Abdulrahman Suleiman, Software Developer in Bani Swayif, Egypt
Abdulrahman Suleiman

Software Developer in Bani Swayif, Egypt

Member since June 23, 2016
Abdulrahman has more than eight years of experience in programming. Typically, for the back end, he uses PHP (several frameworks), MySQL, and MongoDB, and for the front end: JavaScript, React JS, Angular, and Vue.js. He has extensive knowledge of OOP design patterns and database optimization. Abdulrahman is detail-oriented and loves clean, well-structured code. He communicates well and has worked solo, remotely, and with teams.
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Bani Swayif, Egypt



Preferred Environment

Kubernetes, Docker, Ubuntu, Git, PhpStorm, Windows

The most amazing...

...thing I've built was a real-time bidding system for an ad network that predicts the visitors for a CPM based on targeting and other CPMs in the network.


  • PHP Software Architect

    2017 - 2019
    An Online Freelancing Platform
    • Worked as part of a multi-team environment and helped to create new features for large-scale microservices-based applications.
    • Created architectural solutions for complicated software problems and requirements, as well as for application cross-microservices bug fixing and malfunctions.
    • Contributed to building up the software documentation to help create a comprehensive guide for new team members' onboarding.
    • Managed and replicated a multi-tenancy complex infrastructure for large-scale applications.
    • Led team of three software engineers to build a user tracker appliation to track customers, build a realtime engine used by multiple apps for realtime updates over WebSockets, and complete 80% unit tests coverage of the largest app in the company.
    Technologies: Test-driven Development (TDD), JavaScript MVC, Scrum, MongoDB, MEAN Stack, jQuery, Angular, Amazon Web Services (AWS), JavaScript, SQL, LAMP, Microservices, AWS, Docker, MySQL, PHP
  • Chief Technology Officer

    2015 - 2017
    Zwaar Advertising Network
    • Transformed the department's workflow by using Scrum.
    • Planned the application structure for rebuilding the network, including database planning.
    • Recruited new team members and replaced others to overcome the shortage in manpower.
    • Created a monitor application to be used globally in the company to monitor employee performances.
    • Supervised two version updates so far and, as a result, there has been an overall improvement in quality and speed.
    Technologies: Test-driven Development (TDD), Scrum, Amazon Web Services (AWS), SQL, LAMP, Model View Controller (MVC), JavaScript, MySQL, PHP
  • Senior Web Developer

    2015 - 2015
    • Planned, designed, and programmed a web application for managing law offices, including several office branches to manage cases, clients' invoices, employees, and more.
    • Created and set up the company's website and AWS servers.
    • Led the company team in all the company's developing tasks.
    • Built the structure and database for a construction contractor application that involves service providers and client engagements to reach service agreements.
    • Interviewed new recruits for the company and gave them test tasks to determine their experience level.
    Technologies: JavaScript MVC, Angular, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, LAMP, Laravel, jQuery, MySQL
  • Senior Web Developer

    2012 - 2015
    Zwaar Ad Network
    • Created the migration and merging system for user accounts at the system to merge all the user settings and data from different services accounts into one account.
    • Worked on optimizing the advertising campaigns to make it as fast as possible to target visitors from the network publishers' websites to match the visitors with the campaigns targeting them.
    • Built a real-time bidding system for campaigns based on analysis of the network-visitor inventory to determine the expected visitors and the suggested bid for each campaign targeted at them.
    • Developed the financial reporting system to manage user finances transactions (income, outcome) and upon request, they can generate reports periodically.
    • Was responsible for code testing and debugging over most of the development tasks to assure product integrity.
    Technologies: JavaScript MVC, jQuery, Amazon Web Services (AWS), JavaScript, SQL, LAMP, MySQL, Model View Controller (MVC), PHP


  • Zwaar Ad Network

    Zwaar is an online advertising platform that manages traffic from publishing websites to propagate the ads for advertisers based on the targeted audience of the advertising campaigns.

  • Law Office Systems

    Law Office System is an application script for managing law offices including all the branches of the offices, specifically it manages cases with all case updates, followups, attachments, and more.

    It also manages employees and clients with different access roles to help them view or update the cases. The system manages finances including payments from clients and generating proper invoices for the clients.

  • Monitor

    Monitor is software that I created for my company when I became the CTO.

    Its aim is to help provide overall performance reports periodically for employees to determine what points they are most skilled at and what points they need to improve; as well as providing charts for their performances in a certain period of time.

  • Hire Intelligence (via Toptal) | Interview4 Platform

    Interview4 platform was built by Hire Intelligence as an online video job-interviewing platform. I worked on the platform as a full-stack developer to help them implement different types of multiple choice tests as well as to implement the admin dashboard to control the process.

  • Ghostit Platform (via Toptal)

    Ghostit Platform is a content management system that allows users to schedule their social media/blog posts and automatically posts them at the specified times. It has a full admin system and subscription plans for users wishing for the site editors to write their content for them. You can connect several social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more) and also you can connect your WordPress website to schedule and automate blog posts as well.

  • Garb Atheltics (via Toptal)

    Garb Athletics is an uniform-making company with an online uniform builder to help the users customize their uniform. I worked for Garb as a full-stack developer (PHP, MYSQL, Zend, AngularJS) to help upgrade the unifrom builder and create additional features for the users.

  • South Country (via Toptal)

    South Country is a CMS for a farming community. I worked on implementing the charting system to connect with field equipments apis and draw charts of crop yield potentials as well as to calculate fields available for water—making use of the nearest historical weather data and live field data.


  • Languages

    CSS, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, PHP, GraphQL, TypeScript, ECMAScript (ES6), CSS3, Python
  • Frameworks

    Laravel, Redux, Angular, Laravel 5, React Native, JavaScript MVC, CodeIgniter, Zend Framework
  • Libraries/APIs

    Redux-saga, React, jQuery, Node.js, Vue.js
  • Tools

    Git, Jira, Vagrant, PhpStorm, Chef
  • Paradigms

    REST, Microservices Architecture, Unit Testing, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), MVC Design, Microservices, DevOps, MEAN Stack, Scrum, Test-driven Development (TDD), Real-time Systems, Model View Controller (MVC)
  • Platforms

    Amazon Web Services (AWS), LAMP, Windows, Ubuntu, Rancher, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Storage

    MySQL, Cache, MongoDB, Redis
  • Other

    Freelance, AWS, Redux-observable, Documentation, GitOps


  • Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering
    2007 - 2012
    Fayoum University - Fayoum, Egypt

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