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Jordan Mayerson

Verified Expert  in Finance

Finance Expert

New York, NY, United States
Toptal Member Since
August 19, 2020

Jordan has spent his entire career operating at the crossroads of business and innovation. An entrepreneur himself, he understands the financial complexities early-stage ventures endure while raising capital and bringing new products to market. He spent years working at top Wall Street firms after graduating from the Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology at the University of Pennsylvania. A lifelong learner, he freelances as it exposes him to new people, technologies, and companies.

Career Highlights

Interim CFO
Perpetual Media
Co-Founder & CEO
Hoplite Power, Inc.

Education Highlights

Bachelor's Degree
University of Pennsylvania - School of Engineering
Bachelor's Degree
University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School

Certification Highlights

Case Studies

Work Experience

Interim CFO

2020 - PRESENT
Perpetual Media
  • Joined Perpetual Media in May 2020 as its first finance executive. Perpetual is a DOOH advertising startup that has developed proprietary technology and platforms targeting the casino TV, convenience store TV, and specialty store TV verticals.
  • Developed a fully dynamic, monthly three-statement financial model tailored to the company's business strategy and distribution expectations. Identified key drivers, cost assumptions, and relevant cases for enhanced functionality.
  • Designed and produced all investor and strategic materials (decks, one-pagers, executive summaries) to reflect updated financial estimates, key business developments, product positioning, and revamped company branding.
  • Instituted a company-specific investor and fundraising strategy, identifying targeted seed and VC investors based on industry focus and check size and advising the company on proposed investment terms and appropriate valuations.
  • Reconciled all historical financials and set accounting best practices on an ongoing basis.
Focus areas: Three-statement Modeling, Market Research & Analysis, Business Modeling, Pitch Deck Consultant, Strategy, Microsoft Word, Forecasting, Investments, Online Research, Lean Startups, Presentation Design, Finance, Budgeting, United States, Modeling, Industry Analysis, Venture Funding, Media, Bank Reconciliation, Contract, Cap Tables, Comparable Company Analysis, Communication, Startups, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Modeling Cases, Sensitivity Analysis, Research, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Revenue & Expense Projections, Financial Forecasting, Bootstrapping, Pitch Presentations, Valuation, Startup Funding, Seed Fundraising, Early-stage Startups, Technology, Microsoft PowerPoint, CFO, Advertising, Digital Advertising, SaaS, Microsoft Excel, Term Sheets, Interim CFO, Best Practices, Due Diligence, Venture Capital, Investor Presentations, Investor Agreements, Fundraising, Pitch Decks, Business Strategy, Accounting, Financial Modeling, Financials

