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Domingo Fernandez

Verified Expert  in Marketing

Marketing Expert

Barcelona, Spain
Toptal Member Since
October 18, 2022

Domingo is a goal-oriented growth and digital marketing expert with a creative and agile approach. He is inspired by new challenges and ideas, with a scope of creativity, innovation, and data analysis. Domingo is driven by initiative and an objective view of the music and sports industries and software tools, with almost seven years of experience working for successful SaaS companies, becoming a key team player in their growth strategy, which in some cases reached 200-300% growth.

Project Highlights

Affiliate Program | Tomplay
Led the outreach, development, and follow-up of our Tomplay affiliate program on a global scale. Successfully gathered, as of today, a database of hundreds of musicians that actively promote Tomplay throughout their social media channels.
Black Friday Campaigns | Tomplay
Led all the steps and built the strategy for Tomplay's global Black Friday Campaigns four years in a row, achieving successful results in terms of ROI.
Co-founder at Flamingo Tours and Trips
Led all the key steps and kickstarted the company's operations, recovering the initial investment after three months of full activation after the COVID-19 crisis through ticket sales to our experiences.


Work Experience

Head of Performance Marketing

2024 - PRESENT
Vartisa Information Technology LLC
  • Created results-driven Meta Ads campaigns, delivering the 1st-ever B2C leads through this channel. Provided key input in developing effective creative assets that led to these results.
  • Led and managed the implementation of event setup and tracking across Meta Ads, Google Analytics tagging, and AdWords. Supervised the implementation across cross-functional teams with the aim of achieving precise and clear tracking.
  • Developed the starting Google Ads strategy via effective keyword research, keeping a close eye on the keyword match type and the campaign setup for search ads and Performance Max ads.


2021 - PRESENT
Flamingo Tours and Trips
  • Founded Flamingo Tours and Trips, a company that delivers experiences to non-Spanish speakers in Barcelona, providing events like walking tours, food tours, and beyond.
  • Directed, led, and managed all the stages of the company's development, from selecting the branding, developing OKRs, and marketing strategy to getting a travel business running in the early stages of COVID-19 crisis management.
  • Recovered the initial investment through high-ticket sales during the summer of 2022.
  • Directed crisis management and survived the COVID-19 pandemic that directly affected the travel sector and generated revenue in 3-4 months of full operational activation.
  • Adapted the content marketing strategy to the availability of AI tools, implementing them in inbound marketing, SEO, and Google AdSense efforts.
  • Developed and optimized an effective customer journey, resulting in constant generation of business-to-consumer (B2C) leads.
  • Built and activated the paid search and social media advertising efforts that promoted our services to travelers in the Barcelona area, increasing the volume of ticket sales and general acquisition through the website.
  • Led and, up to this day, managed the SEO strategy of the website, creating content with two content writers and improving the visibility of our website on search engines, leading to an increase in conversions via organic traffic.
  • Provided strategic direction for link building and boosting visibility such as guest posting.

Growth and Marketing Lead

2018 - PRESENT
  • Led all the B2C marketing channels between 2020-2022, becoming a key player in Tomplay's growth with over 200% to 300% growth in their paid subscribers.
  • Created and implemented paid campaigns through Meta Advertising, AdWords, Apple Search Ads, and LinkedIn. Managed the campaigns' performance, achieving high returns on investment, which were above 100% in some months.
  • Developed the affiliate program through email outreach campaigns and influencer marketing, leading partnerships with professional musicians and renowned influencers to gain exposure and promote the Tomplay brand across social.
  • Collaborated with stakeholders in executing and creating strategic sales campaigns. Coordinated, provided, and supervised the content and implementation of the initial strategy and provided follow-up reports.
  • Implemented SEO strategies like collecting backlinks through relevant websites and media, improving our website rating on Google's rank.
  • Involved in the appliance of AI tools in creating the base of the copy applied in all advertising efforts across Meta Ads for permanent advertising efforts and seasonal sales.

Meta Ads Specialist

2024 - 2024
Chazz Adler
  • Developed a short but effective audit that allowed the client to have a better understanding of his current setup on Meta Ads.
  • Detected key points related to event tracking and campaign setup that would benefit the overall performance.
  • Delivered an effective time-sensitive report directly to the founder, allowing him to explore key insights related to the creatives and setup.

