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Akash Melethil

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Calgary, AB, Canada
Toptal Member Since
April 29, 2022

Akash's professional experience includes leadership and engineering roles across many spaces, including embedded systems, full-stack, and native desktop applications. He's very comfortable with the development process, from defining requirements and architecting or optimizing systems to implementation and testing. Furthermore, Akash is an excellent communicator who conveys information promptly and professionally. At Toptal, he aims to tackle new challenges and build great software.


Wave View Imaging
C++17, C++, CMake, Git, Rust, APIs, Qt, Firmware, Embedded C, Embedded Software...
Circle Cardiovascular Imaging
C++, Git, APIs, Test-driven Development (TDD), CI/CD Pipelines, Windows...
Zephyr Sleep Technologies
C++, C#, Python, Embedded Systems, Embedded C++, Firmware, Embedded C, STM32...




Preferred Environment

Vim Text Editor, Git, Docker, Linux, NixOS

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on is a radio-frequency-based breast cancer imaging system where I led the software team through the entire development process.

Work Experience

Director of Sofware Engineering

2020 - 2022
Wave View Imaging
  • Overhauled obsolete legacy code and implemented modern C++ and architecture, resulting in increased reliability and testability.
  • Designed and developed the company's newest medical imaging software for use in clinical studies.
  • Oversaw the launch process to successfully deploy the software system in clinical studies.
Technologies: C++17, C++, CMake, Git, Rust, APIs, Qt, Firmware, Embedded C, Embedded Software, I2C, Test-driven Development (TDD), CI/CD Pipelines, Multithreading, Windows, Algorithms, Unit Testing, Memory Management, Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD), Systems Engineering, Architecture, MacOS

Software Developer

2021 - 2021
Circle Cardiovascular Imaging
  • Refactored legacy API and implemented modern C++ practices, increasing reliability, usability, and testability.
  • Developed and updated testing practices to increase test coverage and software reliability.
  • Tracked and fixed bugs using Jira as a reporting tool.
Technologies: C++, Git, APIs, Test-driven Development (TDD), CI/CD Pipelines, Windows, Unit Testing, Memory Management, Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD), MacOS

Research and Development Engineering Intern

2019 - 2019
Zephyr Sleep Technologies
  • Designed and developed a data acquisition embedded system using C and C++ to use in clinical sleep studies.
  • Developed front-end UI using C# and Windows desktop technologies for visualizing clinical sleep study data.
  • Created the current standing best practices for developing R&D electronics and software used at the company.
Technologies: C++, C#, Python, Embedded Systems, Embedded C++, Firmware, Embedded C, STM32, Embedded Software, I2C, Test-driven Development (TDD), Microcontrollers, Unit Testing, Memory Management, Systems Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Electronic Sensors, Internet of Things (IoT)

Software snd Electrical Engineering Teaching Assistant

2016 - 2019
University of Calgary
  • Delivered a software engineering design course to students. The content included various software architectures and development practices.
  • Delivered a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) programming course content to students. The technologies used included VHDL within the Xilinx environment.
  • Delivered software algorithms course content to engineering students. The content included various standard algorithms and data structures.
Technologies: Xilinx Vivado, VHDL, C++, Java, Python, STM32, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Internet of Things (IoT)

River Morphology Engineering Intern

2014 - 2015
City of Calgary, AB
  • Adapted simulation suite Delft3D to model the hydrodynamics and morphodynamics of local rivers during flood events.
  • Led a river modeling project producing actionable data for use during emergency flood events.
  • Oversaw the research project while consulting the University of Calgary hydrodynamics research department.
Technologies: C++, MATLAB, Algorithms

Software Analyst

2013 - 2013
Pason Systems
  • Designed and developed web applications using front-end and back-end technologies like JavaScript, Python, and MySQL. Used by decision-makers for planning product lifecycles.
  • Tracked and fixed bugs using Jira as a reporting tool.
  • Updated the internal server tools to provide a better user experience.
Technologies: JavaScript, Python, MySQL, jQuery, Django, CSS, HTML, Amazon Web Services (AWS), MongoDB, REST, Full-stack, Unit Testing, Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD), SQL

Neural Network LC0 | Chess AI Client

A web client to play chess using the LC0 chess engine.

This project involves porting the C++ engine to WASM to run on top of TensorFlow. A Rust-based library manages the game state, and the UI/UX is built using front-end web technologies like React and CSS.

Typed Notes | A Note-taking App and Web API

A full-stack application for storing data with the data type information included.

The app also provides a GraphQL and REST API for interacting with the application based on user roles. The application uses both front-end and back-end technologies, including React, GraphQL, Node.js, and PostgreSQL.

UV Sense Wristwatch

A proof-of-concept wrist-watch device that can sense ultraviolet (UV) light intensity and connect to an Android device.

The embedded system is built around the ATMega328P microcontroller connected to the VEML6070 UV light sensor. This project makes use of the Arduino platform as well as embedded C++. The Android application is a simple application graphing the UV intensity values sent from the embedded wristwatch device. The Android application is developed in Java.

C++ Json Lib

Another JSON parsing and serializing utility for C++. This JSON utility was created with ease of use while still providing a simple yet performant way of working with JSON structures in C++.

CITI File Reader Writer

This library was developed to aid in the writing and reading of CITI files. The CITI-file format is an ASCII text file type developed by Agilent for storing data from a vector network analyzer. The library's core is written in Rust, but an interface for Python and C++ is also part of the repository.

Emailog | Go-based Rest Server for Emails

Emailog is a simple email logging server. The server is built using Go and exposes an interface that accepts email values. The server then connects to a MySQL database to store the data. The repository is open-source and compatible with Nix flakes.

Serveup Landing | Payment App in the Restaurant Industry

A simple responsive landing page and email form submission for an app in the restaurant industry. The webpage was designed using Figma and developed using SolidJS (a competitor to React) and TypeScript.
2016 - 2019

Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering

University of Calgary - Calgary, AB, Canada

2011 - 2016

Bachelor's Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Calgary - Calgary, AB, Canada


React, Node.js, jQuery, TensorFlow, OpenGL


Git, MATLAB, CMake, Prisma, Figma, React Apollo


JavaScript, Python, C++, Rust, C, TypeScript, Java, Embedded C++, HTML, Embedded C, SQL, Bash, WASM, C#, VHDL, C++17, Elm, GraphQL, CSS, Python 3, Go


Qt, Django, Svelte, Gorm


Windows, MacOS, Docker, Linux, Arduino, Android, Amazon Web Services (AWS), STM32


MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB


Unit Testing, Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD), Test-driven Development (TDD), REST


Memory Management, Software Design, APIs, Embedded Systems, Firmware, Embedded Software, I2C, CI/CD Pipelines, Multithreading, Algorithms, Front-end Development, Front-end, Full-stack, Systems Engineering, Architecture, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Electronic Sensors, Internet of Things (IoT), Signal Processing, Control Systems, Computer Networking, Stochastic Modeling, Xilinx Vivado, Apollo, Robotics, Sensor Data, Microcontrollers, NixOS, 3D, React Hooks, Nix, Fiber, Containerization, Podman, SVG, Vite

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