Co-Founder & CEO

2015 - PRESENT
Hoplite Power, Inc.
  • Co-founded an NYC-based startup that developed a network of connected, small-footprint vending kiosks (Hoplite Hubs) that dispense, reaccept, and recharge rentable battery packs for on-demand smartphone charging.
  • Bootstrapped two generations of the product into the market, with the first targeting bars and restaurants in the greater New York City area and the second targeting large entertainment, retail, and sports venues.
  • Set overall business strategies, visions, and goals, and guided the company toward their execution.
  • Led the capital raising efforts resulting in $1.1 million in total, including funding from a prominent early-stage Japanese VC; activities comprised investor outreach, materials production, managing due diligence, and negotiating investment terms.
  • Conducted all corporate and administrative duties including accounting and treasury activities, financial forecasting and budgeting, payment processing compliance, tax preparation, contract and agreement drafting, and HR and payroll functions.
  • Headed electrical engineering and software development (system architecture design, control circuitry and firmware, APIs for real-time communication, SDK integration, customization of payment software, and programming the consumer-facing UI).
  • Participated in the manufacturing and assembly processes, focusing on component selection and bill of materials management, procurement of electronic parts subsystems, custom wire and cable assembly fabrication, and final integration and testing.
  • Ran all sales, marketing and branding, and other business development activities, including developing sales strategies, handling the company’s website, producing marketing materials, and collaborating with third-party marketing and PR agencies.
  • Managed the company’s daily operations, which involve network monitoring, asset tracking, technical troubleshooting, and customer and client support.
Focus areas: Three-statement Modeling, Market Research & Analysis, Pitch Deck Consultant, Apple Keynote, Microsoft Word, Forecasting, Break-even Analysis, Advertising, Digital Advertising, Investments, Inkscape, Tax Software, Term Sheets, Online Research, Lean Startups, Events, Company Research, Presentation Design, Best Practices, Investor Agreements, Financials, Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES), Finance, Budgeting, Team Building, United States, Interviewing, Rentals, Pricing Models, Modeling, Industry Analysis, Venture Funding, Due Diligence, New Product Rollout, Feature Backlog Prioritization, Team Management, Product Owner, Comparable Company Analysis, Communication, Recruiting, Startups, Project Management, Fundraising, Modeling Cases, Sensitivity Analysis, Research, Revenue & Expense Projections, Venture Capital, Investor Presentations, Pitch Presentations, CEO, Interim CFO, Startup Funding, Microsoft Excel, Technology, Microsoft PowerPoint, Financial Modeling, Operations, Business Strategy, Strategy, COO, CFO, Consumer Services, Consumer Products, Project Finance, CleanTech, REST APIs, Python, Java, Incorporation, Wix, HubSpot, Bank Reconciliation, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Sales Pitches, Bootstrapping, Business Modeling, Human Resources (HR), Payroll & Benefits, QuickBooks Online, Accounting, Contract, Branding, Sales & Marketing, Go-to-market Plans, Hardware, New Product Development, Pitch Decks, Cap Tables, Financial Forecasting, Software Development, Prototyping, Seed Fundraising, Early-stage Startups

Credit Research Associate, Special Assets Group

2013 - 2015
Goldman Sachs
  • Collaborated with the team that managed and de-risked Goldman Sachs' relationship lending portfolio, originating the company’s leveraged finance and relationship banking operations with an aggregate notional value of approximately $75 billion.
  • Covered and price-marked 40 active positions in the portfolio across asset management, specialty finance, pharmaceuticals and biotech, healthcare services, technology, media, insurance, consumer staples, and agricultural industries.
  • Worked with various senior team members, depending on the industry and position, to develop risk-mitigation strategies, which included exiting particular positions, purchasing credit default swaps, and initiating strategic bond shorts.
  • Built detailed summaries and financial models per covered entity, highlighting historical results, projecting financial estimates, outlining complex organizational debt structures, among other contributions, to determine company-related credit risks.
  • Followed equity and credit markets daily and analyzed numerous research publications monitoring macro and micro trends in order to assess investor reaction to industry and company-specific performance.
  • Passed Series 7 and Series 63 examinations within the first three months of joining the team.
Focus areas: Market Research & Analysis, Forecasting, Advertising, Investments, SaaS, Leverage Analysis, Online Research, Research Reports, Company Research, Stock Analysis, Stock Market, Investor Agreements, Financials, Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES), Finance, United States, Modeling, Industry Analysis, Broadcasting, Accounting, Media, Cap Tables, Comparable Company Analysis, Recruiting, Modeling Cases, Sensitivity Analysis, Financial Forecasting, Microsoft Excel, Healthcare Services, Agriculture, Technology, Software, Biotechnology, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Specialty Finance, Revenue & Expense Projections, Credit Default Swap (CDS), Research, Financial Statements, Bloomberg, Capital Markets, Debt, Loan Valuation, Valuation, Capital Structuring, Credit Analysis, Credit Risk, Financial Modeling

