Jerry Gutierrez, Product Manager in San Antonio, TX, United States
Jerry Gutierrez

Product Manager in San Antonio, TX, United States

Member since March 2, 2020
Jerry is passionate about efficiency. He enjoys the process of gaining understanding through thorough conversation, curiosity, and learning about why the solution is important to you. As a product manager, Jerry has worked on products in organizational governance, digital asset management, marketing analysis,  IT asset management, and eCommerce. He is analytical, customer-focused, and data-driven.
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Project Highlights

  • Led the development and design team in the creation of a new auto-renew license for reseller partners.
  • Led the development of a new product support system designed to add value and increase revenue.


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  • Founder

    2016 - PRESENT
    The Cintman Group
    • Evaluated $10 million in company acquisitions and led product integration efforts.
    • Wrote and introduced the product core-function strategy, reducing the time to manage the backlog.
    • Led product integration between digital asset management, workflow solution, and content delivery.
    • Completed the concept to launch the redevelopment of reseller portal and license management system.
    • Developed platinum and gold support packages that were promoted through marketing.
    • Defined the new generation digital asset management product roadmap.
    • Managed backlog for four products (digital asset management and market analysis).
    • Manage a team of 20 engineers and six product managers from acquisition through a company integration.
  • Product Manager

    2016 - 2019
    Texas Association of School Boards
    • Conducted market research across 30 states and three markets (public schools, private, and government).
    • Implemented software development lifecycle (SDLC) processes driving improvement in user story creation.
    • Launched the Apple App in collaboration with third-party vendors, increasing target user adoption rate by 15%.
    • Built persona models and identified key decision-makers decreasing sales cycle by one month.
    • Identified social media, partner, and website connections, improving lead generation by 10%.
  • Storage Product Consultant

    2014 - 2016
    US Tech Solutions
    • Authored training plans and technical curriculum for VLT, ILT, and e-learning environments for new software storage solution management.
    • Analyzed technology concepts and translated product information into accurate and effective train-the-trainer programs for Dell educators worldwide.
    • Partnered with engineers, cross-organization teams, vendors, and partners to elicit crucial information in developing training materials covering topics such as data-center design, a software-defined data center, and storage management.
  • System Administrator

    2001 - 2014
    Round Rock Independent School District
    • Directed an $11 million federal e-rate program and assembled documentation for compliance and disbursement for infrastructure projects.
    • Directed a team of 60 employees deploying a $2 million virtualization project to centralize data center operations.
    • Led a $1.5 million Google migration project to transition 50,000 email users to Google infrastructure and guided 200 stakeholders.
    • Developed district help desk processes that streamlined ticketing management and improved all areas of support by 20%.
    • Administered extensive hardware and software: Dell servers, storage array, AIX, network firewall, email (Lotus Domino/G-Suite), financial system, Active Directory, VM Ware, VOps, ESXi, VCenter, TSM backup, disaster recovery planning, and data center.

Project History

  • Auto Renew License
    Led the development and design team in the creation of a new auto-renew license for reseller partners.

    The product license would become invalid on virtual machines if any part of the hardware was changed. This meant that during hardware upgrades or in some instances of reimaging or reinstallation, the product license needed to be renewed.

    Prior to the change, the reseller partner would need to call support and await support's response with a new license for work to proceed.

    As the product manager, I led the team to develop a self-service website so that reseller partners could validate their credentials and automatically create a new license so work could proceed while also protecting the intellectual property of the company. This meant the license was temporary and would later be validated or updated but would not prevent or stall work from proceeding.

    This was a precursor to changing the entire licensing system to completely avoid this problem in the future.

  • Restructuring Product Support
    Led the development of a new product support system designed to add value and increase revenue.

    The original support structure was confusing and prevented the company from maximizing resources and revenue.

    The goal of restructuring the support offering was to minimize confusion and maximize the value added to the support package. As a result, I designed support packages that allowed the customers to purchase a single support contract and have several common value-added services included in the total package instead of constantly needing new contracts, SOWs, and so on to be prepared each time the customer needed service.


  • Master's Degree (MBA) in Business Administration
    2012 - 2015
    Texas State University - San Marcos, TX, United States
  • Bachelor's Degree in Communications
    1994 - 1998
    St. Olaf College - Northfield, MN, United States


  • Certified Scrum Master
    MARCH 2020 - MARCH 2022
    Scrum Alliance
  • Google Analytics for Power Users
    JANUARY 2020 - FEBRUARY 2022
    Google Analytics Academy
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
    AUGUST 2016 - JULY 2022
    Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • PMC VI (Pragmatic Institute)
    Pragmatic Institute

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