Edward English, Product Manager in Washington, DC, United States
Edward English

Product Manager in Washington, DC, United States

Member since August 26, 2019
For the past 15 years, Edward has managed product teams building enterprise SaaS solutions. Previously, he was the director of product management at Microsoft and a three-time chief product officer for start-up/growth-stage software companies. Earlier in his career, he was a strategy consultant with Deloitte. Edward's expertise includes leading (and hands-on doing) day-to-day product management, UX, product marketing, and data science functions.
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Project Highlights




  • Product and Technology Lead

    2019 - PRESENT
    • Conducted market research to validate the business opportunity and identify high-yield target use cases for a product pricing optimization tool.
    • Developed a full-stack prototype in React, Python, and AWS that was used as the basis for MVP offering.
    • Established a re-usable component-based design system. Created and iterated on UX designs in Figma.
  • Product Manager and Data Scientist

    2016 - PRESENT
    • Defined the market opportunity and product roadmap for extending proprietary distribution/logistics software across the business portfolio for Driven Brands (a Fortune 500 sized auto services company owning Meineke, Maaco, and others).
    • Developed feature specifications and sample solutions for 12 different analytic models included in Azure ML Studio for Microsoft.
    • Developed the MVP product specifications for a set of new cloud services related to content tagging, sensitive content identification, archival, and search for Metalogix (a division of Quest Software).
  • Chief Product Officer

    2017 - 2019
    Higher Logic
    • Built a new product team with a cohesive process and tools across four acquired companies. This includes defining structure and roles, establishing an agile/OKR approach, and implementing new planning, release, and sprint operating rhythms.
    • Managed the day to day road-map for a portfolio of content management, online community, and marketing-automation products. This included: customer research, writing user stories, developing UX specs, and building prototypes/tests.
    • Launched a cloud micro-service, data, and machine learning platform using the AWS stack—connected all legacy products into that environment. Implemented an at-scale NLP based content recommender system (across 40 million users).
    • Designed and implemented a comprehensive API strategy to enable products to easily and consistently integrate with over 50 different CRM, marketing automation, email delivery, and trouble ticketing systems.
    • Created a re-usable React-based, component-oriented design system. Updated the UX of five legacy applications using this system.
    • Created a new visual drag-and-drop front end application used for designing web pages and email templates.
    • Implemented automated web/email marketing campaigns and created a set of customer self-service tools to improve internal response times/efficiency.
    • Developed and implemented a product strategy in an adjacent segment—doubling the size of the total addressable market. Revised pricing and packaging that increased ARR by 20%.
    • Developed technical and go-to-market integration plans for 4 different companies we acquired. This included identifying product feature synergies, infrastructure cost savings, and creating content highlighting the new combined value prop.
  • Chief Product and Marketing Officer

    2012 - 2016
    • Managed product management, UX, software engineering, and quality assurance using an Agile/Scrum development approach.
    • Conceptualized and released the MVP of the flagship wearables, AR, and IoT software products. Managed day to day tasking, feature prioritization, and bi-weekly releases. Subsequently managed iteration and delivered four major releases.
    • Built a cloud back-end for legacy data access, live video calling, and real-time analytics coupled with a mobile client app having a novel user experience using voice processing, motion tracking, computer vision, and augmented reality.
    • Created a visual work-flow designer and a back-end process/state management system used to manage complicated work-orders and service-tickets.
    • Designed and built front-end applications used on mobile devices, smart-glasses, and smart-watches that delivered hands-free access to the task and help content. Created a set of UX approaches for using these devices (awarded three patents for this).
    • Sourced and managed technology and channel partnerships including those with Microsoft, SAP, Deloitte, and Accenture.
    • Drove exceptional awareness and distinctive positioning in the market. Won numerous awards on behalf of the company, including World Economic Forum’s 2016 Technology Pioneer.
  • Director of Product Management

    2006 - 2012
    • Managed the global business plan and achieving performance targets for the SharePoint product. Managed quarterly progress toward revenue, share, margin and other scorecard metrics.
    • Oversaw pricing, promotions, product bundling, and the implementation of new commercial terms.
    • Oversaw global go-to-market activities and promotions for the SharePoint product suite. Managed field marketing resources in 13 countries.
    • Led customer research programs around satisfaction, preference, usage, and share. Conducted numerous qualitative and quantitative market research projects with consumers and enterprises.
    • Managed the end-of-life and technical/legal/commercial migration of an existing customer base onto new set of products.
    • Evaluated new market opportunities for the SharePoint product portfolio, including buy-build analysis. Conducted due-diligence on potential targets and helped drive 3 successful acquisitions.
    • Developed the product roadmap, feature priorities and launch plans for multiple releases - successfully implemented the first cloud-based offerings of SharePoint Online and Office365.
  • Managing Director

    2004 - 2006
    RED Ventures / REDF
    • Implemented multi-channel marketing programs for Fortune 500 companies.
    • Created and executed digital marketing campaigns using statistics, predictive analytics and proprietary data sets for clients including Bank of America, AT&T, and DirecTV.
    • Oversaw creative development, messaging and positioning assets.