SEO/Content Researcher

2023 - 2024
Travel World Beyond LLC
  • Collaborated closely with a co-founder to build an SEO strategy for their travel blog, focusing on effective keyword research and defining the intent of each blog piece.
  • Led and mentored the co-founder and staff members in conducting competitor analysis and detecting keyword opportunities to stand out organically.
  • Developed a link-building strategy, detecting top related blogs to reach out to in order to increase the website's authority score facing search engines.

Paid Ads Expert

2023 - 2023
Pathfinder DMCC
  • Developed a deep analysis of the Meta advertising effort to introduce improvements to the current performance and implement AI practices in the running strategy.
  • Led the creation of a real case strategy, presenting it to management and inspiring them to take new initiatives in their future paid advertising strategies.
  • Analyzed current creative assets, diving deep to improve the creative elements utilized in Meta advertising efforts.

AI Consultant

2023 - 2023
The Creative Media Company (NI) Ltd
  • Collaborated closely with senior executives to detect AI practices that could be applied to their marketing efforts.
  • Detected innovational methods to implement AI in marketing tasks successfully.
  • Delivered assets following strict deadlines and applying a creative and strategic approach to the concepts.

Content Support

2023 - 2023
Goal Based Soccer
  • Launched the website with an effective copy to drive organic content based on SEO guidelines and following the brand's frame.
  • Worked closely with the founder to build a strong B2C storytelling approach around the football club and display it on the website content.
  • Met a strict deadline to work closely with developers to launch the whole content strategy on time.
  • Incorporated AI tools as a resource in order to meet delivery deadlines as the project was time sensitive.

Digital Marketing Expert

2022 - 2023
  • Developed an effective customer journey funnel that drives B2C acquisition, increasing the conversion rate from registration to free trial.
  • Led a team of three content writers and oversaw organic marketing, text analytics, and inbound marketing efforts, from SEO content to social media strategy. Applied SEO best practices using software such as Semrush and Ahrefs.
  • Designed and launched all the paid advertising efforts through search and social meta-advertising, building the strategy, optimizing it, and achieving the established KPIs, resulting in a strong increase in the volume of conversions.
  • Mentored and managed a team of three marketing interns, allowing them to lead the company's projects autonomously by the end of my engagement.

Marketing Executive

2016 - 2018
  • Managed strategic email campaigns and marketing automation with Mailchimp, growing the newsletter database with high-quality subscribers, and acquired relevant leads through narrowed and niche-targeted drip marketing campaigns.
  • Led the B2C content marketing strategy from the early stages to the implementation. Supervised the strategy and ensured that marketing goals were fulfilled with the support of the content, including interviews, podcast marketing, and videos.
  • Headed partnerships with relevant stakeholders like musicians and record labels to promote and give relevant exposure to their highlighted products.
  • Managed projects such as the Primephonic Yearly Magazine or the company's presence at fairs and exhibitions throughout the Netherlands.
  • Contributed to the launch of Primephonic and played a key part in its startup marketing, positioning it for successful acquisition.

Channel Head and Host

2015 - 2015
  • Managed the multimedia and audiovisual content in collaboration with the video analytics and design teams to engage with our target audience, gain visibility, and improve the KPIs fueling the growth of Nou Nation.
  • Performed interviews and hosted and led the video content. This covered all topics relating to footage from FC Barcelona and involved effective people skills, team coordination, and adapting to challenging scenarios.
  • Managed and supervised social media channels, targeting key content to top followers and analyzing past performance.

Marketing Manager

2013 - 2015
Ground Control Management
  • Led CRM, drip marketing, and social media channels to promote events, achieving multiple sold-outs throughout our weekly concert program.
  • Managed and supervised the creation of branding elements for our promotional assets.
  • Established key relationships with PR members in the underground sector, updating them about the latest releases and relevant information about our artists and events.

Teacher Assistant

2013 - 2015
ESODE Business School
  • Assisted in developing educational content, display, and implementation specified in the academic program. Delivered feedback to students and supported the teacher in illustrating, planning, and adapting the class' demands.
  • Coached onboarding interns in the creation, execution, and analysis of critical assets to achieve a successful implementation of event marketing.
  • Involved in the instruction of decision-making, tool handling, time management, and best practices facing event guidelines.

On-site Match Reporter and Recruiter

2012 - 2015
Real Time Sportscast
  • Covered over 200 football games in Madrid and Barcelona, covering a wide selection of teams and delivering key real-time data surrounding international focus events.
  • Recruited and coached onboarding match reporters, delivering key recommendations and guidance to the trainee's development and becoming the primary recruiter in the Madrid area.
  • Covered high-relevance games like Real Madrid vs. Barcelona or top champions league fixtures.

