Rohan Lulla, Product Manager in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Rohan Lulla

Product Manager in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Member since September 29, 2020
Rohan has 10+ years of experience in product and engineering management in startups and enterprise environments. In addition to leading and delivering projects across multiple domains for enterprises such as Vodafone, Unilever, McDonald's, Dominos, and Singapore Post, Rohan has led Agile teams to build products routing $300+ million in transactions annually. He developed his expertise while delivering innovative projects and significant results through Accenture, LogiNext, and his own startup.
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Project Highlights

  • Routed critical and non-critical transactions worth millions annually through the launch and continuous improvement of the real-time auto dispatch engine at LogiNext.
  • Designed and developed the core professional matchmaking engine that was key to SoulSkill's first round of investment by the Dutch government's Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF).
  • Led the organization-wide initiative to introduce support for cross time zone transactions and movements. This introduced capabilities for global movements of shipments on the LogiNext platform.



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  • Senior Product Manager

    2019 - PRESENT
    LogiNext Solutions Inc
    • Owned the overall product strategy and roadmap for three product lines and three core route optimization engines.
    • Pioneered industry-first functionality to bring together on-demand and scheduled operations support in a single route optimization engine.
    • Conceptualized and built two high-revenue product lines that increased revenue and adoption by more than 25%. These became the most highly adopted and highest revenue generating modules in the entire product suite.
    • Introduced a data-driven product development framework by spearheading the organization's data analytics division.
    • Owned the analytics strategy for five product lines by defining 35+ usage metrics to help define, measure, track, and modify the organization's product strategy and performance.
    • Led product marketing initiatives that included the ownership of the organization's product release notes, API documentation, and knowledge base. Formed the content style guide by referring to the AP and Mailchimp content style guides.
    • Conceptualized and built more than five interactive dashboards for client leadership teams to view and analyze their overall product KPIs, including overall summary analytics, real-time auto-dispatch analytics, and driver-compliance analytics.
  • Technical Product Manager

    2017 - 2019
    LogiNext Solutions Inc
    • Spearheaded the organization’s overall integration strategy, which involved creating. over 60 APIs, standardizing and introducing API frameworks, and implementing design best practices.
    • Led integrations with over 20 SaaS tools used across the organization to automate various business processes as well as by department heads and business analysts.
    • Spearheaded the organization's Agile transformation by introducing the Scrum framework and acting as a scrum master and product owner.
    • Optimized release cycles by 40% by implementing Scrum across the company and led three Scrum teams to successfully restructure release processes.
    • Consistently eliminated technical debt by working closely with engineering to define and develop the platform architecture from a scalability perspective.
    • Converted underperforming teams into high-performing teams through the introduction of Agile and process compliance.
  • Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

    2015 - 2018
    TrussBot Holding B.V. | SoulSkill
    • Led the technology and product vision of the organization. SoulSkill acquired 25,000+ candidates and 80+ recruiting partners, closing approximately 15 positions per month within the first year of its launch.
    • Identified core industry pain points and candidate solutions, along with a go-to-market strategy and scaling roadmap.
    • Designed the two core recommendation and optimization algorithms that were the heart of the platform. These used a combination of transactional and psychometric parameters to find the best candidates for a job opening.
    • Led the roadmap and implementation of two of the back-end algorithms that assessed historical data, psychometric evaluation, entity clustering, and match quality to find outcomes.
    • Identified 20+ key metrics (100+ overall) to implement a product design framework (job stories) to align user expectations with product features.
    • Achieved 99.9% product availability by leading the engineering of the web platform. Defined a future-ready application architecture for scale.
    • Improved delivery timelines by 60% through the introduction of Scrum. Customized sprints for smooth transitions between product and technology teams.
    • Led integrations with multiple partner systems and developed reporting frameworks for seamless communication between teams, with minimal overhead.
    • Developed a white-label framework to allow the SoulSkill web application to be embedded in partner systems for a consistent experience.
  • Senior Analyst