Project History

  • Designed and Launched MVP Product
    Managed a team that launched the MVP of a SAAS + mobile app for manufacturing and repair use-cases.

    Conceptualized the MVP concept, gained exec approval for scope and investment.

    Built the initial prototype to validate key concepts and UX patterns.

    Secured two alpha customers used to guide development and obtain rapid feed-back.

    Launched product with a set of Fortune 100 beta customers.

    Iterated on the product to fine-tune the solution and got it to GA within nine months.

    Subsequently added new segments and use-cases to the GA product.

  • Implemented a UX Design System and Migrated Legacy Apps
    Redesigned five dated legacy apps using new React components, info architecture, and modern brand/style assets.

    Conducted user research and in-product analytics to identify problems with UX, terminology, and interaction design.

    Created and gained approval for new visual design and related assets.

    Provided specs to engineering used to create a library of bespoke React components.

    Developed an approach where the legacy UI and new React UX could operate side-by-side.

    Created and managed the backlog of stories to re-build the UX of five applications that were dated/inconsistent.

  • Pricing and Packaging
    Improved avg customer ARR by 30% through improved feature packaging and a new pricing model.

    Identified opportunities to drive increased upsell and further penetration of TAM through changing the product packaging and pricing.

    Created a research plan which tested various concepts with customers, prospects, and lost-deals.

    Pitched and gained Board approval for making fundamental changes to the company business model.

    Implemented a pilot program with a subset of products and segments to validate the proposed changes.

    Created sales materials and commercial/legal terms used to deploy the new packaging.

  • Implemented Live Video Calling Inside App
    Designed and implemented a live multi-party video calling feature based on webRTC.

    Identified customer requirements to get live help from an internal expert while operating inside the application.

    Developed and prototyped a solution with a key customer and partner.

    Integrated the solution into existing enterprise web conferencing and directory systems.

  • Large-scale NLP and Content Recommender Model
    Implemented a production-scale NLP processing engine and recommender model to dynamically render personalized content.

    Assessed the feasibility of processing millions of items of customer-generated content and billions of related interactions.

    Provided specs to engineering to create an ingestion and transaction processing pipeline using the AWS stack.

    Evaluated classifier and recommender model selection options and their optimization parameters. Ultimately settled on a collaborative filtering approach.

    Developed stories and managed the backlog to utilize this model in real-time for a content-management and marketing automation system.

  • Established New Release Management Process
    Reduced customer service volumes and defect rates by creating a multi-stage customer software release pipeline.

    Determined that the company's software release process was the single highest driver of in-bound customer questions, complaints, and production bug issues.

    Created an approach using release toggles and feature flags to target specific customers and groups to get (or not) newly built features.

    Enabled large scale A/B testing and feature instrumentation to analyze the impacts of new features on a subset of customers and users.

    Integrated this approach into CICD and automated testing tools and methodologies.

  • M&A Technical Due Diligence
    Evaluated over 30 different target companies and successfully oversaw acquisition and integrations with 7 of them.

    For multiple different companies, led or was a key participant in technical due-diligence projects.

    Interviewed and evaluated management teams, architectures, products, and business models.

    Presented findings and recommendations to senior execs/Board level.

    Developed integration plans and contingency/risk mitigation approaches for candidate acquisitions.

  • Implemented API and SDK Platform Features
    Radically extended the potential use cases by creating a platform offering leveraging new APIs, mobile SDK, and code samples.

    Evaluated the customer need, market opportunity and partner model for transforming a fixed app into a broader platform offering.

    With key partners and customers, I designed the initial set of APIs.

    Developed specs for engineering to create interfaces and methods.

    Worked with partners to create a set of code examples and quick-start content.

  • Implemented New Customer Feedback Feature
    Built an in-product feature to submit, comment, and vote on new feature requests used by over 200 customers in first 30 days.

    Evaluated various ideation products and approaches in the market.

    Designed and implemented an in-product feedback and commenting system.

    Continually monitored and contributed to the discussion around feature requests. Incorporated key ones into the product roadmap.

    Resulted in a better, more concentrated source of product feedback.

  • Integration, Implementation, and Onboarding
    Led the product team who designed a new solution to automate a lengthy and complicated SAAS implementation process

    Identified process critical path and recurring problem points related to the implementation and first-run experience with our product.

    Designed and implemented a solution to simplify integration with third-party applications (authentication, data-mapping and error handling)

    Created a set of templates and internal tool for support personnel to use to simplify capturing data requirements/configurations from customers

    Implemented an onboarding tool for tips, hints, and guided-tour functionality


  • Master's degree in Business Administration
    1989 - 1991
    Indiana University - Bloomington, Indiana
  • Bachelor's degree in Operations Research
    1989 - 1991
    Virginia Tech - Blacksburg, Virginia

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