Events Marketing Manager

2012 - 2015
  • Managed the ticketing processes and established key relationships with partners, including Ticketmaster or Ticketea.
  • Led the B2C event marketing strategy, achieving multiple sold-out concerts during our annual concert schedule.
  • Created, designed, and supervised the branding elements of our promotional materials.
  • Closed partnerships with renowned multinational brands to promote our artists and co-organize live events.
  • Managed the different elements of our small-medium scale live events, maintaining a close relationship with artists, B2B partners, major record labels, venues, and festivals.

Junior Audio and Content Coordinator

2011 - 2012
Estudio Multidesign
  • Managed and coordinated content workflow. Planned ed and ensured the audio materials met previously established deadlines.
  • Worked closely with the CEO and voice-over actors, following up on the content workflow and managing the recording sessions.
  • Led the audio and content teams to deliver a high volume of workload on time.

Audio Engineer and Content Assistant

2011 - 2011
Círculo de Bellas Artes
  • Worked side-by-side with the head of content and audio engineering and renowned journalists of the cultural sector in Madrid.
  • Managed the content and scheduling of multiple live radio shows covering the daily program in the morning sessions.
  • Led cross-functional tasks throughout the multiple demands of the radio hosts and journalists.

Affiliate Program | Tomplay

Led the outreach, development, and follow-up of our Tomplay affiliate program on a global scale. Successfully gathered, as of today, a database of hundreds of musicians that actively promote Tomplay throughout their social media channels.

Tomplay Interactive Sheet Music provides educational tools for all musicians.

I actively moved forward with all the steps, from the research part to the partnership follow-up of the relationship with content creators. With a portfolio of hundreds of musicians already, I've handled all types of content creators, from small-scale to YouTube creators with millions of musicians.

Negotiation, targeted research, and a successful follow-up to maintain a strong relationship are vital elements that have driven the success of our program.

Black Friday Campaigns | Tomplay

Led all the steps and built the strategy for Tomplay's global Black Friday Campaigns four years in a row, achieving successful results in terms of ROI.

Based on a subscription model, we would run offers on our premium subscription that provides yearly access to the entire platform.

My job was to build a strategy and implement it through our paid advertising channels, media partners, and affiliate program to achieve the highest possible return on investment.

Out of the four years that I've been running these campaigns, I'm proud to share that an ROI of over 100% was achieved on several occasions through several channels I executed the strategy. Besides the positive results, this success resulted from outstanding project management work where I had to coordinate multiple teams, from translators to designers, and meet the deadlines to push this global campaign.

Co-founder at Flamingo Tours and Trips

Led all the key steps and kickstarted the company's operations, recovering the initial investment after three months of full activation after the COVID-19 crisis through ticket sales to our experiences.

At Flamingo Tours in Barcelona, our primary goal is to build and create innovative experiences in the tourist sector. We want to invite people to disconnect from their daily lives and want to inspire them to learn and surround themselves with Spanish culture in an international social manner.

It's the first business I started. Next to my partner, I was involved in all the key stages of the company's development, from selecting a convenient location to building the branding, marketing strategy, and pricing strategy.

This experience has allowed me to understand all the stages of a digital business that promotes a more physical product, added to the fact of building a passion project of mine since I have a strong connection with the city of Barcelona due to my personal history.

Primephonic Yearly Magazine

Led the project management of the Primephonic Yearly Magazine for two years straight, achieving tight deadlines and supervising all the stages from content creation to printing and distribution.

Primephonic was the international platform for high-definition downloads and streaming. Our magazine was one of the most potent offline marketing tools we distributed bundled with relevant media or presented at exhibitions and music industry fairs.

I managed all the key processes, working closely with the head of content and the design leads to meet the deadlines, ensuring the branding was in line and the quality of the deliverables was the highest.

Afterward, I reached out to relevant media and arranged for the magazine to be bundled with their monthly issue, reaching out to a readership of thousands of subscribers with partners like the BBC and Gramophone, among many others.

Bicycle Kick Goals in The Recent Barca History | Nou Nation

Successfully developed the script and content and implemented the branding of one of the most authentic and dynamic videos through the early stages of the channel.