    2012 - 2015
    • Served as the primary business analyst for two web applications (Careers Marketplace and Career Planning) that were being built to help the global employee base build and plan their professional careers based on their aspirations.
    • Gathered requirements and built the search capability for the Careers Marketplace portal, which considered a user's past searches, current location and designation, business vertical, and recommended jobs based on past applications.
    • Secured the necessary sign-offs for 100+ features in 25+ sprints over two years as the primary business analyst for two web application products.
    • Collaborated with onshore and offshore stakeholders to identify the product roadmaps and requirements based on data analytics and usage of the portals.
    • Reduced the human effort for testing cycles by 20% by introducing automation initiatives for the Careers Marketplace and Career Planning platforms. Led delivery and sign-offs for both platforms.
  • Analyst

    2010 - 2012
    • Eliminated 80% of the effort and human errors by leading the planning and implementation of eight tools that automated data assimilation, cleansing, and transformation.
    • Decreased turnaround time by over 60% by creating a centralized, one-stop web portal for service requests. The solution was created for the India team and subsequently widely appreciated and implemented globally within Accenture.
    • Collaborated with the internal stakeholders to build and implement a framework for ETL testing for the data warehouses being built by the organization.

Project History

  • Real-time Auto Dispatch Engine
    Routed critical and non-critical transactions worth millions annually through the launch and continuous improvement of the real-time auto dispatch engine at LogiNext.

    The real-time auto dispatch engine allows customers to transform their business operations in the gig economy by improving driver utilization by over 30% and ensuring that time commitments for orders are met. The engine is one of the most widely used capabilities of the LogiNext platform and has been implemented in over 20 markets by leading quick-service restaurants (QSRs), such as McDonald's and master franchises of KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut, and Starbucks. The real-time auto dispatch engine is directly responsible for generating millions in annual recurring revenue for LogiNext.

  • Professional Matching Engine
    Designed and developed the core professional matchmaking engine that was key to SoulSkill's first round of investment by the Dutch government's Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF).

    The value proposition of the platform was to simplify job seeking by focusing on retention. The Professional Matching Engine was the outcome of approximately 500 user interviews. It used psychometric evaluations and machine learning to refine the similarity index of candidates and help recruiters better understand and make better matches based on past behavior on the platform and the feedback provided.

  • Cross Time Zone Support
    Led the organization-wide initiative to introduce support for cross time zone transactions and movements. This introduced capabilities for global movements of shipments on the LogiNext platform.

    Over 20 enterprise customers were onboarded in the six months after the first release of cross time zone support was introduced in the LogiNext platform. The module was a key component of the organization's enterprise strategy.

    I conducted the research, led the implementation of the entire module, and worked across teams within the organization to simultaneously launch the module across four different product lines with zero bugs.

  • COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Platform
    Enhanced the platform's capabilities for cold storage transportation such as temperature tracking and real-time alerts for vaccine transportation scenarios.

    Led the concept and implementation of the LogiNext Mile E2E platform for multimodal order transportation and route optimization capabilities. In 2020, I planned and implemented enhancements to the Mile E2E platform to cater to cold storage capabilities targeted toward vaccine transportation and tracking. The project was delivered within a short, two-month turnaround cycle, using Agile practices.

    Since the launch of the vaccine distribution platform in December 2020, the platform has garnered significant praise and interest and is in advanced stages of implementation with transportation organizations.

  • Integrations Marketplace
    Conceived and launched the LogiNext Integrations Marketplace, which is home to plug and play integrations with 15+ different ERPs, payment platforms, communications platforms, and map sources.

    The LogiNext Integrations Marketplace reduces integration challenges and development time to zero by hosting 15+ out-of-the-box, plug and play integration modules that include systems like SAP, Oracle, Twilio, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. The Integrations Marketplace continues to be a high-value module for organizations, and new integrations are added on a regular basis.

  • SoulSkill Web Application
    Designed and developed the SoulSkill web application that possessed the onboarding and workflow capabilities for both recruiters and candidates.

    The SoulSkill web application possessed dynamic onboarding flows for candidates and recruiters. It was built using a NoSQL back end and a graph-based, nodes-and-edges framework. I designed the entire workflow and candidate tracking through the entire screening process in a seamless dashboard that recruiters could view. The web application garnered great feedback and boosted the NPS from five to eight.


  • Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Computer Science
    2006 - 2010
    University of Mumbai - Mumbai, India


  • Professional Scrum Master (PSM-1)
    JUNE 2019 - PRESENT

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