Jeremy Horowitz, Product Manager in New York, NY, United States
Jeremy Horowitz

Product Manager in New York, NY, United States

Member since March 19, 2019
Jeremy is a mission-driven product manager who has launched user acquisition and growth initiatives for two freemium SaaS tools and five eCommerce stores. He works directly with engineering teams to build products with great user experiences, founded in customer feedback and a data-driven approach.
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Project Highlights



  • eCommerce Consultant

    2019 - PRESENT
    • Deployed 55 questions to 18,000 customers collecting feedback across demo and psychographic information, customer satisfaction, product quality, and product requests.
    • Presented insights to an internal team of ten members informing manufacturing, marketing, executive, development, and support teams of findings.
    • Analyzed 16 months of sales data to identify the most valuable customers and top-selling items.
    • Identified the average revenue per customer, purchase frequency, and time between purchases.
  • eCommerce Consultant

    2018 - 2018
    Knomo London
    • Developed an Agile project management methodology across a team of ten including product, marketing, support, and executive teams.
    • Reprioritized a backlog of 75 tasks into a six-month roadmap based on the Eisenhower Matrix Priority Methodology.
    • Analyzed 500 user screen recordings to identify greater friction points in the shopping experience to determine the top priorities of the site redesign feature list.
    • Designed a three-month promotional calendar that was coordinated across retail and distribution channels.
  • eCommerce Product Manager

    2016 - 2018
    • Created and maintained a product roadmap for site updates, and ran A/B tests that lead to a 3% increase in CVR, a 5% increase in AOV, and a 10% increase in RPV YOY.
    • Strategized and implemented seven automated lifecycle emails that increased channel revenue by 207% in 2017, and 36% in 2018.
    • Designed and deployed six customer feedback surveys gathering 9,052 responses that reprioritized website development, product manufacturing, marketing, and customer support initiatives.
    • Built and updated an annual sales forecast for the channel based on changes in business goals (new products, marketing initiatives, and promotions).
    • Designed an annual promotional calendar to drive revenue around new product releases and the cyclical buying behavior of the LuMee customer base.
  • Product Manager

    2016 - 2016
    Cue Connect
    • Created and maintained the business requirement documents to rebuild 450 features across three products (injectable website widgets, merchant data portal API and CMS app integration, and IOS SDK).
    • Oversaw a development team of 13 to release 50 features across integrated eCommerce apps and a merchant data dashboard to bring in new clients doubling the MRR for the period.
    • Brought in to retrain the product and sales positioning for five sales and two customer success team members.
  • Product Manager

    2015 - 2016
    Related Noise
    • Grew the user base for a social content embed widget from 100 to 20,000 in four months.
    • Created the scope and deployed the go-to-market freemium pricing strategy. Designed the upsell tiers to balance increased service with client growth.
    • Redesigned the sign-up flow UX. This was based on insights garnered by conducting 50 user interviews and A/B testing, increasing the completion rate by 25% month-over-month.
  • Partner, VP of Marketing

    2014 - 2014
    • Secured the investment of seed capital from investors.
    • Analyzed the competitive marketplace of $4 billion (TAM) and 20 competitors, which led to a major business pivot, and the strategic positioning of the company and product.
    • Summarized and prioritized customer feedback from 100 interviews and 40 usability tests for the product team.
    • Identified and negotiated 11 strategic partnerships with Fortune 500 companies and SMBs.
    • Strategically led and implemented all external marketing and communications across digital, social and email campaigns.
    • Created the brand identity and persona for company and web application.
    • Recruited, hired and paired key talent to grow cohesive cross-functional teams.

Project History

  • UX Redesign for Website
    Led the complete redesign of, increasing the company's KPIs of CVR (+3%), AOV (+5%) and RPV (+10%).

    Led a team of one UX/UI designer, a CRO expert, and three developers to rebuild the front-end UX for As part of a company-wide rebranding, we overhauled the entire site aesthetic and navigation to address the core customer issues with the previous shopping experience.

    A major element of the project was to provide our shoppers with a mobile app experience on a mobile responsive website. With 85% of the site traffic coming from mobile devices (primarily from social media sites), the redesigned site focused on recreating the interactions and navigation functionality of mobile app navigation in a mobile responsive website.

    The shopping funnel was significantly optimized to present relevant information throughout the shopping journey to convert as many customers as possible.

    In addition to redesigning the cart experience to be a dynamic Ajax sliding cart, we also added a one-click upsell that increased the storewide attach rate from 7% to 17%.

  • Launched First Loyalty Program for LuMee
    Designed LuMee's first rewards and loyalty program which increased the return customer rate by 8%.

    The company focused on retaining customers and increasing brand loyalty among both prospects and customers. Working across the marketing, support and finance teams, we designed a rewards and loyalty program to provide incentives for prospects, as well as new and loyal customers to take valuable "brand actions."

    Major components of the project included:
    1) Competitive research on successful loyalty programs for eCommerce and retail brands.
    2) Worked with the marketing team to identify the most valuable "brand actions" to convert leads into prospects, prospects into customers, and customers into loyalists.
    3) Worked with the finance team to define the unit economics of the program.
    4) Led the design and development of the custom build and integrations with a third party rewards platform (Swell) to our POS (Shopify).
    5) Documented processes for the customer support team.

    After deploying the program, we saw an 8% increase in the repeat customer rate.

  • Related Noise Weebly App
    Led the GTM strategy for the Related Noise Weebly app growing the customer base from 100 to 20,000 users in four months.

    When I joined the team, the company was acquiring customers through its website, but it was too technical for the users (SMB blogs) to configure on their site. After striking a partnership deal with Weebly to be one of the first 30 apps released on their new app store, I then led the development and launch of the app in under one month.

    The primary objective was to reduce our seven-step onboarding process into three steps:

    1) The dynamic feed of content from social media would be injected into a page on the blog.
    2) The blogger would select the type of content they wanted to appear on their site.
    3) The blogger would choose the design template for the feed.

    Through these improvements, we increased our sign-up completion rate by 25% month over month. After two months of acquiring users, we became a featured app within the Weebly app store.

  • Tripled the Email Revenue of LuMee
    Built an email team of five from the ground up which drove a 347% increase in channel revenue in 1.5 years.

    When I took over the email channel at LuMee in H1 2017, the channel drove six figures in revenue, but emails were rarely sent. There were no automated emails or segmenting occurring. I worked with a freelance graphic designer and copywriter to build out seven automated lifecycle emails that generated more than $500,000 in revenue by year-end.

    We optimized the email capture experience to increase our email capture rate by 45%.

    With these improvements, we grew the team to bring in an email consultant and marketing manager to continue growing the channel with more in-depth data analysis and segmentation. The channel grew from a non-priority to be the third largest revenue generating marketing channel for


  • The Complete Data Science Bootcamp in Data Science
    2018 - 2019
    Udemy - New York
  • The Complete Sketch 5 Course in UI Design
    2018 - 2018
    Udemy - New York
  • Product Management in Product Managent
    2015 - 2015
    General Assembly - New York
  • Bachelor's degree in Advertising and Marketing
    2010 - 2014
    University of Maryland - Maryland

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