Stefan Tomasevic, Product Manager in Belgrade, Serbia
Stefan Tomasevic

Product Manager in Belgrade, Serbia

Member since February 8, 2021
Stefan is an exceedingly motivated and results-oriented analytical business professional with more than eight years of software development experience. He has a passion for innovation, problem solving, and driving products and ideas from inception to release into the market and beyond.
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Project Highlights



  • Agile Product Owner

    2016 - 2021
    Wireless Media
    • Served as a product owner for a large-scale digital experience management solution (CMS and eCommerce) used by some of the Balkans' largest companies, leading a Scrum team of nine to implement a number of new product features.
    • Acted as a product owner for NetTV Plus, the leading IPTV platform for users from the ex-Yugoslavian (ex-Yu) diaspora. This world-class content provider helps its users feel close to home while enjoying a high-quality service.
    • Served as a product owner for WM AppBuilder, a web tool for quick and easy creation of native mobile applications for Android and iOS that requires no development skills.
    • Acted as a product owner working with a team of seven on the development of MVP webshop portal for Austrian virtual mobile operator m:tel.
  • Senior Product Manager

    2011 - 2021
    Wireless Media
    • Contributed to the conceptualization and product design of an official presentation and communication platform between the City of Belgrade and its citizens, acting as a product manager.
    • Served as a product manager on the development of numerous media and magazine portals and applications for Adria Media Group and other clients, such as Mondo, Wanted, Adria Media TV,, Sportklub, and N1.
    • Led the GDPR principles implementation as a lead coordinator on a large number of regional projects with multiple internal and clients’ teams, including development, product, legal, and business.
    • Acted as a product manager on the conceptualization of multiple mobile operators' webshops and self-cares, through workshops with clients and market and customer analysis. Some of those operators are m:tel Montenegro, m:tel Austria, and mt:s Serbia.
  • Business Consultant

    2019 - 2020
    Wireless Media
    • Collaborated with senior executives and product owners on building the product vision and roadmap.
    • Led the implementation of SAP Customer Data Cloud for customer management within the project and its integration with SAP Commerce and SAP Marketing Cloud.
    • Set up marketing automation tools for personalized and effective communication with both clients and their customers.
  • Front-end Developer

    2006 - 2011
    Freelance Work
    • Designed and developed a website for the Serbian national film institute, Film Center Serbia.
    • Developed a new website, complete with the visual design, for the Serbian Institute of Ethnography.
    • Designed and developed a website for the New Balkans Institute.
    • Collaborated with different small teams to deliver numerous websites as a front-end developer.
  • Front-end Developer

    2010 - 2010
    Freelancer d.o.o.
    • Developed a WordPress extension for eCommerce in collaboration with the CEO.
    • Developed the eCommerce module dashboard and customer retail portals.
    • Designed a product roadmap for new features and their specifications.

Project History

  • WM Origami (CMS and eCommerce)
    Led the Scrum team through the development of a robust CMS solution that is now driving more than 30 largest media portals in the Balkans region and a reliable storefront for 10+ eCommerce portals integrated with SAP Commerce.

    WM Origami CMS and eCommerce platform is a large-scale digital experience management solution targeted at helping companies establish their online business. It's essential for some of the largest companies in the Balkans. Some of the portals using WM Origami Content Studio are,, and,, Adria Media TV,, Sportklub, and N1.

  • M:tel Austria | Mobile Virtual Network Operator
    Contributed to presales, sales, and product development processes that allowed the final product to be delivered on time and within the budget with great success on the market.

    M:tel is a mobile virtual network operator in Austria targeting its services to the Balkans' diaspora living there with tariffs, devices, and bundles. The project consists of an eCommerce web portal where users can buy products and services and a self-service platform to manage them.

  • City of Belgrade | New Platform for Omnichannel Communication with Belgrade Citizens
    Led the product design of a concept for a new official digital city presentation and tools for improving how city officials communicate with its citizens and vice-versa.

    Communication and service providing between the City of Belgrade and its citizens have been outdated for a long time. The project aims to fix this by redesigning everything from scratch — improve the way the city presents itself and its services, make more services digitally available, expand and streamline the available channels for interaction with the city, and vice-versa. This also required decentralizing multiple (and uncoordinated) user databases, content management tools, product catalogs, and ticketing systems.

    Used different technologies on the project, including WM Origami Content Studio (CMS), SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Customer Data Cloud, SAP Service Cloud, and SAP Qualtrics.

  • NetTV Plus
    Led the design and development of a new IPTV platform with the client's newly developed business model.

    NetTV Plus is the leading IPTV platform for all users from the ex-Yu diaspora. This world-class content provider that helps its users feel close to home while enjoying a high quality of service needed an upgrade of its portal to keep up with the ever-changing digital features.

  • Implementation of GDPR Compliant Processes and Tools
    Coordinated multiple internal and clients' teams through successful implementation of tools that provide GDPR compliance.

    Until the 25th of May, 2018, I have been preparing processes, tools, and steps that would provide 10+ clients with the GDPR compliance on all their products with successful implementation.

  • WM Origami eCommerce
    Led the development team of seven during the lifespan of the product, designing and developing new features and improving the existing ones.

    The Origami eCommerce solution provides your customer with every tool necessary to have a perfect shopping experience.

    It enables the integration of content and commerce, bringing the best of both worlds together to create an engaging commerce experience for brands to tell a fully cohesive story that drives loyalty, trust, and conversion.

  • EON TV
    Outsourced as a product manager to a client's internal team to develop their video management system (VMS) platform, which is now core technology for providing linear and non-linear video on demand (VoD) content to their users in Serbia.

    EON is a VMS platform with numerous third-party technology integrations that manage video streaming, live TV, EPGs, VoD catalogs, content recommendations, subscriptions, and users. The client is SBB, the second-largest cable provider in Serbia and the most prominent innovator on the market. Technology developed in Serbia is also used for the group's sister companies in Slovenia (, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design
    2004 - 2008
    Belgrade Polytechnic - Belgrade, Serbia


  • SAP Customer Data Cloud (Gigya) Consultant
    OCTOBER 2020 - OCTOBER 2022

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