Investment Banking Analyst

2011 - 2013
Guggenheim Securities, LLC
  • Participated in M&A advisory and the origination and execution of equity and debt products in the automotive, healthcare, information services, media, technology, and telecommunications sectors.
  • Built financial models to support merger, acquisition, separation, LBO, recapitalization, share buyback, and comparable company and precedent transaction analyses, and compiled extensive accompanying company-specific and industry-specific research.
  • Developed various investor and pitch-related materials including but not limited to detailed presentations, confidential information memoranda, financial summaries, and fairness opinions.
  • Advised Tribune Company in its $2.7 billion acquisition of Local TV Holdings, LLC, a broadcaster comprised of 19 owned-and-operated TV stations, in July of 2013.
  • Advised Arbitron, Inc. on its $1.3 billion corporate sale to The Nielsen Company, in December of 2012.
  • Constructed a renewable energy startup operating plan: a fully-dynamic monthly roll-up model to be used over a three-year period, as the company planned to scale production and raise equity capital and investor presentations, in February of 2013.
  • Advised a sponsor-owned multi-billion-dollar media firm regarding the separation of selected assets in addition to analyzing other strategic exit alternatives.
Focus areas: Three-statement Modeling, Investment Banking, Market Research & Analysis, Microsoft Word, Forecasting, Break-even Analysis, Advertising, Leverage Analysis, Online Research, Research Reports, Company Research, Stock Analysis, Stock Market, Presentation Design, Best Practices, Financials, Bloomberg, Capital Markets, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Finance, United States, Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC), Modeling, Industry Analysis, DCF Modeling, Capital Structuring, Accounting, Cap Tables, Recruiting, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Modeling Cases, Sensitivity Analysis, Research, Revenue & Expense Projections, Financial Forecasting, Valuation, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Pitch Decks, Investments, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Automotive, Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES), Broadcasting, Media, Technology, Factset, Financial Modeling, Due Diligence, Fairness Opinion Reports, Deal Advisory, Pitch Presentations, Investor Presentations, Transaction Comparables, Comparable Company Analysis, Leveraged Buyout Modeling, DCF Valuation, M&A (Sell-side), M&A (Buy-side), M&A Modeling
2007 - 2011

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

University of Pennsylvania - School of Engineering - Philadelphia, PA

2007 - 2011

Bachelor's Degree in Finance & Operations Management

University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School - Philadelphia, PA


Professional Scrum Product Owner I


Series 63



Series 7



Seed Fundraising, Accounting, Financial Modeling, Valuation, Revenue & Expense Projections, Leveraged Buyout Modeling, Comparable Company Analysis, Fundraising, Startup Funding, Forecasting, Three-statement Modeling, Capital Structuring, M&A Modeling, M&A (Buy-side), M&A (Sell-side), DCF Valuation, Due Diligence, Venture Funding, Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC), Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), CFO, Budgeting, Revenue Modeling, Credit Risk, Credit Analysis, Debt, Deal Advisory, Fairness Opinion Reports, Specialty Finance, Project Finance, Tax Preparation

Output Software

Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Apple Keynote

Data & Analysis Software

QuickBooks Online, Bloomberg, Factset

Industry Expertise

Early-stage Startups, Technology, Sales & Marketing, Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES), Healthcare, Software, Venture Capital, Consumer Products, Capital Markets, Pharmaceuticals, Insurance, Agriculture, Automotive

Geographic Expertise

United States


Business Strategy, Financial Forecasting, Cap Tables, Pitch Decks, Bootstrapping, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Financial Statements, Investor Presentations, Pitch Presentations, Financials, Presentation Design, DCF Modeling, Industry Analysis, Modeling, Sensitivity Analysis, Modeling Cases, Lean Startups, Startups, Finance, Pitch Deck Consultant, Product Owner, Project Management, Communication, Team Management, Feature Backlog Prioritization, New Product Rollout, Prototyping, Software Development, New Product Development, Hardware, Go-to-market Plans, Contract, Payroll & Benefits, Human Resources (HR), Sales Pitches, Bank Reconciliation, Wix, Incorporation, Java, Python, REST APIs, Research, Transaction Comparables, Media, Broadcasting, Investor Agreements, Best Practices, Break-even Analysis, Company Research, Research Reports, Online Research, Leverage Analysis, Interim CFO, Pricing Models, Rentals, Events, Term Sheets, Tax Software, Inkscape, Consumer Services, SaaS, Investments, Digital Advertising, Advertising, CEO, COO, Strategy, Operations, Recruiting, Interviewing, Team Building, Business Modeling, Market Research & Analysis, Investment Banking, Business Models, Branding, HubSpot, Loan Valuation, Credit Default Swap (CDS), Biotechnology, Healthcare Services, Stock Market, Stock Analysis, CleanTech

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