Ariel Shoham, Product Manager in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Ariel Shoham

Product Manager in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Member since September 23, 2019
For over the past twenty years, Ariel has been successfully incepting new ideas, turning them into desirable products, engaging stakeholders and creating sustaining and supportive businesses and ecosystems around them. Ariel has led product and development across a wide variety of domains: banking, finance, cyber, intelligence, eCommerce, edTech, and telecom demonstrating combined vision and pragmatism.
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  • Director of Product

    2019 - 2021
    • Onboarded new merchants and supported new customer use cases (product innovation in fintech).
    • Developed models that harness existing fraud prevention know how to introduce new corroboration models (product innovation in identity).
    • Extended existing technology to support new decisions across the user journey (product innovation in account protection).
  • EIR - Senior Product manager

    2017 - 2018
    • Rejuvenated Amdocs’ mainstream offerings and come up with new LOBs, to be offered to existing clientele.
    • Collected customer insights, compiled architecture and UX, led the development of two new product lines: a B2B financial marketplace offering advanced P2P financing solutions to CSPs’ business clients and PRNoc, a social intelligence platform that optimizes customer care through monitoring of SM channels.
  • Co-founder

    2012 - 2017
    Smart Sparrow
    • Acted as the key evangelist, product-oriented strategist, and program lead, heavily involved in taking the company from nascence to maturity ($30 million in equity funding + $15 million in grant funding).
    • Led our flagship program (BEST Network) from inception ($4.5 million grant funding) to its current state as the world’s first biomedical teaching network, generating over $1.2 million in revenues.
    • Landed first eight paying customers (Ivy league universities), and built an international vivid community of educators collaborating on the product I headed.
  • Deputy Head of Enforcement

    2009 - 2012
    Privacy Protection Authority
    • Served as a key member of the PPA founding team.
    • Managed complex international cybercrime investigations - collecting and connecting data sets to discover patterns, relationships, anomalies, and evidence trails.
    • Collaborated with government, intelligence, defense communities, and international agencies.
    • Led the Agron, Saudi Hacker, and DigiNotar investigations.
    • Won two national excellence awards for outstanding team performance.
  • CEO - Barlev International

    2006 - 2007
    Barlev Investigative Auditing
    • Compiled an international expansion strategy for the group.
    • Led the opening of several European markets and generated new business (financial and technological audits, e-discovery, and other financial investigations) mainly in Germany, NL, and the UK.
  • Product Manager

    2002 - 2006
    Bank Hapoalim
    • Led the design and delivery of a platform that connects the bank’s HQ with 10 offshore branches and subsidiaries to generate consolidated financial management vantage point promoted and used by a community of internal business units as insight generators and decision support tools.
    • Designed and built the platform for integrating daily transmissions from all subsidiaries and consolidating them into a unified product catalog.
  • Co-founder, CTO

    1999 - 2002
    Zoomix Data Mastering (Acquired by Microsoft)
    • Led the incorporation of the company (vision, contracts, investment case, IP management, patents) product strategy, architecture, design, and delivery (eCommerce platform-B2B, B2C, and BI data mastering tools powered by semantic search algorithms).
  • Full-stack Engineer

    1998 - 1999
    Flowserve BV
    • Architected and developed a custom made automated Y2K conversion platform for an international fluid management company, using MF/AS-400 infrastructure.
  • Legal Intern

    1997 - 1998
    Clal Israel
    • Researched and advised on commercial law, telecommunications, capital markets, and securities.
    • Served as assistant secretary and led all supportive documentations for SEC filings, ESOP plan, and secondary public offerings, and reporting.
  • Full-stack Engineer

    1995 - 1996
    Ministry of Education
    • Designed and built a custom E2E application for special education unit.
    • Conducted discovery and interviews, built the architecture and design, and did the coding all together. Completed project at 30% of planned budget.
  • Full-stack Engineer

    1994 - 1995
    Israeli Central Bank
    • Led the production team.

Project History

  • Biomedical Education Skills and Training Network
    Led BEST to become the leading Biomedical teaching network with hundreds of thousands of users.

    Led Best from ideation to become the world's leading teaching network for biomedical experts.

    Key evangelist, strategist, and program lead taking the company from nascence to maturity (500+ universities).

    Led the establishment of the world's first personalized learning platform. Smart Sparrow is SaaS tools that apply AI technologies to guide students through unique personalized next-generation learning experiences. Inspired thousands of academics to rethink the way they teach and use learning data to grow and improve.

  • Private Blockchain Security Protocol Digital Health
    Built a blockchain security solution from scratch for real-time secured digital health interoperability.

    Product architecture and UX.

  • Robotic Process Automation for CX
    Led product for world's first CX platform, applying AI for monitoring activity and triggering automated remediation flows.

    Headed product architecture and design, business, and pricing model.

  • Cloud-based Digital Pathology Platform
    Led product and ecosystem development - with features for hospitals, medical experts, and AI (visual analysis) vendors.

    Telemedicine platform for automated detection and insights sharing.

  • Solving the DigiNotar Case
    Led investigation and discovery that revealed the identity of the people behind the DigiNotar case.

    DigiNotar was a well-established certificate authority that issued many of the digital certificates used by the Dutch government for its online services. Iranian hackers managed to break through security and steal root CAs used for issuing trusted certificates themselves, and launching one of the biggest man in the middle attacks of all times.

  • Solving the Saudi Hacker Case
    Headed the investigation of a series of international cyber crimes against the EU and the US citizens and infrastructures.

    Led collaboration with government, intelligence, defense communities, and international agencies that eventually revealed the identity of the criminals behind a series of international cybercrimes.

  • Project CashBlocks ICO
    Wrote white paper led architecture and MVP for Project CashBlocks - a SaaS platform for corporate virtual currency.

    Blockchain-based platform supporting virtual currencies and digital asset management on blockchain technology.


  • Global Master of Business Administration Degree in International Business
    2009 - 2011
    Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) - Herzliya, Israel
  • Courses in in Mechanical Engineering
    2002 - 2003
    Tel Aviv University - Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Bachelor's Degree in Law
    1994 - 1998
    Hebrew University Jerusalem - Jerusalem, Israel
  • Diploma in Computer Programming and Software Design
    1991 - 1992
    IDF Computer Professions Academy - Israel


  • Certified Computer/IT Forensic Investigator
    Ministry of Justice
  • Criminal Questioning and Interrogations
    MAY 2012 - PRESENT
    Ministry of Justice
  • Computer Forensics Data-mining
    APRIL 2010 - PRESENT
  • Financial Investments Management
    MAY 2009 - PRESENT
    Financial Education Center Herzliya ISRAEL
  • Programming Visual Basic and .NET
  • UML Design and Modeling
  • Programming a SQL-Server 2000 Database
  • Israeli BAR Membership
    MAY 1998 - PRESENT
    Israeli BAR Association

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