Mateusz Michalak, Project Manager in Poznań, Poland
Mateusz Michalak

Project Manager in Poznań, Poland

Member since July 27, 2020
Mateusz is an economist, a certified Professional Scrum Master (PSM I), and an Agile enthusiast. He has led on-site and remote teams with up to 10 members and budgets up to €1 million in the hospitality, cryptocurrency, banking, and human resources sectors. Mateusz applies project management best practices, from concept to launch, to help startup and midsize businesses achieve their biggest goals through beautiful software solutions.
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Project Highlights




  • Agile Project Manager

    2018 - PRESENT
    • Led an internal Salesforce team (consisting of three developers, QA, and a designer) to build a CRM that enabled significant growth for a data-driven company.
    • Managed a complex, full-year project in the blockchain industry, from design to development, as a scrum master and product owner.
    • Improved the project manager recruitment process by inspecting the current situation, setting OKRs (e.g., candidate lead time and number of hires), and implementing process changes to meet them.
    • Explored a blue ocean strategy for a project in the hospitality industry and helped translate it into the design.
    • Managed an MVP implementation, from design to launch, for a job offer portal. The project spanned two and one-half months.
    • Ensured high-quality deliverables and participated in more than 10 projects in data-driven environments such as banking and healthcare.
  • Co-founder and CEO

    2017 - 2018
    • Co-founded the company and expanded the team to eight international employees located in five countries and mostly working remotely.
    • Started from scratch and achieved 600,000 monthly views of the news portal within the first five months.
    • Installed scrum practices and agile values for on-site and remote work, which ensured high efficiency.
    • Reported progress to the company's investors on a weekly basis.
    • Led the process of setting short- and long-term goals for the entire company.

Project History

  • Easily Customized Cryptocurrency Website
    Delivered an easily customized website on a budget.

    I was the lead project manager for this year-long project to build, an easily-customized cryptocurrency website. Around 20 people were involved such as product managers, UX and UI designers, PHP developers, and QA specialists.

    Although the project wasn't big in terms of page size, the admin requirements were very complex. was designed and delivered such that each and every page can be easily customized without technical knowledge.

    I started leading the project with seven designers, and five developers joined us after four months. That's when my focus shifted to leading development efforts while still monitoring the design process that was led by another project manager.

    My role included these activities:
    - Created a roadmap and ensured its delivery within the budget
    - Communicated with internal and external stakeholders
    - Achieved high velocity and happiness within the team while acting as the scrum master
    - Set priorities and documented user stories while acting as the product owner and product manager

  • Salesforce (CRM) Implementation
    Built a CRM (single source of truth) that enabled growth of a data-driven company.

    I led the internal Salesforce team, working side by side with the product owner, three developers, QA, and a product designer. The year-long project was super complex, as the new product would be the main source of the truth for 650 employees in the company.

    As the scrum master and proxy product owner, I took over the project after three years of lackluster development and transformed the underperforming team into a hyperproductive one.

    While managing this project, my main duties were to do the following:
    - Create a process for dealing with bugs and small client requests
    - Lead discovery phases for big new features
    - Gather requirements from various stakeholders
    - Communicate with internal and external stakeholders
    - Secure high velocity and happiness within the team
    - Coach the product owner on agile principles and values

  • Job Offer Platform
    Launched the MVP of a job offer portal before the deadline and under budget.

    As the product owner and scrum master, I led the team that delivered the MVP within three months. The team consisted of two back-end developers (RoR), three front-end developers (React and Next.js), two UX and UI designers, and QA. The site is AWS-based and has performance tested to support 100,000 users daily.

    I led the remote kick-off and then managed the design and development phases. I focused on the following activities:
    - Provided feedback on initial designs
    - Ensured that all app requirements were met in the final designs
    - Coached the client on agile processes and values
    - Communicated with internal and external stakeholders
    - Created the project roadmap and budget tracking document
    - Secured high velocity and happiness within the team as the scrum master
    - Set priorities and created user stories while acting as the product owner


  • Master's Degree in Capital Investments and Business Strategies
    2015 - 2017
    Poznań University of Economics and Business - Poznań, Poland
  • Bachelor's Degree in Strategies of Business and Economics
    2012 - 2015
    Poznań University of Economics and Business - Poznań, Poland


  • Professional Scrum Master I
  • Business Higher (BEC Higher) - Level C1 in the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR)
    JUNE 2015 - PRESENT
    Cambridge English Academy

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