Nou Nation was the first-ever unofficial FC Barcelona YouTube channel. In the early stages, I was a member of its foundation and came up with the idea of a video exposing the best bicycle kick in the clubs' history.

At that time, we were tiny regarding the number of subscribers as we were a young channel. This video boosted our growth and duplicated the number of subscribers in a matter of days.

In conclusion, we noticed that the content's originality, the production's quality, and the branding were relevant factors to trigger this step up.

Segmented Promotions | Pirmephonic (Acquired by Apple Music)

Led all the steps of acquiring new customers related to niche products in the Primephonic catalog, managing all the steps from cold acquisition to lead generation and lead nurturing through email marketing campaigns.

Back in the day, Primephonic would provide streaming and high-quality downloads within the classical music genre.

I successfully developed a funnel through paid media advertising where customers were acquired and dragged into our newsletter database. As a follow-up, I would retarget these specific customers with an interest in high-quality audio recordings and run promotional campaigns, enhancing an increase in sales.

This was practically the first ever successful funnel created by the marketing team in the company's history. An event that truly caught the attention of the founders who recognized my achievement.
2014 - 2014

Bachelor's Degree in Language and Culture

Goethe Institute - Berlin, Germany

2011 - 2012

Audio Engineering Diploma in Audio and Video Production

SAE Institute - Madrid, Spain

2009 - 2012

Bachelor's Degree in Music Business and Audio Engineer

Middlesex University - Barcelona, Spain

2007 - 2007

Summer Performance Programme in Music Management

Berklee College of Music - Boston, MA, USA


AI for Business



Web3 Foundations Certificate

Growth Tribe


Growth Marketing Certificate



NT2 Gevorderden II

UVA Talen


Google Ads Certification



Google Analytics Certification



Goethe-Zertifikat A2

Goethe Institute


Basic Media Certificate | Multimedia Marketing

SAE Institute


A Level Literature in English

Cambridge Assessment International Education


First Certficate English

Cambridge Assessment International Education


Diploma in Information and Communications Technology

Cambridge Assessment International Education


Affiliate Marketing, Content, Marketing, Email Campaigns, SEO Content, Growth Hacking, Digital Marketing Strategy, Digital Advertising, Digital Campaigns, Digital Marketing, Audience Targeting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Keyword Research, SEO Audits, Paid Advertising, Influencer Marketing, Content Creation, Facebook Ads, Google Paid Ads, Google Ads, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Marketing Analytics, B2C Marketing, Product Marketing, On-page SEO, Social Media Advertising, SEO Keyword Research, Lead Generation, Performance Marketing, Google SEO, Off-page SEO, Email Marketing, YouTube Ads, Content Marketing, A/B Testing, Google Advertising, Funnel Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Landing Pages, Branding, Writing & Editing, Copywriting, Go-to-market Strategy, Marketing Automation, Pay-per-Click (PPC), Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing Automation, Blogging, Brand Marketing, Apple Search Ads, Drip Marketing, Funnel Optimization, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Google AdWords, Content Marketing Strategy, Content Strategy, Campaign Management, Market Research & Analysis, Marketing Leadership, Link Building, AI Marketing, Google Tag Manager, Entertainment Marketing

Platforms & Tools

Mailchimp, Instagram Ads, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Creative Suite, Google Analytics, Ninja Outreach, Tapfilliate



Business Models

Software as a Service (SaaS), Business to Consumer (B2C), SaaS, Business to Business (B2B), SaaS Product Marketing, Business Models


YouTube, Project Management, Partnerships, B2B Partnerships, Growth Marketing, Edtech Design, Startups, Advertising, Paid Media, Paid Search, Digital Strategy, Subscriptions, Generative AI, International SEO, Technical SEO, Growth Strategy, Customer Acquisition, Niche Email Marketing, Education, Storytelling, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Pricing Strategy, Web Content, Shopify, Product Growth, Content Writing, YouTube Marketing, Acquisitions, Business Management, Digital Media, Culture Management, Information Technology, YouTube SEO, Strategy, Business Strategy, Business Development, Business, Broadcasting, Gaming Platforms, Leads, Conversion, Mentorship, Websites, Scaling, Crisis Management, Text Analytics, Blockchain, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency, Crypto, Non-fungible Tokens (NFT), Podcast Marketing, Startup Marketing, Video Analytics, Digital Newsletters, Newsletters, Music Promotion, Facebook Pixel, Dutch, AI Content Creation, SEO with AI, AI-based Content SEO

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