With Adobe Premiere Pro For Beginners


JUNE 2023 - JUNE 2024

Webflow 101



Intro to UX: Designing with a User-Centered Approach



Pen Tool for Lettering: Vectorising Scripts With the Pen Tool Using Affinity Designer



Design Your Own Fonts. Plus A Bunch Of Typography Secrets.



Easy Animation for Illustrators with Adobe Fresco



Brushpen Logo Design



Lettering for Self-Expression: Create Stunning, Hand-Crafted Type



Glyphs App Essential Training



Graphic Design Foundations: Typography



Sans Serif Fonts

Projector Institute


UX Deep Dive: Usability Testing



Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe, Photoshop CC, Blender, Glyphs, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Experience Design (XD), Procreate

Industry Expertise





Logo Design, Responsive Design, Product Design, Web Design, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Branding, Lettering, Hand Lettering, Logotype, Design Systems, UI Design, User Stories, Wireframing, Visual Design, Landing Page Design, Visual Identity, Graphic Design, Typography, Data Visualization, Responsive Web Design (RWD), Brand Design, Landing Pages, UI Components, Big Data, Component Libraries, Rebranding, Esports, Desktop Web Design, Motion Graphics, Motion Design, Animation, Motion & Animation Design, Text Animation, 2D Animation, Social Media Design, Logo Animation, Marketing Design, UX Roadmaps, UX Research, Heuristic Evaluation, Design Evaluation, Customer Journeys, Mobile UI, Mobile UX, Prototyping, UX Pattern Design, Font Design, Video Editing, Type Design, UX Design, Dashboards, MVP Design, Complex Application User Interfaces (UI), User Journeys, Layout Design, Design Leadership, User Onboarding, User Flows, Responsive Web Apps, UX Wireframes, Web UI, Social Media, Analytics, Data-driven Dashboards, Web App Design, Brand Guidelines, Big Data UX Design, Big Data Architecture, UI Prototyping, Interaction Design (IxD), Dashboard Design, Style Guides, Print Design, Color Palettes, Video Processing, Case Studies, Presentation Design, User Profiles, SVG Animation, Fresco, Mobile Splash Screens, Frame by Frame Animation, Vector Design, Vectors, Vector Art, Web UX Design, Interface Design, Non-fungible Tokens (NFT), Product Strategy, eCommerce, Merchandise, Sportswear, Ad Design, Advertising Design, Facebook Ads, Brand Identity, Calligraphy, Explainer Videos, Infographics, Medicine, Healthcare IT, Flat Design, Books, Book Cover Design

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